Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters

An energy efficient space heater can provide the warmth and comfort you need almost anywhere.  Even if you rely on your central heating as your primary heating source, it can still be used to increase the temperature of a room or space where additional warmth may be required.

An energy efficient space heater offers many advantages, particularly helping you to cut your heating bills by reducing the usage of your central heating. There is a vast array of heaters to choose from, you just need to know which is designed to meet your needs.

This guide will help you; with value for money in mind, to decide on which type of space heater is best for you. The majority of the time all you need to do with a space heater is to plug it in and feel your room heat up in no time.

However, it’s definitely worth being aware of all the options, whether you’re looking for an energy efficient space heater with extra safety mechanisms, or simply the best space heater for your home or work space.

Quick Picks: Space Heaters Reviews

Lasko Ceramic Heater
  • Coverage: 750 sq.ft.
  • Settings: 2
  • Wattage: 1500W
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DeLonghi Radiant Heater
  • Coverage: 144 sq.ft.
  • Settings: 2
  • Wattage: 1500W
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Honeywell Ceramic Heater
  • Coverage: Personal
  • Settings: 2
  • Wattage: 1500W
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Holmes Heater
  • Settings: 2
  • Wattage: 1500W
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DeLonghi Convector Heater
  • Coverage: 300 sq.ft.
  • Settings: 3
  • Wattage: 1500W
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Top Picks: Space Heaters Reviews

A touch controlled, oscillating and energy efficient space heater which was designed with functionality and style; the Lasko Designer Series Heater would add a nice touch to a conservatory or lounge.

Not the smallest heater you can find but still quite portable, it features a timer and a thermostat and also comes with a remote control.

Capable of heating anything up to a single room, this is a very energy efficient space heater giving a maximum output of 1500W (heating up to 90°), it’s certainly quite handy with the thermostat feature, so that you can control the temperature yourself and keep the room at the comfortable temperature of your choice.

The heater oscillates on its axis from just above the decorative stand maximizing the heat it provides the room. On this basis, it’s important to note that the stand is not a separate piece and the heater does arrive fully assembled.

Key Features:

Self-Regulated Ceramic Element: This means that the heater is not reliant on you to turn it off and it which switch itself off when the room reaches the desired temperature and will give more heat output when the room becomes cooler.

Safety Features: Automatic Overheat Protection which is an important safety feature which induces the shut off of power to the appliance if it reaches dangerously high temperatures to prevent the risk of fire.

Customizable Settings: The device’s thermostat and oscillation setting can be controlled with touch controls on the heater itself or with the remote control you receive with it. The adjustable thermostat allows you to control what temperature the room heater outputs giving you the optional output of between 60° and 90°

DeLonghi Full Room Radiant Heater is heavy duty for a space heater but its portability relies on its sleek and contemporary design and the wheels it features at the bottom which allow movement. 

Most impressive of all? It’s one of the best energy efficient space heaters available. 

This heater is built for those intending to use the appliance on a more long term basis than perhaps other heaters and the wheels make it easier to move from room to room as at 24Lbs it’s not entirely comfortable to carry but the carry handle somewhat a help.

It employs an oil based heating system however you will never need to refill the oil and the reservoir is permanently sealed and so ensures no leakage.

Its unique chimney system allows maximum heat to be reached much faster than other designs whilst using convection heating techniques to maintain high efficiency and so making the DeLonghi an energy efficient room heater by design.

Key Features: 

No Need to Refill: This heater contains a permanently sealed oil container that doesn’t require refills, increasing the energy efficiency and value whilst reducing the chances of leaks occurring.

Smart Snap Wheels: The wheels are another unique design which acts to reduce the need to assemble the appliance. The wheels just snap right on without having to screw them in.

Safety Features: This heater also features a thermal cut-off so that it cannot overheat and cause a fire, therefore, reducing the risk of fire hazard. It also has an anti-freeze system for those colder climates, to prevent the pipes from freezing.

Customizable Settings: The control panel, being quite stylish has comfortable dial controls for the thermostat, the power output, and the timer.

The timer is a great setting and makes this quite a convenient heater to have as you can control what time it heats up and to what temperature you desire.

The Honeywell Uberheat Ceramic Heater is amazing for its portability and minimalistic character. 

If you are on the hunt for an energy efficient electric space heater, this is the one for you. 

It’s a space heater that can fit right on your desk with a thermostat and two heat settings to give you comfort which is adjustable to your preference.

This is a favorite for being the best personal heater when it comes to helping an individual keep warm by supplying a generous amount of direct heat.

As advertised, it’s perfectly capable of heating the room it is in and so it would save you needing to use your central heating to heat the whole house, there for reducing those energy bills.  The Honeywell Uberheat is perfect for your lounge, bedroom, and study or even to take camping thanks to its light weight and compact design.

Key Features: 

Extreme Portability: This space heater is superb for its portability, ideal for anywhere from your office desk to your garage. It only weighs 3.9Lbs and so poses no problem to carry around or to have with your luggage when you are on the go.

Safety Features: The power to the heater is automatically shut off if it is tipped over in any direction, which is always a highly recommended feature to have when considering purchasing a heater.

Customizable Settings: The only downside to this model compared to other models reviewed is the lack of settings available: medium and low but this can be forgiven when the option of a thermostat is added and even though there is not a remote control for this one, as a portable personal heater you would ideally have it quite close to yourself anyway.

The most portable space heater featured in our reviews, this one is a perfect choice for supplementary personal warmth and room heat.

With an output of 1500W, the small size of this heater is an illusion to just how effective it is, with the ability to heat small to medium rooms like an office, kitchen or lounge.

Like most heaters, it features a thermostat and is somewhat modern in style and design with its LED display but there are a lot better-looking models out there for those who want to add some flair to a room.

A benefit to the design, however, is that it is very easy to use and customize the settings as you wish also With numerable safety precautions built into this appliance, there is no need to worry about the consequences of it overheating or falling over.

Key Features: 

Ultra Portability: Is so light and thin it can be put anywhere; on a side table in the dining room or even could share the space on your TV stand with your TV. Coupled with its power, the Holmes Energy Saving Heater with Thermostat is a great value for money option.

Built-In Timer: The timer ensures that you don’t have to monitor the heater and worry about overuse, making it shut off in up to 4 hours. A great option for those concerned about energy usage.

A reasonable choice for those looking to heat large rooms or even multiple rooms. 

The sleek and contemporary design of this heater will make it a favorite choice for people who have a modern style to their house or apartment.

The LED display and touch controls only add to this aesthetic and make the device very user-friendly.

This is most definitely a heater for long-term use, being a convection panel heater. It can be used free-standing or mounted on the wall, and so giving you options on where you need the heater placed.

It’s a great space heater for bathrooms too as it can pose no danger being mounted on the wall and out of the way of potential splash back.

Key Features: 

Wall Mounting: The ability to be mounted on the wall is excellent when it comes to saving space in the room. No worries about it being pushed over, no worries about it being a hazard to pets and children and plenty of space saved for other furniture.

Dual Fan System: What’s unique about this model is that it uses a dual fan system; unique to this range, which maximizes the rate at which the room is heated to an efficiency which far exceeds that seen in other heaters with single fan system.

Customizable Settings: Featuring a 24-hour timer, giving a great range of options as to how long you want it to be powered on and producing heat. The thermostat also adds to the heaters customizability and energy saving options with multiple heat settings.

Also has an ECO function which allows the appliance to adjust its heat output based on the temperature in the room, saving energy as it works.

Best Space Heaters Buying Guide

It’s always advisable to get acquainted with the information and facts that will be useful to know when looking into purchasing a heater which you can rely on. When selecting the most suitable space heater you’ll want to consider the following before jumping in:

Different Types Of Space Heaters

  • Convection Heaters 

Convection heaters work by utilizing the natural movement of airflow and the buoyancy changes of air when it becomes heated. We have all heard the fact that warm air rises and convection heaters warm the air that reaches the heating element.

When the warm air moves away, cooler air shifts towards the heater which in turn is warmed until all of the air in the room is a uniform temperature.

Convection based space heaters can either generate heat by using oil based resistors or ceramic heating elements, but both still rely on gradually heating the air in the room rather than heating a specific space like in the case of radiant heaters as explained further below.

Fan assistance can also be used, and of course, oscillating space heaterscan be found which are designed to rotate. The fan assisted heater draws in the cool air, speeding up the process of warming the room.

The only downside to having a fan is it may produce unwanted noise which to some may not be an issue if you wish to use the heater for your garage alongside power tools.

  • Radiant Vs Infrared Heaters

As you can tell by the name, radiant heaters project invisible infrared energy waves which are absorbed by other objects and so heating them in the process. This type of space heater is much better used for personal warmth and not particularly useful for heating the whole room.

Given that they are not as effective for a large room, they are however effective at warming the area it is directed at very quickly and so radiant heaters are great for short term use.

Infrared heaters use either gas or an electric power supply and are a great money saver for those who only need temporary use.

You will also prefer to use a radiant heater in a room which is draughty or has poor insulation, as a convection heater may not prove enough to keep a steady warm air supply, and so at least with a radiant heater, you can have direct the warmth towards yourself as and when you need it.

A final note on radiant heaters it hat they are suitable for outdoor use, so some would be perfect to place on the patio when having a garden party, used as a heater for a smoking shelter and would be the best choice when it comes to a space heater for camping or for fishing.

  • Baseboard Heaters

A sleek and compact solution for more long-term usage is the baseboard heater. They are usually installed close to the floor (hence the name) and you are not able to move them from room to room as easily but they are quite compact and do not pose much an issue when it comes to space conservation in the home.

They all come with an inbuilt thermostat and can be tuned independently to fit the room that the heater is installed in.

Suitable for anything up to a large room, they are a great option for those who wish to selectively control the temperature in each room to fine tune the power usage. Baseboard heaters also help to reduce heat loss through window draught after using the central heating.

Pros And Cons Of Different Types Of Space Heaters

Advantages Of Convection Heaters

  • Most convection heaters have a thermostat feature which allows you to control the temperature of each individual room you put them in.
  • The room is warmed gradually and evenly, which adds a unique comfort to the room.
  • Panel convection heaters can be placed seamlessly onto the wall or into wall and floor panels making them ultra-portable room heaters for long-term use.

Disadvantages Of Convection Heaters

  • Fan assistance can be noisy which to some may not be a desirable side effect of having a fan.
  • The lack of air filter can mean that dust particles are blown around which would disturb those with dust allergies.

Advantages Of Radiant Heaters

  • Short-term use means you will conserve more energy.
  • Provides warmth to a localized area very quickly.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.

Disadvantages Of Radiant Heaters

  • Short range heat projection.
  • Not a great heater for large rooms.
  • Not a great heater for long-term use.

Advantages Of Baseboard Heaters

  • Can be compact in design and installed on the wall, conserving space.
  • Great for heating large rooms for long periods of time.
  • Great for temporary use or when you have no need for heating all year round.

Disadvantages Of Baseboard Heaters

  • Zero portability, the heater must be installed.
  • Common to have fan assistance and so may not be silent.
An advantage to all types of space heaters is that they’re not messy like a wood burning fireplace can be. They require little maintenance nor do they require tools such as fireplace tongs or a soot vacuum.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Space Heater

1. Price 

The price of the heater, without a doubt, is going to be an important factor in your decision making.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the many different features it is equipped with, as you will find a lot of different affordable space heaters on the market which have a different variety of features and so just make sure you compare the specs between the various models to ensure you aren’t just paying for something you could get for a much better price.

You should keep in mind that they do consume fuels in the form of electricity or gas and therefore these costs should be factored into your decision making, although, it’s also important to bear in mind that a good space heater will help you save on heating bills during times you might have been tempted to unnecessarily use your central heating system.

2. Specifications

You can find out more about the different types of space heaters below in the section about types of space heaters but when it comes to exact specifications, no matter which type of heater you own, it’s the actual components that determine the quality and lifespan of your heater.

Therefore, it’s worth knowing which parts of a space heater are most important. A good example of an essential component of your heater is the heating element itself.

A PTC ceramic heating element in most cases would make a more energy efficient space heater than a standard ceramic element as it automates its own temperature and the rubber acts as an insulator maintaining more heat whilst reducing energy consumption.

3. Portability

Portability is a major feature that you may want to consider depending on your specific needs and living arrangements.

You may find that you only wish to warm the one bedroom but have very little or no space for a large heater. Larger heaters such as the DeLongi Radiant Heater overcomes the loss of portability due to size by adding snap-on wheels and a convenient carry handle whilst other space heaters are no burden at all due to their compact designs and having little weight.

The size and encumbrance of the heater are important when it comes to the precious space we have in our homes and so be sure to make sure you have enough space for the heater you are going to purchase, especially if you are interested in large convection or radiant heaters.

4. Energy Efficient Space Heaters   

When we look at the energy efficiency of a space heater, we are thinking about how much energy we are using and ultimately paying for in order to heat up a room.

Energy efficiency is not just a financial concern but an environmental concern and that is why features like oscillation and self-regulating temperature controls are very beneficial to those who want an eco-friendly space heater as they function to heat up large areas at a quicker rate.

It comes down to choosing the right size heater to suit your needs. If you find that you are mostly at your desk at home or at work, you may find you’ll only need a small heater like the Honeywell Uberheat which provides plenty of personal warmth and also slightly warms the room you are in.

Electric Space Heater Safety Guidelines

When discussing heating a room using any type of appliance, safety is always at the forefront of one’s mind. That is why there are space heaters which have a safety shut off feature to prevent the appliance from overheating.

As well as for events when it has been knocked over and averting a disaster, therefore, they are always a smart option to consider. Please note that it is important to refer to the specific user manuals and warranties provided by your space heater’s manufacturer.

  • You should always consider where you position your heater to reduce the risk of fire. A flat surface so that the heater does not fall over, an area where the heater will not be exposed to water and somewhere which is ‘low traffic’ to reduce the chance of somebody being tripped over by the power cable.
  • Make sure the location you put your heater is dry and free from the risk of it being exposed to water as this would pose a safety hazard to yourself, other people and can cause damage to the heater too. Also, ensure panel heaters which are installed into wall tiles are installed correctly and are watertight.
  • Heaters can get hot to touch, especially convection heaters, and so be very careful when you are considering purchasing, as you may want to opt for a space heater, which is better for those with pets and children like ones which use radiant
  • Be aware that you should not use a heater at all if you find any damage to its power cable. Switch off the appliance by the power source immediately if you do notice any compromise to the power cable and contact the store or the manufacturer.
  • Finally, it is important to remember to not leave a powered space heater unattended. If by any chance safety procedures do fail, the hazards are very serious if the heater is left on and by itself. The number one rule is to remember to always switch your heater off before leaving the heater unattended.

Will A Space Heater Save Money?

There’s no doubt that a space heater has great potential in saving you money if you were to be conscious of precisely when and how much you use the heater as well as the size of the room you are intending to heat and how well insulated it is.

Using a space heater to supplement the heat you have generated from your central heating use will no doubt be a sensible way to save money instead of switching the central heating back on again if you don’t reach sufficient warmth in the room. This method of use is suitable for those with large rooms or who still wish to heat the whole house.

If you are somebody who has no heating at all in their home, then it would be a decision for you to make on how many rooms you want to heat.

If you live in a small apartment or only wish to heat small rooms, it would then seem like a great idea to have a convection panel heater but if you have many rooms and/or large rooms that are constantly in use then you may decide that central heating may offer better value for money.

Keeping things close and personal with a radiant heater saves time and energy on heating a room which has poor insulation. In this situation, the air which a convection space heater has already heated will escape the room and prove inefficient and costly.

Final Words


Hopefully, the overall message of this article is that your ideal space heater depends entirely on your own heating needs.

There is a high variety of different models available to buy online, some of which are highly affordable and some of which have a good range of customizable settings and smart safety features.

You must consider the amount you wish to use your heater, where you are planning to use it and whether or not you want to heat a room of a particular size or to have a heater for your own personal use.

However, when used in accordance with your central heating, or used alone to heat a small room, a good energy efficient space heater is going to serve you well in the long run.  

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