Best Shed Heaters of 2020 – A Comprehensive Guide

A shed heater can come in extremely useful for those of you who need to heat a small outdoor space such as a shed or workshop.

The reality is that if you are staying in the shed for prolonged periods of time, you’re going to feel the cold during winter or if you live in a colder climate. This can make it more difficult to work with tools, or carry out any task that requires the hands.

This is where a decent shed heater comes into play.  Similar to a garage heater, it’ll work to warm the space around you so that you can get on with what you intend to do in the shed without the cold restricting you.

With this in mind, we will answer some of the most common questions regarding shed heating and review some of the best shed heaters on offer while considering important factors such as portability, value for money and safety.

Quick Picks: Shed Heater Reviews

Our Pick
18,000 BTU Big Buddy Portable Propane Heater (No Fan),Red
Propane Heater
Heat Output:
up to 9,000 BTU’s
Major Advantage:
Tip Over Shut Off
Mr. Heater MH60QFAV 60,000 BTU Portable Propane Forced Air Heater, 19.75 x 11.50 inches, black
Propane Heater
Heat Output:
up to 90,000 BTU’s
Major Advantage:
QBT Technology – 50% Quieter than a standard propane heater

Mr. Heater is a well trusted brand for providing us with durable and reliable, US made propane heaters.

This particular model has the capacity to heat spaces that are up to 225 square feet in size, which makes it a brilliant shed heater for the average build. 

The propane canisters are really safe and easy to connect with the swivel out function which takes all of the hassle out of refuelling.

1lb propane cylinders fir perfectly into this heater but if you prefer larger canisters, you can buy various Mr. Heater hoses and fuel filters in addition to the heater to suit your preferences.

It has two setting that you can alter with the switch on the top which are low (4,000 BTU/hr) and high (9,000 BTU/hr) which is hot but you and others are safely protected from the heated ceramic tile by a strong wire guard.

Other features include a fold down handle for easier storage, a low oxygen and tip over auto shut off as a safety measure and a porcelain coated heating surface which increases the overall efficiency of this heater.

Given that this heater is portable too, you don’t have to just use it for your shed and if you decide to go camping or fishing or on any other outdoor vacations you can just take along your Mr. Heater and some spare propane canisters.

When it comes to portable propane heaters, Mr. Heater is without a doubt the go-to brand and this product would be a perfect shed heater.

If you check the product out and have a look at the reviews from previous customers, a high proportion of them love this heater and believe they got great value for the asking price.

This wall mounted heater by Optimus would make an absolutely great heater for a shed.

Its design only really allows it to heat small areas, so it wouldn’t be suitable for anything much larger than a shed such as a garage but that fact that it is wall mounted and powered by electricity means it will always be there when you need it.


It’s got a handy pull chord to turn it off and on and it also functions as a halogen light which is powered independently of the heating element. The components are all housed within a metal unit keeping safe form accidental physical damage making this item as durable as it is useful.

When you order it, you will receive the light/heater and the bracket to mount it. You simply screw the bracket into place and fix the heater to it.

The heater rotates in place so you can direct the heat and light into a position that’s more comfortable for you. It may not be entirely portable but at least it can be mounted on the wall out of your way.

You don’t have to worry about hard wiring this unit as it has a standard plug, so if you did want to take it down and use it somewhere else, there’s no complicated wiring job at hand, you just simply unplug it and take it down.

The Dyna-Glo heater is a heavy duty solution to your shed heating problem.

This heater is so effective it will warm up a shed in no time as the large blower is capable of heating the air and dispersing it over a large room.

In fact, it’s designed for building sites and so will have no problem in a shed.

You can control its output with a dial giving you great control over the temperature your shed reaches as well as the fuel consumption unlike other heaters which just switch between two or three modes.

This heater uses propane as a fuel so you will need to purchase propane canister separately but it does come with a standard 10ft hose which is great value. It’s also very easy to assemble and allows you to easily adjust the angle that the blower points towards.

What’s more is the product has been CSA certified meaning its safe enough to be used in and outdoors whilst other similar products are certified for indoor use only.

Just like the other products featured here, previous buyers love it. They love its low rate of fuel consumption, its durable build and how great value for money it is for the high quality product that you get. It’s certainly worth checking out for those who value quality and control over their heating.

There is also several different purchasing options which determine the heat output of this heater, the most expensive being up to 300,00 BTU’s, baring in mind this is far more than a shed heater would need to have. However, if you have industrial uses for the heater too, it may be just what you need.

Another well respected and trusted brand that provide us with well-constructed and efficient domestic electric heaters is Honeywell.

Their Uberheat ceramic heater isn’t just smart and stylish but it is a brilliant personal heater that works well in small rooms such as your shed or office.

The benefit of using the Honeywell Uberheat as a shed heater is that its ultra-portable, it just needs to be plugged in, no need for refuelling, no need to mount it and its small enough to sit on a desk or workbench and warm the air around you as you work.

There are two settings on this heater, one is to have it on low in which it provides a small amount of heat that you can point directly onto yourself and the other is max, making the heater capable of heating a small room.

Even though the heater doesn’t look capable of much it’s rated by users for just how effective, quiet and useful it is to have to hand. It’s certainly well worth checking out as there’s no doubt this would make a perfect shed heater.

Pelonis offers a portable radiant heater that’s programmable, has three modes and five temperature choices.

It is easily capable for heating a shed and handy too, with an extra-long 70 inch power chord that has a wrap around for storage as well as wheels making it easy to move to elsewhere or out of your way.

It’s such an effective heater that it has the capacity to heat a 162 square foot area which isn’t as much as the Mr. Heater propane heater but still enough to heat most sheds.

 What’s great about this heater is that it has a remote control so you don’t have to fiddle with the on-board controls, you can manage the temperature and settings from a distance which is useful if you’re busy trying to work on something.

Another great feature is that it’s completely noiseless which is a typical benefit with oil filled radiators but this does come with a downside; it is heavier and larger than most portable heaters which may not be suitable for everybody’s shed.

What to Look for in a Shed Heater

Finding a heater for your shed can be difficult, as sheds are usually only a small space and don’t require too much heat. They can also be a dangerous place often containing some flammable materials such as turpentine or fabrics.

The best heater shed heaters would take this and more into consideration by having the following characteristics:


The whole point of having a heater for the shed is that it is small enough to either fit on a workspace or counter or to not take up much floor space. Portability is also great because if the heater is easy enough to carry form place to place, then it can be used elsewhere without hassle.


Being in a shed and being carried back and forth is always a risk for the heater to take some physical and sometimes even water damage. The heaters featured above are all designed to have their components within metal casing to protect them from this kind of damage if it does happen.

The components of the heater should also be of high quality so that they last for a long as possible, that’s why we’ve featured the best shed heaters above to bring you the highest quality which is backed up by the opinions of previous buyers.


When it comes to heating we are dealing with either fire or flammability. The best shed heaters are most definitely aware of the risks involved and take precautions such as tip over shut down and by installing fire guards to ensure your safety with these products.

User Friendliness

The way in which you operate the heater is important. The controls must be clearly labelled so that you know if you are turning the heat up or down and if you can program the heater, you can do so without too much hassle.

Furthermore, if the heater does need you to manually refuel like propane heaters do, the best shed heater would be designed so that this is as safe and easy for you to do as possible so that spillages or a loss of fuel can be avoided.

Final Thoughts

You may find that there are different types of heaters featured in this article and you may be wondering about the pros and cons between them and which is best for you. Well there are plenty of articles on Heattalk which can give you the answers to your questions.

Sometimes propane heaters are the better option over space heaters or vice versa or if you have a larger shed, you might want to have a look at garage heaters instead. So do be sure to check out the valuable guides we have on those articles for more information.

Otherwise, if you do like the sound of the products listed above, don’t hesitate to check them out there really is a wealth of information to be found in the questions and answers on the products pages as well as in the comments.

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