Best Halogen Heaters of 2019: A Buyer’s Guide

If you have limited space and are looking for an effective little heater to warm you up on chilly days, a halogen heater is a great solution for heating small spaces.

They’re convenient because they only require a power outlet, are compact and so portable that they can easily be moved between rooms. They can be safely used in any room of your house, including your workshop, shed or garage!

Choosing the best halogen heater is just a matter of having a close look at the available heaters on the market and comparing their specifications, their capabilities and their performance.

This expert halogen heater guide is here to compare the best halogen heaters so that you can have an easy time finding the perfect source of heat for your needs.

Comfort Zone Flat Panel Halogen Heater Max Output: 800W
Oscillation: 70°
Weight: 4.85lbs
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Comfort Zone Oscillating, Electric Dish Heater Max Output: 1000W
Oscillation: 70°
Weight: 7. 5lbs
Horizontal Tilt!
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Presto Heat Dish Plus Parabolic Electric Heater Max Output: 1000W
Weight: 9lbs
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Fire Sense Brushed Copper Halogen Patio Heater Max Output: 1500W
Weight: 26lbs
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Optimus 14-Inch Pedestal Dish Halogen Heater Max Output: 1200W
Oscillation: 70°
Weight: 11.45lbs
Horizontal Tilt!
Adjustable Height!
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  • Max Heat Output: 800w
  • Heat Settings: 2
  • Oscillation: Yes

This halogen heater offered by Comfort zone is simplistic and easy to control, gives off a maximum of 800 Watts heat energy, is streamlined and compact making it great to fit in most places, including on a desk or workspace.

There are two heat settings, one “high” with an 800 Watt output and one is “low” with a 400 Watt heat output. This is a good temperature selection as higher setting can become too hot for heat directed at you and can cause heaters to overheat.

It oscillates at a 70 degree angle and has two oscillation settings ranging between low and high. Both the temperature and oscillation settings are operated via a dial found on the top of the heater and that’s all there is too it!

What makes this the best halogen heater is that it’s outer casing is designed to be heat resistant and cools much faster that other halogen heater models. On top of the other safety features (overheat protection and tip over shut off) having a fast cooling case is extremely important for those who have kids or pets running around in the room where the heater is located.

In summary this halogen heater sets a standard, it’s highly functional, performs extremely well and is not over complicated with too many features. It does however give you just enough so you can control your comfort levels while not having to worry about safety concerns.

  • Max Heat Output: 1000w
  • Heat Settings: 2
  • Oscillation: Yes

Comfort Zone also offer a parabolic style halogen heater. It’s extremely similar to the Presto Heat Dish but does have a lot more features and gives you more control over its adjustment.

This is why I would recommend this heater first!

It may be simple, it may be small and it might get overlooked quite often but it shouldn’t be! It is by far the best halogen heater for one person! It has a whopping 1000 Watts heat output but due to its satellite style design, feels much more like 1500 Watts of heat.

This, in effect, is saving you money because you are receiving more heat from the heater than it is actually consuming in power. With the parabolic reflector that it uses to focus the generated heat, it becomes such a powerful direct heating device.

You are getting very high value for your money with this heater by just being able to adjust the angle of it and direct the heat where you want it to be. It makes such a huge difference to the experience you get with it!

It can also oscillate at two different speeds and has a fast cooling outer casing, which as we have already mentioned, is amazing to have for those with children and pets to reduce the potential for any accidental burns.

  • Max Heat Output: 1000w
  • Heat Settings: 3
  • Oscillation: No

The Presto Heat Dish doesn’t sport all the doo-dads you see on expensive modern heaters, it doesn’t have a cutting edge thermostat or even an oscillation feature! Who needs all of that when you have high performance and functionality?

It’s also small and compact and can fit right on your office desk, workstation or coffee table and provides instant direct heat without you having to wait for the room to warm up first.

It is a shame that there is no oscillation feature really, being able to share the heat in an enclosed space would be useful. However, it’s absolutely perfect as a personal heater and it goes to show that simplicity has its place in the world of heating sometimes.

There are a couple of additional downsides to this halogen heater. The first is that you can’t change the angle that it directs heat and you can’t prop it up, it has to be lying flat otherwise it makes an awful sound. The second is that it does make noises sometimes even without being propped up from underneath.

However, with all that being said, if you are not interesting in being able to adjust the angle and if you are not interested in the cutting edge doo-dads this heater is absolutely perfect! It’s so powerful and gives you a lot of bang for your buck!

  • Max Heat Output: 1500w
  • Heat Settings: 1
  • Oscillation: No

If you are looking for an outdoor heater maybe for a patio or outdoor seating area where you and your guests can stay warm while socialising outside, look no further than this halogen patio heater by Frisco.

Most sources for outdoors come in the form of propane heaters which are great options without a doubt, but some don’t like the thought of having to resupply and deal with propane. It can be slightly cumbersome.

This halogen patio heater gives off a super high 1500 Watt heat output which is perfect for the outdoors. It stands at just under 7ft and warms a radial area underneath it making is a fantastic option for a patio seating area.

The radius at which is does heat though is quite small and so only those who are sitting directly under it will actually feel the warmth which is a shame. It’s best suited for a few people gathering outdoors but if you have more, you may want to check out outdoor propane heaters instead.

  • Max Heat Output: 1200w
  • Heat Settings: 2
  • Oscillation: Yes

With high heat output, portability and a range of useful features, most people would find that on paper the Optimus Dish Halogen Heater is the best halogen heater around, but unfortunately it’s not. And it would have made #1 position too but it has some issues relating to it overheating and shutting off too frequently.

The heater’s auto shut-off safety feature kicks in when the heater gets too hot, and it’s either because the heat output is too high for the heater to handle or it could be the fuse that comes with the heater by default. Changing the fuse can sometimes fix the issue.

It outputs up to 1,200 Watts on its “high” setting and up to 800 Watts on it’s “low” setting which is a fantastic amount of heat. In fact, you might find it too intense and it’s a shame there isn’t a lower setting for those who don’t need such heat intensity directed towards them.

It has a digital thermostat giving you maximum control over the heater and even has an LED screen that gives you a reading of the current room temperature. It has oscillation and timer settings so you can set it to heat for as long as you need it to, reducing power consumption.

This halogen heater even comes with a remote control so you don’t even have to go to the controls on the heater to adjust them, you can do it from the comfort of your seat.

It has a design similar to that of a room fan, though this heater does not have a fan or any fan blades. The reason it’s designed this way is to give you the ability to easily adjust where the heater is pointing, which is super useful!

Overall it seems like the perfect halogen heater and if it didn’t have the performance issues it would be. But as long as those overheating issues persist I would say that this heater is not worth the high asking price When there are other functional choices available for less of  a cost.

What Makes The Best Halogen Heater?

When looking at the halogen heaters available, you may or may not notice that there are vast differences in quality depending on the model.

What determines their quality? Well, to find the best halogen heater you must consider the following characteristics, specifications and features to give you an idea of how good the heater actually is.


The wattage corresponds to the direct heating output of the halogen heater and so you will want to pay attention to its maximum wattage to gauge its overall performance. Higher wattages means a higher heat output but it also means a higher power consumption so you may not need the highest on the market.

Between 400 and 800 watts is a standard heating capacity for halogen heaters and this is a pretty good output for direct heating. Remember it’s not designed to heat your whole room, just the area that it is pointed at.

Temperature Settings

It’s also valuable to be able to switch between different modes. Usually high, medium and low settings are the standard but some heaters only have two. This feature allows you to adjust the temperature of the heater, because sometimes it can get too much being on high all the time.

Each temperature setting will have a set heat output in watts and so for example:

High may be 800W

Medium may be 500W

Low may be 300W


The ability for the heater to oscillate is handy to have as it helps to warm a target area greater than the span that the halogen heater can warm when just standing still. Heaters will usually have a maximum angle that they can oscillate within which sometimes can be adjusted.

Some also allow you to adjust the speed of the oscillation allowing you to further adjust and perfect your experience with the heater. The oscillation feature is great when you have guests in a small area, it gives you all the ability to effectively share the heat generated by the halogen heater.

Size and Portability

The great thing about halogen heaters is they only have to be as big as their bulb. This makes them as quite compact as a type of heater and easy to move around from room to room. Most of the best halogen heater models are slim and compact whilst also offering a range of other features at the same time.

One benefit of having a halogen heater is being able to transport it outside, plug it into an extension, enjoy your garden party or get together and then easily be able to take it back inside and out of the outdoor weather.

Thermostat and Timer

The best halogen heater models give you full control of your experience with the product and so those which have timer settings a thermostat should certainly be considered over others. The reason this is, is because a thermostat allows you to adjust the heater to output the heat you want and shut off when this temperature has been reached, saving energy.

The timer is also an energy saving feature but on top of that it gives you the convenience of not having to switch it off when it gets too hot for you. Once you are used to how long you will be using the device on a standard night, you can just set the timer to say, 30 minutes, and it will warm the area for 30 minutes and then turn off.

Safety Features

As with most electric heaters, you should expect the halogen heater of your choice to have the standard safety features that are: tip-over shut off and overheat shut off. These prevent the heater from running if it gets tipped over or if it gets overheated.

The best halogen heater will have these features without a doubt and would also ensure that the casing of the heater does not get too hot. This is a common concern for child and pet owners who fear they may come into contact with the heater accidentally and receive a burn.

Are Halogen Heaters Safe To Use?

Halogen heaters are generally safe when compared to other types of heating, including other electric heaters. The heat lamp does not tend to get hot to the touch and so the only part of the heater that could get hot is the front and side outer casing.

The extent that the outer casing does get hot doe depend on the model that you choose as some have a higher construction quality using more heat resistant materials reducing how hot the casing can get.

They are also an environmentally friendly heating option as halogen heaters do not release any smoke or fumes such as carbon dioxide or monoxide leaving you with no reason to worry on that front.

Is a Halogen Heater Energy Efficient?

Energy efficiency is a great concern for those who are conscious of their impact on the environment and/or the impact on their wallet. You may be wondering if a halogen heater is as energy efficient as a propane heater or pellet stove?

The fact is, a halogen heater has an efficiency rating of 100%, as all electric heaters do. Electric heaters consume 100% of the electric fuel that they consume and use all of it to output heat. What’s more a concern is how much energy a halogen heater uses to give the same output as another type of electric heater.

Are halogen heaters the cheapest to run?

Energy efficiency is a great concern for those who are conscious of their impact on the environment and/or the impact on their wallet. You may be wondering if a halogen heater is as energy efficient as a propane heater or pellet stove?

Saving Money

The fact is, a halogen heater has an efficiency rating of 100%, as all electric heaters do. Electric heaters consume 100% of the electric fuel that they consume and use all of it to output heat. What’s more a concern is how much energy a halogen heater uses to give the same output as another type of electric heater.

How Does a Halogen Heater Work?

Halogen heaters are a form of radiant heat and work in a similar way to standard infrared space heaters and patio heaters. However, halogen heaters are not as effective for heating large spaces and are better used for heating the area that they are targeting.

They work via the tungsten filament inside a bulb which is warmed up by a heating element producing heat and light energy. The heat energy is then dispersed using an internal fan. Unlike other types of heater though, they employ the use of a halogen which is what gives them their ability to provide such intense point heating.

What is a Halogen?

A halogen is a gas that belongs to the halogen group in the periodic table. These include fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. What sets these gasses apart is that they have 7 electrons in their outer orbital (or shell), in simplistic terms, this means they are highly reactive.

Thanks to their high reactivity, they have many industrial and household uses, such as being potent disinfectants in their raw form like iodine and chlorine. When combined with hydrogen they can make powerful acids like hydrochloric acid and when fluoride is combined with carbon, the highly stable substance teflon can be made, which has many uses in cooking and textiles.

How Are Halogens Used for Heating?

As mentioned just a moment ago, halogen heaters utilize a bulb that contains a tungsten wire filament which gets heated up by the heating elements, as all light bulbs do.

Tungsten is used because it is the element on the periodic table which has the highest melting point and so can resist a high amount of heat.

Halogen Light Bulb

At some point in a light bulbs lifespan, the tungsten filament will give out due to the evaporated tungsten that deposits around the glass of the bulb. This is why you see a bulb begin to blacken before the filament eventually breaks.

This is where the halogen comes into play. Being a highly reactive element, a small amount is enclosed inside the halogen bulb. The halogen is able to perform chemical reactions with the evaporated tungsten and deposit it back into the filament.

This not only increases the lifespan of heat lamps but it enables us to have bulbs emit much higher temperatures than before, giving them their use as an indoor or outdoor point heaters.

Halogen Heater Pros and Cons

To summarize this guide we’re going to take a look at the pros and cons of halogen heaters so that you can decide whether you would want one, or whether another type of heater is better suited to you.


  • Quick to warm up
  • Effective direct heat
  • Energy Efficient
  • Safe to Use
  • Compact and Portable
  • Easy to Install
  • Environmentally Friendly


  • Quick to Cool Down
  • Not Effective in Large Rooms
  • Can be Costly to Run
  • Only Heats Target Area

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