6 of the Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviewed

A great way to add an additional source of heat to a small space like a bathroom is by adding one of the electric wall heaters from our reviewed list. Ideal companions for those smaller sized rooms, fitting an electric heater in a room can help you heat specific areas without the need to turn on the central heating system to do so. It also works well in rooms where your central air doesn’t reach or isn’t heating enough for your liking. 

The result is a more efficient heating solution that can be used when it’s needed. Alternatively, for those rooms that don’t benefit from the inclusion of a radiator, an electric wall heater can be a great permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Below we have some quick picks in case you’re not interested in reading more in-depth reviews, along with a nice selection of in-depth reviews of some of the very best electric wall heaters. These are some of the most practical of models on the market, and in our review of these wall heaters we consider owner reviews who have had these on their walls for an extended period of time. 

Quick Picks: Best Electric Wall Heater Reviews

Stiebel Eltron 074057 240-Volt 2000-Watts Heater
Heat Output:
up to 2000 watts
8 pounds
KING PAW2422-W PAW Pic-A-Watt Electric Wall Heater, 2250W / 240V, White
Heat Output:
up to 2250 watts
9 pounds

Why Choose an Electric Wall Heater?

There are several reasons why people tend to choose an electric wall heater for their home:

  • They reach the desired temperature within seconds
  • Are ideal supplementary heaters for those rooms that demand more than the current heating solutions
  • Work well as the only heat source in smaller rooms such as bathrooms and offices
  • Take up little space and fit well, complementing the décor rather than standing out
  • Are energy-efficient and signal when the desired room temperature has been met
  • Offer the easiest and quickest of installations

The Models Making Our List for the Best Electric Wall Heaters

By utilizing our vast experience of the market, our trusted testers have compiled a list of the six most highly rated and highly recommended electric wall heaters currently available for purchase.

These electric wall heaters are one of the smaller appliances you will own, and because they’re attached to your wall do not take too much space up in your home. They do all of this without compromising on the power of heat they emit. Looking toward those models that fit neatly and simply into many rooms in the home, we’ve also turned to those models that are more energy-efficient when in use.

The results are six wonderful electric wall heaters that all work well to provide optimal output, but all the while doing so at a better cost to both the environment and, of course, the pocket!

An excellent way to kick off our list, this King Electric is a minimalists dream come true. This unit has King’s exclusive Pick-A-Watt ability which allows the user to select from a range of wattage options.

Coming with a 5-year warranty, King truly stands behind their product. Although, this unit doesn’t come with a thermostat you can purchase one to compliment this unit . 

Owners have commented that this unit doesn’t heat larger spaces, although, the manufacturer states this is for larger spaces, but owners do appreciate the heat output for up to 250-sq/ft. Some owners have actually installed two of these units in larger spaces and like how the room feels when two are operating in one space. A slight rattle sound is also heard when the units kick on, but then fades away once the unit has been running for a short amount of time. 

The versatility of this unit is by far what owners appreciate when it comes to making a purchase decision. Not sure if that would sway me over our other choices below, but a very highly rated electric wall heater to consider.

#2 Convectair Allegro 7315-C15-FS

Coming in as the most expensive electric wall heater on our list, this unit uses natural convection to quietly warm up your space. 

This unit is also the most wide unit (16.5″ x 35.5″ x 6.5″) so if you have limited horizontal space where you’re looking to install a wall heater you can continue to the next review. It’s a slim and clean unit that is easy to install and gets the job done in small to medium sized spaces. 

Owners claim this unit makes little to no noise so if that is a criteria for your purchase then definitely consider this unit. Not many negatives for this unit from owners, but as mentioned it’s one of the more expensive units on our list so keep that in mind.

#3 Stiebel Eltron model #074057

You can identify this as German made from its modern, clean and simple design. This unit is constructed using high-quality material which may explain why it’s so incredibly quiet.

Boasting of the most reliable performances, this is the model recommended as either a stand-alone product or one that can supplement heat for those rooms that need that extra heat source.


Featuring a booster timer that allows you to increase the units heat output for 60-minutes before automatically lowering to its preset temperature, this is an energy-efficient heater that benefits greatly from a built-in thermostat. 

Additional features include a frost protection setting as well as an on-and-off switch, which means you can completely shut the heater off when it’s not needed.

Stiebel Eltron believes this is a great alternative heat source and is ideal for renovation projects and new constructions. It’s also considered a great choice of unit replacements for those recess-mounted heaters. Owners love this unit and the only negative comments seem to be around higher electric bills than owners were expecting. Other than some additional money out of your pocket to run this unit, a very highly rated and recommended unit.

Definitely the most futuristic electric wall heater on our list, this Heat Storm (love the name!) can also be controlled by your phone! 

If you have any young children that make you a bit weary about installing a low hanging heating appliance because they may burn themselves, have no fear this unit is safe to the touch! If you hang this over an outlet you can also hide the cord inside the heater to present a cleaner look.

The manufacturer claims to heat up to 400-sq/ft, however, some owners have commented that is an aggressive claim and would say under 300-sq/ft is more like it. 

If you want to add feet to this unit you can purchase them for floor usage. Owners have given the manufacturer a high rating for correcting any issues without giving the consumer any trouble which is a welcome sign for a product. This unit is one of our highest rated heating appliance and we recommend this if you have any cool small to medium sized spaces in your home.

An excellent choice if you want a recessed installed electric wall heater. This unit is available with or without a thermostat so you have your choice.

This is a pretty small unit (4″ x 9″ x 12″) that weighs a light 7 lbs, but has the ability to heat a 200-sq/ft room very quickly.

The unit is also able to be ceiling mounted if that is your preference. The complete unit comes with a wall can, heater, grill, and thermostat for hard-wired installation. 

Owners have commented how quiet this unit is and the only real complaints seem to be with units have arrived that do not work properly. When a box arrives that has a working unit there aren’t many complaints to be had. Considering how small this unit is, along with it’s very affordable price, we highly recommend this compact Cadet unit!

This highly rated Broan has a sleek, functional and utilitarian design. It comes out of the box at 4,000W and 240VAC, but can easily be switched to 2,000W and 120V so it should be compatible with almost all house capacities. 

This units motor is permanently lubricated so you won’t have to deal with any seizing up for the life of this wall heater.  The Broan is designed for all residential needs, but can be installed in commercial spaces if your work’s bathroom gets a bit frigid during the winter months. 

When you shut the unit off the fan will remain on as all the elements cool down to ensure no overheating. As with all appliances with a fan, the unit does make some noise and a few owners have complained about the noise level being above what they had hoped for. 

This unit is designed for a space that is between 350-400-sq/ft, so keep that in mind prior to purchasing. This Broan electric wall heater works as expected and comes with our recommendation.

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Wall Heater

Before you make your final decision, here are a couple of things to consider when purchasing an electric wall heater…

Running Costs

Alongside the cost of purchasing your electric wall heater, it’s a good idea to get an idea of its running costs too. This means decide beforehand upon what room or area you wish to place the heater in.

These models are ideally suited to bathrooms, small bedrooms, and offices or areas that need a little more help on the odd occasions in reaching a good level of warmth.

Then you’ll need to work out how long you’ll be using it throughout the day. These heater types aren’t designed to be used as a primary heating source, rather an additional heat source to be used on occasions.

Therefore, look to how much power they require, how quickly they reach the desired temperature, and whether they come with a built-in thermostat.

The Ease of Installation

One of the good things about such electric wall heaters is the ease of the installation process.

This is only made possible by those models who cater to a straightforward installation process, and preferably one that you can undertake yourself.

Thus, look to the model’s instructions on installation and ensure that the space you wish to install the heater in is adequate and safe enough before going ahead with the work.

The Crucial Safety Requirements of An Electric Wall Heater

Electric wall heaters such as those reviewed above are designed to ensure the utmost safety for those around them.

However, you should still aim to ensure that people take care when around these appliances. More so, you should be mindful of where you install them in the home.

  • Never install your electric wall heater in a cupboard and never obstruct it. Your heater should sit securely on the wall where nothing or no-one else touches it or covers it. Also, ensure that your chosen model can handle the element of your room, especially if it’s to go into a bathroom.
  • Never be tempted to dry your clothes directly in front of the heater. So many people do this, ultimately causing a house fire in the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric heaters suitable for use throughout sleeping?

It’s strongly recommended you don’t keep an electric heater on throughout the night as you sleep. Though most heaters come with safety precautions such as auto-shutoff, keeping them on over such an extended time can make them overly hot to the touch, presenting many a dangerous situation. If you’re looking for increased warmth overnight, opt for an electric heater type that has a thermostat and timer built-in.

Are electric heaters expensive to run?

These days, electric wall heaters are constructed as a means of providing the most energy-efficient results – therefore, it’s easy to find the most cost-effective heating solutions here!

With a simplistic design feature, a cost-effective electric heater works to send a signal to the heating coils when the desired room temperature is met. This then ensures that you get instant warmth in reduced time without having the appliance on for longer lengths of time just to arrive at a decent heat.

However, as these models aren’t designed to be used over prolonged periods, they will only ever be energy-efficient if they’re used as secondary heating sources rather than primary sources.

Our Final Thoughts on The Very Best Electric Wall Heaters

In conclusion there are many excellent choices on this list that will satisfy everyone looking for a quality electric wall heater. Some come with thermostats, while others are able to provide you with multiple wattage options or frost protection.

We believe that all of the models reviewed on this list make the grade as fantastic heating solutions for your bathroom, mudroom or just a smaller room that needs an additional heating source. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to install a secondary heat source or simply want an immediate cost-effective and energy-efficient solution, we’re sure any one of these models will make the grade.