Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner Are Affordable

Started as a small shop for manufacturing hinges, bolts, and other wrought iron hardware, Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker made their shop in Maryland and later got a patent for an ingenious portable power tool.

The two companies, while amassing several trusted products, formed a joint venture and began their journey in serving the builders and makers through their innovative products. 

About Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioners

Black and Decker are a trusted manufacturer of HVAC appliances that can perform effectively and efficiently while also standing the test of time. While the company didn’t start as an air-solution provider, the company inevitably turned out to be one of the most reliable brands in the market when it comes to portable air conditioners. 

Heat Mode

One of the Black and Decker portable air conditioners doesn’t just offer you a cool air solution, it is also able to provide you with heating ability during the long, cold winter months. The heating mode of this units give you the flexibility to use these units as all-weather, all year round solutions. 

Dehumidifier Mode

High humidity can have many adverse effects on your health in the long term, and if you are living in a highly humid area, you should attempt to provide your home with moisture controlled air in your home.

A Black and Decker air conditioner has a dehumidifier mode too, so you can also use these models to lower your airs humidity level during the summer when humidity in the air can make you just as uncomfortable as hot air. 

Easy Installation

 A Black and Decker portable air conditioner is easy to install with the provided window installation kit and they also come with a detailed guide that makes installation a breeze. Plus, the units are easy to move thanks to the swivel casters and lightweight of the units. 

Auto Water-Evaporation

The self water-evaporation feature allows you to go worry-free by evaporating the water collected from the air, especially in the dehumidification mode. A few models offer continuous drainage, so even when a unit is not self-evaporative, you can set up a drain hose and forget about draining the unit manually. 

Remote Control

The provided remote control lets you adjust the temperature and other settings of these units from the comfort of your sofa or bed without needing to get up, giving you the convenience of use. 

24-hour Programmable Timer

With the programmable timer on these units, you won’t have to remember to turn them off if you program them properly. All you have to do is set the time you want the AC to turn OFF or ON and forget about it. With this functionality, there is little to no chance of wasting energy, which in turn means saves you money on your electricity bill. 

Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Here at HeatTalk we understand that splurging for a high ticket item such as a portable air conditioner isn’t the easiest thing to do. If you’re like us, you research, research and then research some more prior to making your purchase.

Well, the time we take to do our research is your gain, because we do the research for you to help you distill all relevant information about the product to help you make a well informed decision. We have reviewed some of the best Black and Decker air conditioners so that you don’t have to. We take real owner reviews into consideration when making our analysis and lay that information out for you so that at the end of your decision process you have all the cards laid out in front of you. With all that said, let’s get into our reviews of four Black and Decker portable air conditioners. 

The Black and Decker BPACT08WT has a sleek design and it’s relatively easy to install. You get everything you need right out of the box, including the installation kit and obviously the manual guide for an a hassle-free install. This portable ac works well in a single room with up to a 200-sq/ft area, cooling it down at a relatively quick speed. 

You might find it a little loud, but the fact of the matter is that this portable ac isn’t any noisier than a typical window unit. While it would be ideal if an AC worked silently, it’s rare that you will find an AC without any noise. 

On the plus side with only 8,000 BTU outputs your electric bill shouldn’t see a major increase if you are using this for spot cooling, dehumidification or using the fan to circulate the air. 

The Black and Decker BPACT08WT also comes with a remote control, allowing you to adjust your settings remotely until you find your personal sweet spot.

A 24-hour timer lets you pre-program the ON and OFF time, which means you can save energy because even if you forget to turn it off, the unit will take care of it itself. 

Cleaning the filter is pretty easy, just take it out  and rinse it under running water, let it dry, reinsert and it will be good to go again. 

You won’t need to take out water bucket as the unit is self-evaporating and it also includes a drain hose if you’d like to set it up to remove any excess water that may occur. The unit doesn’t have a pump, however, draining happens by gravity.

The moisture removal or the dehumidification mode doesn’t seem to work very well owners mention, so, if you’re purchasing this unit to get a high quality 3-in-1 unit, you may be better off purchasing a higher quality portable ac unit. 

The exhaust hose is only 5′ in length so make sure that would be sufficient for your specific situation.  There is a blue LED light that can be intrusive if you intend to install the AC in your bedroom, but nothing that a piece of colored tape or clothe couldn’t dim. 

Since it’s most likely that your unit wasn’t entirely upright during shipping, when you receive your package make sure to put the unit with wheels on ground. Let it sit for a day or so to ensure the compressor doesn’t get damaged when starting up. 

Overall, this is an affordable unit that may work for your needs, just make sure to pay attention to what your end goal is with purchasing a portable ac unit. 




The Black and Decker BPACT12WT is compact and cools up to 300-sq/ft with relative ease. The unit is not very loud (up to 53 dB on high mode) and gets the job done without getting on your nerves which some portable air conditioners can.

If you are a light sleeper or don’t want any noise to disturb you during your beauty rest, then this unit may lend to your restless nights with a 51 dB when it’s in sleep mode. That’s really not too loud, but we know some people need absolute silence to count sheep.

The package comes with the unit on wheels, a remote control, window kit, drain hose and exhaust hose. Locking the mount in place is a little bit difficult as it’s a bit heavy. The weatherstrips are not that great either; they may come off quickly, so you might want to use just tape to seal gaps, so a hardware store run may be in your future, but getting gaps in window taken care of will assist you in the long run.

Cooling is effective as the unit seems to bring down 10 – 15 degrees down within an hour. The temperature may not get as cool as you’d like, as the unit produces a nice amount of heat when it’s working which may be an issue depending on how you vent the unit.  

The dehumidifier seems to work pretty well, so if you are living in a humid location or encounter wet days, you should like this unit. This unit is self-evaporating and it also has a hose to drain any excess water, however, owners complain that the drain is under the unit which can present a problem. 

The sleep mode is likable in this unit, you can sleep off to an excellent cool, and the unit will raise the temperature by a degree or two after you fall asleep, preserving energy and making it efficient down the road. 

And just like the previous reviewed model, this unit has a short hose (5′) too, so it would be a good idea to find something longer beforehand so that you don’t have to run errands during the installation process. 

The portability of the unit lets you use it for multiple rooms if that’s what you desire, although, it’s easiest to install and leave, but we all have different needs in life and different budgets.

Since it’s most likely that your unit wasn’t entirely upright during shipping, when you receive your package make sure to put the unit with wheels on ground. Let it sit for a day or so to ensure the compressor doesn’t get damaged when starting up. 

Overall, it’s an affordable unit with efficient cooling and effective dehumidification that should get the job done for you.




The Black and Decker BPACT14WT is a small unit that pumps out roughly 14,000 BTUs of power, so if you are lacking in floor space or want to save some and get more than enough power, this unit may be right for you. 

You can control it with the included remote control, and owners mention the remote seems to work even if you are not pointing it directly at the unit. You can control everything from your couch or bed which is always a positive.

Make sure when you are researching portable air conditioners that you do not purchase one that doesn’t suit your space. Too many times people think getting a higher BTU unit that can work in a larger space than they have will make their space that much cooler, sadly, that’s not true. Choose a unit that is recommended for your rooms square footage and then figure out what else you want in a unit.

The fan speed on this Black and Decker portable air conditioner works pretty well so you should be able to feel the air wherever you adjust the louvers. 

Owners mention the water collects relatively quickly in this unit and the way the drain is situated in the unit, very low, that you will most likely need to set up the included hose into an exterior pan to rid the unit of the excess water which obviously isn’t ideal.  

The positive thing with this unit is that it does what it’s set out to do which is cool your space down, although, owners mention it does take some time to reach the desired temperature. In the long run though, your room should get as cold as you want it to be.

Like its siblings this model comes with a window kit, installation guide, drain hose, remote control and is easy to install, although, as mentioned with the other models the exhaust hose is less than a desired length. You will most likely need to purchase an extender or a completely new exhaust hose that has the same diameter of the included one which is 5″ in diameter.

Since it’s most likely that your unit wasn’t entirely upright during shipping, when you receive your package make sure to put the unit with wheels on ground. Let it sit for a day or so to ensure the compressor doesn’t get damaged when starting up. 




The Black and Decker BPACT14HWT is a pretty good option for you if you’re looking for an affordable spot cooling and heating solution for your room. That’s right I said heating, because this model also has the capability to heat along with cooling the air, dehumidifying the air and it also has a fan only mode. 

Similar to the other models on this list you don’t need to empty the water bucket very often, although, similar to the other Black and Decker models owners aren’t completely satisfied with how the drainage works.

Some complain that they need to tilt the unit to get the gravity drain working which is obviously not an ideal solution.

The unit is relatively simple and easy to set up and comes with a detailed instruction manual to guide you along the way, however, the exhaust hose will still give you the same length issue the other models do so make sure to purchase an additional exhaust that can assist with this issue.

The fan works without noise, but when the compressor kicks in, there is some noise which a few owners seem to be bothered greatly by. But as mentioned in previous reviews there is always going to be a noise from these types of units so we’re not sure what the consumer was expecting when they made their purchase.  

The seals are not that great and may strip off quickly if not attached perfectly, so make sure you seal the gaps seamlessly as no air must come inside; otherwise, the cooling will not be effective. And, don’t forget to let the unit stand in an upright position for 24 hours before you start the installation so that you don’t affect the compressor. 

It’s a little heavy, so you may require two people to lift it when moving it from a different floor or upstairs. 

Plus, you get a fast cool-feature to make it cool your place quicker. You can also oscillate the air instead of blowing it in one direction to improve the airflow around the room with this unit, although, owners mention this is one of the noise issues they have. 

As mentioned the Black and Decker BPACT14HWT  has a heat mode, so you can use it in winters for bringing up your room temperature, making it an excellent year-round companion. And, there is a sleep mode too, so you can save on your electricity bills while you are sleeping. 

It features an auto fan setting, which keeps the fan speed at an optimal level according to your needs. With the timer you can set and forget about turning it off. When you have to turn your AC off manually, it’s natural to forget sometimes, with the 24-hour programmable timer, not only can you forget about turning it off, but you can also save on your electricity bills too. 

Overall, with heating, dehumidification, fan, and cooling mode, the unit provides an excellent bang for your buck. 





How to Install Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner?

Installing a Black and Decker air conditioner is pretty easy, although, as mentioned at many points in the reviews the included exhaust hose isn’t very long so you may need to purchase an extension that can be attached to the included one. 

Make sure to give your unit at least 24-hours sitting level as you would use it, wheels on the bottom. If you do not give the unit enough time to settle from shipping you may have an issue with your compressor since it’s highly likely the unit was laying on its side at some point during transit.

After the proper amount of time unpack your unit and install the window bracket in any standard window and shut the window. The kit that’s included will not work with crank windows, so take note of that. You’ll then need to connect the provided hose to the back of the AC unit and to the window bracket you just installed. Turn the AC on and allow it some time to cool down your space. 

There is a complete user guide with every Black and Decker air conditioner and you can consult it at any step of the installation process. A complete installation kit is provided by the company, which makes it quick and straightforward for you to install the unit anywhere you want. 

How Do You Drain a Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner?

Black and Decker units are all full self-evaporating units that the company believes will not allow water to compile, however, many owners will disagree with this statement.

These units come with a hose that can be attached to the drain hole on the unit, but the hole is not situated in a great location and there’s no pump to get the water out so gravity will need to do its work. On top of this issue, many owners have mentioned needing to tilt the unit a bit to get the water completely out and having to set up a system to collect the excess water. 

Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner Hose Extension

The exhaust hose provided with these Black and Decker portable air conditioners are not adequately long enough for many consumers. The hose is just shy of 5′ which may give you fits when setting up. You’ll most likely want to purchase an extension exhaust hose, along with a flange to connect them  

Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner Instructions

The Black and Decker portable air conditioner instructions in the package are a guide to the unit’s installation and tell you how to get started, operate, and maintain the unit. 

Black and Decker Air Conditioner Not Blowing Cold Air

The portable air conditioners don’t work well when their filters are not clear and clean. Dust and dirt attached to the filters prevent the units from working to their full potential. So, you must take care of the air filter’s cleanliness to get effective and efficient cooling. 

Every few weeks, you can remove the filters, rinse them with lukewarm water, let them dry and install them back into the unit. If cleaning the filter doesn’t solve your issue you should consult your manual.