Window and Wall Air Conditioner Buying Guides and Product Reviews

Window and Wall Air Conditioner Buying Guides and Reviews Is it just us or do you also think summers are getting hotter and hotter? With temperatures rising, you might be thinking about adding more home cooling options, especially if you’re now working from home. A window air conditioner provides an easy solution that will quickly … Read more

How Does the Noria Air Conditioner Stack Up?

noria air conditioner

One of the most distressing concerns that shoppers often go through when selecting a portable air conditioner is finding an affordable product that also delivers value. Indeed, affordability and high quality seldom go hand in hand when shopping for air conditioners. However, Noria Home, previously known as Kapsul Air, sought to change that narrative by … Read more

Most Energy Efficient Window Air Conditioners

energy efficient window air conditioner

Selecting an energy efficient window air conditioner is a just a smart wise decision, period. Window air conditioners that claim to be energy efficient usually have three key concepts in common.   First, they are a wise financially investment. Meaning you can run them without having to continually worry about your energy bills. Keeping money in … Read more

Finding the Best and Smallest Window Air Conditioner Unit

smallest window air conditioner

When on the prowl for one of the smallest window air conditioner unit there are many factors that consumers must keep in mind. Knowing the size of space you’re looking to cool is the first place you should start. With the square-footage in mind you will ensure that the unit you purchase is not too … Read more

8 Quietest Window Air Conditioners on the Market

quietest window air conditioner

Quiet window ACs are ideal for using to cool spaces, albeit at a much quieter noise level overall! Unfortunately, many AC units are well known for emitting a humming sound when in operation. Though some people gradually become accustomed to this, it’s not always ideal for those in close capacity having to suffer this incessant … Read more

5 Best Sliding Window or Casement Window Air Conditioners 2020

sliding window air conditioner

If you are looking to install an air conditioning unit onto a sliding window, then you are going to need an AC unit designed especially for this purpose.  Sliding Window Air Conditioner Units are also names casement AC units. In contrast to the typical window or portable air conditioners, sliding window air conditioners have a … Read more