Needed Info For You To Obtain Your Alaska HVAC License

Becoming an HVAC technician and getting an Alaska HVAC license can be an incredibly rewarding career, not only financially but also your daily routine is never the same which breaks up the monotony that life throws your way at times. You’ll be dealing with a variety of different heating, ventilation and air conditioning appliances that can make your daily routine incredibly varied. 

Not only that but getting your HVAC Certification in Alaska can have financial rewards that can be substantial too, with the average hourly rate being around $30! Not bad, for an honest day’s work.

So how do you begin? What do you need in order to practice as an HVAC in Alaska? In this post we will outline exactly what you need to do in terms of licensing and EPA certifications and we will provide a brief idea of how Alaska’s HVAC sector operates.

The basics are that you don’t require a license in Alaska in order to start work in the HVAC sector, however, in this post we will explain how you can excel in the industry and become a successful HVAC technician and even operate your own contracting company.

Licensing as an HVAC Contractor

What do you need to be aware of to practice as an HVAC contractor in Alaska? This role was previously titled as “Mechanical Administrator” and their main role is to ensure the safety of individuals and the homes they work on. Essentially, this means that they oversee a project and the worker to ensure it is completed safely and in a timely manner.

Some more duties of a licensed Mechanical Administrator include the following:

  • Managing the installation and repair work of ductwork, appliances, fixtures, and fittings.
  • Ensuring that the installation is completed in accordance with state and federal codes.
  • Safeguarding individuals and property in the state of Alaska by only allowing work to be carried out in a safe manner and by those qualified to do so.

Licensure Procedures

In order to attain a license in the state of Alaska, you are required to sit and pass the necessary examination. The only way to avoid this is if you have been previously licensed in another state or already passed the exam.

Here we have outlined some of the key requirements all individuals wishing to acquire a license must abide by. Additionally, there are other routes to take for those previously licensed in another state and how they can provide proof of such credentials.

  • Pay a filing fee
  • Complete an application and select the license class
  • Sit and pass an examination or present previous out-of-state qualifications
  • Provide insurance details, workers compensation and provide a surety bond
  • Provide transcripts from an accredited institution or one approved by the Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education
  • Provide resume showing relevant education and industry experience
  • Provide a notarized certificate to support your application from three independent people that meet the following requirements:
  • Employed in the mechanical industry
  • Have firsthand knowledge of the candidates work experience
  • Can validate that the candidate has attained a score of at least 70% on mechanical administrator examination administered by Experior Assessments LLC

The process of Attaining Licensure by Examination

In order to acquire the Alaska Mechanical Administrator license by examination, follow these steps:

  • Make a reservation to sit the Mechanical Administrator Exam
  • Pass the exam and present the certificate to the relevant department

The Mechanical Administrator Examination Process

The exam will test the following subjects to ensure the candidate is competent:

  • Planning, Design requirements and mechanical terminology
  • Knowledge of engineering concepts and ductwork
  • Knowledge of key state codes applicable in Alaska such as the Uniform Mechanical Code
  • Personal attributes

You can sit the exam two times annually at accredited institutions and a score of at least 70% is required to pass the exam.

Attaining a License with Qualifications – No Exam

Should you have attained a license out-of-state then you could possibly not require sitting the exam again, however, the following is required:

  • Validate your active license from a separate state by requesting for it to be sent straight to the Division of Corporations.
  • Present the relevant credentials to prove you sat and passed the exam in another state. As with the license details, this evidence must be sent directly from the relevant offices.

EPA Requirements

If you are to be working with refrigerants, then you will need to acquire an EPA certification in accordance with Section 608. This allows you to work with refrigerants in any state of the US. There are a variety of license types which are relevant for different types of work, for more information on this, please see our HVAC certification guide.


The HVAC industry shows no sign of slowing down and with the technology getting more complex, the demand for technician and contractors is only going to grow in coming years. With that said it’s important to ensure you meet all of the necessary criteria with regards to certification and licensing.