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Throughout the United States of America, everyone from homeowners to business owners rely on their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to keep their properties comfortable and liveable throughout the year.

At Heat Talk our team consists of individuals who have worked in the industry for several decades, and during that time it’s become ever more clear that people are looking for honest and in-depth reviews and insights about the vast array of heating and cooling appliances available.

There are many popular and big brands in the AC and heating market, with many of them offering more than 30 product lines, including pellet stoves, wood stoves, energy efficient space heaters, portable air conditioners and swamp coolers so it’s understandable why there is so much confusion among both consumers and HVAC professionals.

That’s why our mission is to simplify all of the jargon and marketing materials and replace it with clear, concise and easy to understand language. On a regular basis our team takes the time to review, test and compare new and old heaters and AC products so that you can easily choose the best one that meets your specific needs and requirements.

Whether you are an everyday consumer looking to purchase a new space heater or pellet stove to keep their house warm and cozy, or a business looking for the best evaporative cooler or energy efficient air conditioner, we’ve got you covered.

We help consumers and professionals alike by doing the following:

You can read our reviews on small portable air conditioners, quiet portable air conditionerssliding window air conditioners, battery powered air conditioners, the best evaporative coolers, heat pumps and the most energy efficient window air conditioners in our cooling section.

We also have our heating section, where you will discover in-depth and honest reviews of a wide range of different and diverse heating appliances including the best wood stoves, pellet stoves, gas fireplace inserts, garage heaters, propane heaters, and energy efficient space heaters. In this section, you will also discover reviews and comparisons on water heaters including gas water heaters, tankless water heaters and the best water heater brands.

We also recently expanded into reviewing HVAC tools and equipment including the best HVAC multimeters, HVAC tool bags, HVAC vacuum pumps, as well as the best UV lights for HVAC technicians.

What Makes Us Different?

There are many places you can read AC and heater product reviews, but very few offer the trustworthiness, honesty and insights required to make an informed decision. In our view, some of the best places to read reviews on HVAC equipment include Consumer Reports and HVAC.com. You can also find a lot of helpful insights and guidance on more complex information such as energy ratings, efficiency and performance on the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy websites.

However, at Heat Talk, we offer more, as we don’t only review products and answer some of the most common questions. We also make sure to help consumers with more unique requirements, so instead of making sweeping generalizations, we consider all angles.

For example, we take the time required to consider many of the specific requirements consumers may have and help recommend products and appliances based on them. Take an individual who wants to use an air conditioner at home and on the go for example, they may be looking for portable air conditioners, while the more environmentally friendly may want to know which model is the most efficient currently available.