Tons of Portable Options with Eccotemp Tankless Water Heaters

Since its inception in 2004 as a family-owned business, Eccotemp has been involved in producing energy-efficient products and minimizing unnecessary emissions. It has always strived for improving the lives of the community and produce eco-friendly products. 

Throughout Europe, Australia, and North America, Eccotemp has established its presence at over 2000 retailers. 

Eccotemp has consistently been working on improving its product line, making their products up to date, and educating the people about energy-efficient and eco-friendly products. 

Eccotemp Tankless Water Heaters

Types of tankless water heaters

The company manufactures tankless water heaters for indoor and outdoor installation. It has an ET series (rated at 3.9-GPM), which requires no venting. 40H-LP is propane-powered and 40H-NG runs on natural gas; both these models provide 6.0-GPM. 

Full bundle

The units come with a full kit necessary for installation, including the adapters and vents. The company also sells reconditioned tankless water heaters and they are worth checking out. 


Eccotemp tankless water heaters are designed to be compact, so they take minimal space while delivering exceptional value. Some Ecootemp water heaters are even portable, allowing you to use hot water on the go during your long travels. These portable water heaters are obviously compact and impressively won’t cost you much either, making them affordable. 


When one goes through the product line of Eccotemp, they would find something for everyone. The company keeps under consideration every customer’s need and make its products for diversified customers. You can get an electric, gas, or portable tankless water heaters in their product listings. 


While the exact warranty will depend on the product type, most of the tankless water heaters from Eccotemp are covered with a limited 5-year replacement warranty for defective parts. 

For single-family household use, Eccotemp offers a 10-year replacement warranty for the heat exchanger. However, make sure you check the warranty of the model that you like as it can vary from model to model. 

This one with its glass-tempered front panel and an easy to use LED screen is pretty tough on the outside and allows you convenient control over your water temperature. 

Its design is sleek and up to modern standards; so you can install it where ever you want. It will save up your space. Don’t judge the device for its small size, it’s pretty powerful and delivers unlimited hot water on demand.  

The on-demand technology enables you to save a lot of energy in the long run. Tanktop water heaters won’t stop heating the water, which makes them consume a lot of unnecessary energy. With this tankless i12-NG, you can have peace of mind as far as energy efficiency is concerned. 

However, when you flush the unit, don’t use a concentrated vinegar solution as it could damage the interior and the unit could end up leaking. A dilute solution would do fine. 

Its flow rate is 3 GPM and provides consistent hot water for a household with 2 adults easily. You can use 2 showers and wash dishes at the same time. 

The child safety temperature limiter offers safety to your children; you can unlock the feature by pressing the lock icon for about 10 seconds when you don’t need it. 

A tip: purchase a valve kit; the installation is not tricky, just follow the instructions and make sure you have everything needed for an effective one-time installation. 

However, the unit can be a little loud. So a good idea would be to install it in a closet or cover it up with something. The unit is great for energy savings; if you want to reduce your bills, this one would be a good option for your household. 

Precaution: The device is tested for 5,500 feet elevation; don’t use it above that.




There has been a lot of talk about tankless water heaters and how they add value to your household. The Eccotemp L5 takes it to another level and lets you use hot water on the go where ever you want. 

The portability of this tankless unit enables you to use it for an outdoor shower, camping activities, pets’ bathing, and more. 

This Eccotemp water heater works perfectly when the air is still. In extreme weather or even a breeze, the flame may turn off. So, keep this in mind whenever you are taking it to an outdoor spot. 

This Eccotemp tankless water heater provides you water in the temperature range of 50 – 140°F. The device lets you control the water temperature with a turn of a dial. Just turn the dial to the needed temperature and the unit will deliver the hot water on demand. 

It’s powered by a 20-pound tank of liquid propane, a more efficient fuel than natural gas, which ignites the flame whenever water enters, conserving energy and making it economical in the long run.

It has an electronic flame and is powered by 2 D cell batteries. With the EccoFlo 12v water pump, you can virtually use it in any remote location. 

The unit won’t work below freezing temperatures as the heating coils are thin and can’t take extreme temperatures. You get a relief valve with the kit for draining out the water so that it won’t freeze and damage the unit in sub-freezing temperatures. 

Children should be supervised carefully as the water can get scalding hot. A good idea would be to use it on a low setting for safety. Don’t get under the water immediately, first check the temperature. Also, the shower hose is a little small, a longer one would have given you more flexibility in use.  




This Eccotemp propane tankless water heater instantly delivers hot water in your taps without a limit. It is an on-demand tankless water heater, so it won’t use the fuel unless you open up a tap, which makes it energy-efficient. This makes it economical in the long run as minimum energy is lost.  

Its flame ignites quickly after the sensor senses water. The unit as a whole runs very quietly, which makes it suitable for indoor installation. Install as close to your taps as possible as it would accelerate the hot water inlet. 

The energy consumption is fairly low; a 20-gallon propane tank will last a long time. So you can have unlimited hot water during winter without worrying about the fuel running out. 

However, the unit is not suitable for freezing weather. And as there is no safety cut off for temperature and pressure, it could become dangerous. Make sure you install a drain valve and drain the water to prevent it from turning into ice.  

It’s lightweight and small in size, giving you the flexibility and installation spot options. 

Also, you need to increase the knob slowly as the water can get hot pretty quickly. It’s rated at 3.6-GPM and equipped with power ventilation. 

The unit doesn’t make much noise and occupies minimal space, so it wouldn’t be invasive at all. With manual water-temperature control, you can adjust the temperature of the water. However, it doesn’t seem to work perfectly; you may encounter temperature fluctuations. 

All in all, this Eccotemp hot water heater is a decent heater to have for a small household. You can install it using the provided in-detail instruction manual with convenience. 




This Eccotemp hot water heater is a portable device. It can be used outdoors for pet bathing, camping, outdoor showers, etc. Its portability is a real stand-out feature that makes it attractive. 

You can control the water temperature manually as needed. Plus, the water pressure is adjustable; with just the turn of the dial, you can get the water pressure between the range 20-80 PSI. 

In addition, there is a raincap for weather protection which can be removed when not needed. The ignition is battery-powered, which makes it reliable and adds to its ease of use and portability. 

Also, you can use this Eccotemp with any hose and shower head. However, these items don’t come with the kit; you have to purchase them separately. The unit comes with installation accessories, a raincap, and a regulator. 

It has a total weight of just 27 lbs and can be easily mounted or hung with the hinge at the top. 

It works great outside, but the downside we think is the inability of the flame to resist wind. It’s not very stable when there is a breeze around, so you would have to take precautions for that. 

Also, drain the water through the drainpipe in order to prevent water from freezing and any damage associated with it. 

It’s a very efficient heater; propane burns only when needed, resulting in minimum energy wastage and economical long term use. 

Another impressive thing about it is that it’s simple and quick to install. And you can set it up anywhere, allowing you to have hot showers in the wilderness as well. 




This Eccotemp propane tankless water heater is lightweight and small, which makes it easy to carry. Because of its good portability, you can use it for outdoor activities like camping, pet bathing, poolside showers, homes and RV’s, greenhouses, and more.  

The water is heated almost instantly and delivered to your taps within seconds, saving water as well as your time. The 20 lbs propane gas tank allows efficient-energy use as it only lights the flame when the water is needed. That’s how the unit is energy-efficient and economical downstream. 

It’s equipped with electronic ignition and has 2 “D” cell batteries for on-the-go usability. You can use the EccoFlo 12v water pump to make it work at higher pressures. However, the hose and the shower head don’t seem to be of premium quality, but they let you take showers anywhere. 

This Eccotemp hot water heater doesn’t regulate the temperature. You have to adjust the flow rate to get to a suitable temperature. It won’t take long to deliver hot water to you though; you get the heated water to your taps within seconds. 

Plus, the installation is pretty straightforward. You can use the manual, troubleshoot for problems, or contact the technical support team if anything comes up. 

The temperature of the water with this Eccotemp water heater reaches up to 140°F, more than enough for a hot steamy bath and other outdoor applications. The water pressure can go as low as 20 PSI and as high as 80 PSI. You have to adjust the gas and water flow to get to the temperature you need. 

This Eccotemp tankless water heater offers 3.0-GPM, more than the previous version of L10 we covered, so if the flow rate is important to you, this would interest you more. In addition, this unit’s weight is a mere 27 lbs, making it very easy to carry around on your travels. 




This Eccotemp tankless water heater instantly delivers hot water. There is a minimum delay, which means less water loss. The tankless water heater takes up minimum space while delivering up-to-the-mark functionality. 

With an impressive 6.8 GPM, the 45HI water heater is enough for 2 or 3 bathrooms of your apartment or home. Moreover, you can also use it for small commercial applications. It would most probably be enough for your hot water needs. 

It’s wall-mounted, which means it takes zero floor space. The energy factor for the unit is 0.80, making it highly energy-efficient. This high efficiency in energy consumption will bring down your utility bills, making it an economical choice for the long term. Eccotemp strive for efficiency in all its tankless heaters, so you can rely on them as far as this area is concerned. 

It’s for indoor installation, so you won’t have to worry about the longterm weather-induced deterioration of the hardware. Keeping the unit clean and secure is a way to ensure its longevity as well. 

The use of liquid propane as fuel allows it to minimize emissions and burns less volume per hour compared to natural gas. This makes it economical as well as safer for the environment. 

However, you cannot use it with recirculation and hydronic systems. And failure on your part to prevent the scale buildup can void the warranty of the device. So, make sure you perform regular maintenance (once per year). It’s tested for 2000 feet elevation and not recommended to install at elevations of over 5000 feet.





How to Drain Eccotemp Water Heater

Shut-off the incoming and outgoing water supply valves and isolate the unit. Make sure you have isolation valves installed (essential). Prepare a dilute vinegar-water solution in a tub. Attach a hose to the cold water isolation valve and place its other end into the tub for draining. 

Attach a hose to a pump and its other end to the hot water isolation valve and turn it on. The solution will enter from the hot water side and leave the unit after flushing it from the cold water valve. Keep it on for about an hour. 

Precautions: Don’t use any other chemical solution. Vinegar is ideal as it is not dangerous. Also, don’t make a concentrated vinegar solution, it could damage the insides of the unit. 

Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater Manual

Every Eccotemp water heater comes with an in-detail installation manual for convenient installation. Eccotemp strives to educate the people as well as make things easy for them. You can easily follow the guidelines and install their units indoors or outdoors. If by chance your Eccotemp unit didn’t arrive with a manual you can download one here.

Alternatively, there is a perfectly capable Eccotemp tankless water heater technical support that can help you with any unanticipated events. You can either schedule a call, create a support ticket or live chat on their website

To register any new Eccotemp product you can do so on the Eccotemp product registration page on their site

Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater Won't Ignite

If the Eccotemp water heater doesn’t ignite, check whether your propane/natural gas tank has sufficient fuel in it or not. Also, make sure your batteries are not very old; if so, try using new batteries. 

Eccotemp Tankless Water Heater Installation

The installation process may vary model to model, but you get everything you need for effective installation right out of the box. 

The installation is mostly pretty straightforward because you get clear directions every step of the way. The installation guide, troubleshooting, and technical support team are your best friends during the installation. 

Final Thoughts on Eccotemp

Eccotemp has a great, versatile line of tankless water heaters, and their sweet spot seems to reside in portable types of these water heaters.

Packed with a diverse line of portable units, that are either electric, propane or natural gas operated, most consumers should be able to find a model that suits their needs. 

If you’re someone who hits the road for lots of camping or RV trips and like the idea of staying clean on your trips than an Eccotemp tankless water heater should be on your list to explore.