Camplux Tankless Water Heaters are Meant for More than the Great Outdoors

Incorporating “being green” into our daily lives, where you live more consciously and consider how much energy you’re consuming while looking for environmentally-friendly solutions to many of your consumer purchases has picked up over the years.

One of life’s essential requirement is hot water for a nice warm shower, whether for in the house, while RVing or out in the wilderness enjoying nature while camping. Tankless water heaters are slowly replacing the traditional and heavy-duty storage tank water heaters, and with many companies producing portable tankless water heaters you’re able to combine travel and going green!.

Whether your household is big or small, Camplux tankless water heater may have an ideal choice to meet your family’s hot water requirements.

Camplux at a Glance

Camplux Outdoor is part of the JAL Group, a leading manufacturer in home appliances, having more than 15 years of experience in the gas and electrical industry. It aims to provide quality service with a comfortable, easy, and efficient lifestyle.

Portability, energy-saving, and innovation are the three key elements of Camplux outdoor. Their product range is continuously expanding and includes Tankless Water Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, Camping Stoves, RV Appliances, and Fire Pits. They offer several thermal solutions that are perfect for any situation.

Buying Considerations for Tankless Water Heater

You need to check a lot of things before buying a tankless water heater. Here are some factors to consider if you are interested in getting one for your daily life.


The traditional storage tank heating systems are large and use a lot of power to operate. To make the leap to a higher quality (more energy-efficient) tankless water heater you should expect this new appliance to be energy-efficient, and to help you cut down your monthly utility spendings. Your new water heater should do all of this while also meeting all your family’s hot water needs.

Camplux tankless water heaters save you from the traditional storage tank water heater which helps you in saving on water heating costs, and offers a wide-range of models that can meet your family’s needs and expectations for providing you with endless hot water when needed.


Tankless water heaters come in different sizes, but all are significantly smaller than storage tank water heaters. You should select the one that meets your needs, and because everyone lives differently, Camplux has created a model that will fit most lifestyles. 

Designed to be space-saving Camplux tankless water heaters fit easily in small spaces, including your RV or car for when you need your hot water on the go. 

If you’re looking to replace a water heater for your home, Camplux has you covered with tankless water heaters that are suitable for apartments and small homes. T


High-quality tankless water heaters give you durability and last longer. Camplux tankless water heaters are made from high-quality material. So, spend wisely and look for the high-quality model that suits your needs.


Camplux has a wide range of tankless water heaters and many of them are very affordable. Priced in the range of just slightly a little over $100 to roughly $600, Camplux tankless water heater line are less expensive than similar water heaters on the market. 

Flow Rate

This is a fundamental aspect to consider before buying a tankless water heater. The better the flow rate, the higher the price. Camplux tankless water heaters offer a range of models with a good flow rate.

In order to satisfy your desires for learning which model may work for you, we have created a comprehensive list of the top 6 best Camplux Tankless Water Heater of 2020, so let’s dive in.

With a 4.6 star review on Amazon, this Camplux TE27 electric tankless water heater will bring you outstanding performance for your whole house hot water needs. This Camplux offers instant and consistent hot water temperatures at all times.

The Camplux TE27 water heating system comes in a compact size, has a sleek and stylish design and hhas the ability to be multi-angled mounted on a wall which gives you even more flexibility. 

This water-proof heater has a remote smart controller and is very convenient, it’s even small enough to be installed under your sink. The Camplux manual for this heater makes it easy to install.

The smart design of Camplux’s top-rated tankless water heater comes with touch control and LED display. This makes it very easy to set the temperature. Camplux electric tankless water heaters just need 0.85 GPM water flow for activation. You don’t need any pre-heating and will get hot water in seconds. Moreover, this model of Camplux heater uses 27KW at 240 volts.

This reliable and durable water heater comes with many safety features that will protect your family. Camplux ensures safety through over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, sensitive leakage protection and dry combustion protection. 

This Camplux electric water heater is durable and made from high-quality stainless steel. They are perfect for kitchen, school, bathroom sinks, a hospital, and a hair salon.




The Camplux CA318 propane tankless water heater comes with a unique and revolutionary design. This water heater has a sleek black tempered glass panel and has automatic temperature controls for convenience and precision.

This Camplux heater comes with an LED temperature display that shows the output temperature reading and is equipped with child locking technology. 

This propane tankless water heater is great for a small home that’s living off-grid with a propane hook-up. It’s able to provide multiple hot water applications at the same time so you shouldn’t run into too many hot water issues. 

This Camplux water heater uses innovative combustion technology and advanced multiple protection systems to ensure the safety of your entire family. The safety features include a flame failure device, anti-freezing protection, and oxygen depletion safety shut-off protection. 

This compact water heater can be an easy solution if you want to minimize heating costs and need energy-efficiency solutions.  

The Camplux CA318 tankless water heater is equipped with a horizontal stainless steel vent kit which makes sure the exhaust gases are propelled out effectively. The water heater delivers up to 3.18 gallons per minute of hot water that activates only on demand. 

The operating propane gas pressure in this Camplux water heater is 0.4PSI with a maximum power output 82,000 BTUs/hour. Impressively, this energy-efficient model only generates about 42 watts and 0.35 amps during operation. 




The Camplux AY132N has a low gallons per minute rating, 1.32-GPM to be exact, but this outdoor portable propane tankless water heater is your ideal partner for campsites and RV traveling. You can also use it to wash your car, boat or dog if you want!

Really any outdoor hot water need can be quenched  with this instant hot water system. This portable water heater has a compact size with a portable handle allowing for a convenient set-up outdoors, just hang and use. 

For indoor use, you can use oxygen depletion sensor protection and select a place that is well ventilated, but ideally this is your go to for all outdoor hot water needs.

Other safety features include overheating protection, a flame failure device, and anti-freezing protection for your family’s safety. For your off-grid living dreams, the ignition is supplied with 2-D batteries. The ideal operating range for this portable water heater is 3 to 110-PSI. This portable hot water heater delivers up to 1.32 gallons per minute of hot water and has the lowest water pressure startup, 3-PSI, on the market! 

This portable water heater is only available in liquid propane. The Camplux tankless propane water heater line Is not recommended for elevation above 2000 ft. 

The system also works great on modified water systems, such as a 12-volt pump. If you’re hitting the trails and like to clean off prior to getting in your tent at night, this Camplux should be on your list!  




The Camplux CM264 tankless water heater supplies instant hot water in seconds. This model is designed for small to medium hot water production, so it’s perfect for apartments, cabins, and smaller homes. 

You can easily get a comfortable shower by adjusting the water temperature through the summer/winter switch. This Camplux tankless water heater eliminates the cost of a storage tank and saves valuable storage space, and if you’re living in small quarters this may assist you.

This Camplux water heater uses innovative combustion technology and advanced multiple protection systems to ensure your safety. The protection features include airflow pressure switch protection, flameout cut off protection, overheating protection, and anti-freezing protection. 

This energy-efficient model has an Eco and Full gas switch that activates only when in use.

The Camplux tankless water heater comes with an LED temperature display and easy to use manual water temperature controls. The operating propane gas pressure is 0.4 PSI with maximum power output 68,000 BTUs/hour. 

Camplux tankless water heater is ideal for small families looking for a cost-effective option to enjoy instant hot water anytime and anywhere in the home. 




The Camplux Pro Residential tankless water heater gives you high-efficiency flow and automatically activates on water pressure between 7.0-150 PSI. This Camplux provides a constant and sustainable hot water solution with CSA certified balanced combustion design.

The Camplux Pro Residential has advanced multiple protection systems to ensure your safety. The protection features include over-high wind pressure safety protection, water-resistant protection, overloaded electric protection, and fan failure protection.

This Camplux is equipped with PCB start-up self-test and real-time intelligent monitoring and gives timely warning of potential gas fire and hydropower to ensure your family’s safety.

This Camplux Pro Residential heater saves time, money, and energy while producing safe, endless hot water for your family. Additionally, a wind pressure sensor is added to perceive the external wind force in real-time and automatically adjust the fan, flame, and maintain stable combustion. This energy-efficient model only generates about 40 KW and 0.35 amps during operation. 




Camplux CM264B residential indoor tankless water heater has a trendy and modern design with a digital temperature display that’s easy to control. It saves more space than traditional tanks due to its compact size, and if it needs to be installed in a laundry room it will actually add to the aesthetics instead of becoming an eyesore. 

This model has an Eco and Full gas switch for energy saving and ideal hot water temperature. It delivers 2.64 gallons per minute of on-demand endless hot water.

This Camplux model is designed for small to medium hot water production and is great for off-grid living due to its propane fuel usage. It doesn’t have a great gallons per minute capability, 2.64-GPM, but is a nice hot water solution for apartments, and small cabins and homes. 

The operating propane gas pressure is 0.4 PSI with maximum power output 68,000 BTUs/hour. This propane water heater provides a continuous, comfortable, and instant supply of hot water.

The Camplux CM264B residential indoor tankless water heater has advanced multiple protection systems to ensure its safety. The protection features include a flame failure device, anti-freezing protection, overheating protection, and a safe electronic ignition system.




How Does Altitude Elevation Affect a Tankless Water Heater?

High altitude elevation has a direct impact on the tankless water heater. It will not function effectively in areas of extremely high altitude. As a general rule, for any altitude over 4,000′ high, a tankless gas water heater will lose 4% of its BTU for every 1,000 ft above this height. Electric units are not affected by higher altitudes.

Does a Tankless Water Heater Work Differently with Low-Flow Shower Heads?

Generally, there is no noticeable difference in hot water performance with low-flow shower heads. In case you discover that you are not getting the required hot water, start lowering the temperature setting on your tankless water heater by a couple of degrees. 

This technique will affect the hot/cold mix ratio and will activate the tankless water heater. Some single-handle shower heads affect the hot/cold mix and may need to be adjusted. You may need to have a look at the instructions manual or check with the manufacturer of your shower head on how to make these adjustments.

What Size Tankless Water Heater Do I Need?

To choose the size of tankless water heaters, you need to consider multiple aspects. They include number of persons in your family/ office/school and how many facilities, bathrooms, washrooms, laundry rooms, or kitchens the unit will service. 

For choosing the tankless water heater capacity, identify your required flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM), see chart below for some assiatnce.

The next step is to identify the groundwater temperature in your region, and the final element is to calculate your required minimum temperature rise. A licensed and trained professional to guide you from the beginning of the process

water flow rate calculator chart

Final Thoughts on Camplux

Camplux has a nice selection of tankless hot water heaters that should either satisfy a small family, off-grid living or campers and RVers. They have a nice array of propane and portable water heaters that are quality made and very affordable. 

Overall Camplux are efficient tankless water heaters that should be part of your selection process. They are neither the best or worst in the category, and owners are very satisfied with their purchases taking into account the units affordability, portability and propane attributes.