How to Find the Best Space Heater for Large Room

When it comes to heating a large room it’s best to find space heaters that are designed to tackle the task at hand, as efficiently as possible. Most people have difficulty heating large spaces in their home, and if they find success, they have a hard time maintaining a consistent temperature.

Finding the proper heating solutions usually proves to be a rather costly endeavor, as well.

Therefore, you’ll want to select a unit that can become the best space heater for large room in your home. An ideal large room heater will not only complete the task at hand, but will also keep your upfront budget in mind, along with the cost you’ll need to operate it.

If you’re able to find the large room space heater that works for your individual need, not only will you expand your usable livable footprint for the winter months, but you have the opportunity to create an instant cozy environment for you and your family.

Here we review five of the very best space heaters that are designed primarily for those larger rooms in mind.

These five models are units we believe will offer you some of the most impressive heating results in those larger more difficult areas of your home. Furthermore, they provide the most practical heating solution at a reasonable low purchase price.

Quick Picks: Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms Compared

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Why Choose a Space Heater for a Large Room?

5 of the Best Space Heater for Large Room

An Amazon choice for Best Infrared Heater, the Dr. Infrared Heater, is a 1500 watt dual heating system that claims to optimize the heat transfer rate.

This ultimately means an appliance that on average heats more than any other standard type of 1500 watt heater.

A USA design, this is a wonderfully lightweight model and is durable and safe for use within the home. Boasting an overheat protection and a tip-over shut off element, the Dr. Infrared is also safe to the touch. 

An incredibly quiet model in operation, this is said to be a heater that is so unobtrusive, you’ll soon forget it’s even there! With a 12 hour programmable timer, you can select this space heater to work for a specific time, and then it automatically turns itself off when done.

Allowing you to control it remotely, this is an easy to maintain heater, which is one of the most energy-efficient appliances on the current market.

This is made possible due to the infrared heat, which uses 100% of the heat produced – eliminating the loss of heat transfer – and all at a low cost. With a huge emphasis on saving you greatly in running costs, Dr. Infrared is the most visually attractive heater that would suit any home decor.

The only wall heater on our list is this mighty fine and powerful Cadet.  At an astounding 4,000 watts, this is a workhorse for people to solve their drafty areas or spaces where the temperature is just never right. 

This unit works to heat rooms quickly with the help of its fast-heating coil elements and efficient fan. Some owners have complained that the fan will not shut off which has caused them consistent issues. 

With a compact and contemporary design, this recess-mounted heater fits horizontally into the wall. This flush and modern design means you won’t have to lug a portable heater into the room. The unit will look like it was a planned accessory for the room which is a much cleaner look to deal with for the long-haul. 

The Cadet comes complete with everything you need, including wall can, optional thermostat, heater grill and the unit is made to be installed quickly which can lead to instant use.

For those who don’t enjoy the tower looking space heaters and want to add a bit of ambiance to their space, this Life Smart provides an almost perfect solution!

This visually stunning heater can become the centerpiece of your room instead of you wondering how to get the benefits while keeping it in the corner.  Equipped with many features including a 12-hour timer, tip-over and overheat protection, this unit is can satisfy many desires. 

The Life Smart allows you to adjust the temperature between 60 – 90 degrees, and can be used on 1,000 or 1,500 Watts.  Encased in a dark oak cabinet and mantel to finish, this unit has tons of character.

Utilizing infrared heat once again, this heater is backed up by three heat settings with an eco-mode, digital controls, a remote control, and a flame effect that can work with or without heat.

An energy-efficient appliance with an energy conversion efficiency up to 99%, this is an eco-friendly heater, and one that actively keeps the air moisturized instead of drying out the air like many standard heater types do over time.

It was only a matter of time before AmazonBasics decided to infiltrate the space heater category. Looking like a large speaker, this unit actually delivers on what’s it’s meant to do, heat a large space. 

Sitting on wheels for easy mobility, this unit has four infrared heating elements and a 750 and 1,500 Watt settings. Comes with a remote so you don’t have to get up to adjust the temperature which is a nice feature. 

Other features that make this a nice choice is an 18-hour timer, and a safety feature that automatically shuts the unit off if it starts to overheat. 

Owners comment on the five pre-set temperature settings which make it less user-friendly if you like a certain temperature that the unit doesn’t offer. Others mention that this unit will not heat a 1,000 sq ft room, but that it would be good in a room 600 sq ft which is still a decent area size. 

This unit is definitely worth a look, especially for the money.

Although supplying you with the least square footage of heat(roughly 300 sq ft), our final model for review is the modern black ceramic tower heater from the makers at Lasko. This unit made our list due to how inexpensive it is, and while it won’t be able to heat a large room on it’s on, for the cost you may be able to purchase two or three of these to meet your needs. 

You’d be able to put them in different areas of the room and again because of how inexpensive, it’s an affordable alternative to a more expensive single unit. 

In a typical tower heater style, this is a space heater that gives users a patented comfort system. At 23 inches, the elongated design of the Lasko ensures an extended warmth in return.

Utilizing a patented blower technology, this model also encourages a penetrated air velocity throughout the operation. With a widespread oscillation, the result of this fabulous and fresh design is a distribution of warm air throughout the very room it’s placed in.

Complete with a remote control that is multi-functioning, there is also an onboard storage area to place the control when not in use. Working to give 1500 watts of warmth, the easy to use controls of this heater allow you to select from two quiet settings while adjusting the thermostat to suit.

What’s more, safety is paramount throughout the appliance with built-in features here, including a cool-touch housing construction as well as overheat protection. Simple to move around, this is a most convenient solution for quick blasts of warm air into those larger room types.

The Different Types of Space Heaters for Those Larger Rooms

When looking for a heating solution for the larger room types, there are several types of appliances you can consider. These generally include convection heaters, radiant heaters, infrared heaters, and combination heaters.

What to Consider When Choosing a Space Heater for a Large Room

Summing up, before shopping for the most appropriate larger room space heater, here are some practical points to bear in mind:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep a space heater on at all times?

These heater types are not recommended for continual use. Selected by many as a secondary heat source to complement the primary heating solution of the home, they are rather an occasional appliance which you should aim to use at certain intervals throughout the day. Or they can be used as a means of getting the room to the desired temperature quicker than the central heating system can do so.

I have a larger than average room size. Would a space heater be able to cope with this?

These reviewed space heaters have all been selected for their ability to provide warmth to those larger than standard room sizes. However, we strongly suggest that you take a note of your room measurements before making your final purchasing decision.

Then, look carefully at the recommended square feet measurements that each model claims it can adequately warm. You may find some space heaters can supply the demands of your room size better than others here.

Final Thoughts on the Best Space Heater for Large Room

In conclusion, it’s the Portable Infrared Space Heater from Dr. Infrared that gets our top vote for the very best larger room space heater. The most advanced of heating systems that we feel won’t look out of place in any room, this works to distribute warmth but without using any more power than is necessary. Ultimately this helps you reduce those energy bills in the process.

However, we also believe that the remaining four space heaters reviewed here all do a fabulous job of providing that additional source of heating, and all four are efficient and cost-effective throughout.

So, if you’re looking to heat up a larger than a standard-sized room, we’re confident that any one of these models will help you achieve your goal in a quick time, every time.