Take Your Hot Water to the Max with Eemax Tankless Water Heaters

Eemax tankless water heaters bring you some of the best solutions to your hot water requirements in the freezing winter. An Eemax will provide you some of the best quality, durability, reliability at affordable prices and they are all energy saving (and energy bill saving) which is the best part!

Every Eemax tankless water heater is designed with a seamless structure to supply instant hot water at the point of use or to your entire home or building. The smart, sleek, compact, and modern designs not only eliminate the need for a storage tank hot water heater, but they also fit in narrow and small spaces right at the point-of-use, reducing the cost of long pipelines and complex plumbing.

If you decide on one of their smaller point-of-use units to supply your bath with hot water solely, you’ll be able to with an Eemax tankless water heater which is space-saving, high tech and hassle-free.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing hydrothermal system or want to have a new tankless hot water heating system, Eemax allows you to do so.

A Eemax water heater can be used for residential, commercial, buildings, swimming pools and spas. 

Eemax, at a Glance

Eemax is one of the largest companies providing thermal solutions in America. Established in 1988, Eemax has become a major player in the tankless water heater category. In 2012 Eemax moved to its current headquarters in Waterbury, Connecticut, and in 2015 the company was bought by Rheem, a worldwide major player in the heating and cooling space.  

Eemax provides sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions for families and business owners looking to move away from the traditional storage tank water heaters. The company specializes in providing hot water between  60 to 120-degrees Fahrenheit, starting from very low flow rates of 0.2-GPM to 20-GPM.

These capabilities make a Eemax water heater highly desirable not only for home usage, but also many  industries look to Eemax for their commercial tankless water heater needs. Some of the industries include airports, restaurants, stadiums, power sectors, manufacturing, and many other industries.  

Every Eemax tankless water heaters are electric so there are no carbon monoxide emissions, keeping the environment green and eco-friendly.

A Little About Eemax Tankless Water Heaters

Eemax tankless water heaters are considered to be one of the top-notch brands producing tankless water heaters in the thermal technology industry. These heaters are built to maximize comfort, ease of use, convenience, safety, and also be economical for consumers. 

Eemax uses microprocessing technology that controls the temperature through its digital display, a modern way of serving the customers. An Eemax tankless heater saves the consumer money in the long run because of their 99% energy-efficiency compared to  storage tank heaters that only produce 65% energy-efficient due to their stand by heat losses.

The Eemax team of engineers and designers have designed the water heaters in a way that flow switches only turn on when a user opens the tap of hot water, reducing your electricity bills by 50%.

The hardware is designed in a simple way to facilitate easy plumbing and installation, eliminating the cost of complex hardwire and circuiting, a major plus.

Eemax tankless water heaters can be 90% smaller than the traditional storage tank water heaters. These smart, sophisticated, and easy to install designs of Eemax point-of-use water heaters can be installed practically anywhere in your kitchen or bathroom, without taking much space.

Since these water heaters are installed at the point-of-use you don’t have to wait too long for the hot water to kick in, and you won’t waste water waiting for the temperature of the water to get to a satisfactory temperature. 

Conventional water heaters are less accurate in terms of temperature measurement which may cause children to scald themselves accidentally with spiking hot waters.

The Eemax water heaters use microprocessing technology that not only keeps the water at consistent temperature, but it also tells accurate temperature with +/- 1 degree, keeping your your entire household happy.

Eemax Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Knowing which type of water heater will work for your individual situation is a crucial factor in selecting the proper tankless water heater. Zeroing in on what product fits the bill for you can be hard if you don’t know the pros and cons.

Do not fret, as that is the reason why we are here, to provide you with information that assists in making a wise purchase. We have reviewed Eemax products, and taken real owners comments and reviews into consideration with our review.

Our goal is to present you with as much relevant info, while also saving you valuable time in analyzing reviews that you find all over the internet. 

All these Eemax water heaters are energy-efficient, space saving, reliable and durable. 

Looking for hot water without breaking the bank? This compact Eemax water heater weighs only 3.5 lbs with dimensions of 12″ x 5″ x 3″. It is one of the more versatile tankless water heater designs that should be able to fit in the smallest and most narrow of spaces, either vertically or horizontally. 

There will be no need for long pipelines from the this Eemax water heater to the point-of-use, as it can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, under the sinks, in a cabin and its smart and sophisticated design even adds beauty to your decor if you’re not able to hide it.

The self-power modulating control system turns on the heater only on demand and there is no stand by heat losses. It means you can enjoy using hot water without any energy losses, cutting the cost of your bills.

Eemax has designed this unit to provide you with maximum temperature control accuracy with its microprocessor technology that offers a digital display for your convenience and ease of use. 

Moreover, the lowest activation industry flow rate is 0.2-GPM which makes it highly desirable for the places where water consumption is small but instant hot water is the main priority.

Although, there aren’t numerous owner reviews of this model, all owners are happy with this purchase. The only comments are about a very low hum sound the unit makes when not in use. 




This  Eemax electric tankless water heater is a nice compact unit that overall owners are happy with. This Eemax is not the most powerful unit only able to provide 3-GPM, but if your houses needs aren’t much this unit will be adequate.

This Eemax water heater eliminates the cost of a storage tank  and can be installed anywhere at point-of-use, thus cutting the cost of difficult plumbing and long pipelines.

It is 99 % energy-efficient and equipped with  microprocessor technology which gives you a super-easy way to control the temperature, along with its digital panel LED display.

You can easily adjust the temperature as per your requirements from 80 to 140-degrees Fahrenheit and this Eemax like other point-of-use units can be fit in your kitchen, under the sink in a cabin, or in the bathroom in any orientation you want.

Moreover, you should be able to easily rid the unit of calcification and sedimentation which will allow you to provide clean hot water for your family for years to come.

The heating elements are made up of copper with brass tops, to provide a durable and long-lasting heating chamber.

Last but not the least, you can use it at point-of-use or for the whole house if you don’t use your water for too many applications at the same time. 

Although it does not require any difficult plumbing as it can easily be fit by common hardware at the point-of-use, it is always recommended to get professional plumber to avoid any technical mishaps.




If you’re looking for all in one general-purpose water heater, this Eemax water heater may be a good fit for you. It offers many features that should meet  your hot water demands, whether you want to use it for your house or for small commercial purposes.

Offering a 4.8-GPM water flow, it can serve you anywhere with its instant hot water supply to meet your day to day requirements on extremely low energy cost.

This Eemax cuts off your high electricity bills due to its flow switch only activates on demand and there is no stand by heat loss.

Moreover, it provides a minimum activation flow rate of 0.2-GPM and is capable of serving hot water where the consumption of water is very low.

It is ideal for houses, buildings, saloons, dentist shops, spas, swimming pools, or any kind of remote application where instant hot water is required.

This unit also has easily replaceable copper heating elements which will allow you to easily replace the part should any issues arise during the life of this tankless water heater. 




For a fast, non-stop, and unlimited supply of hot water, this Eemax water heater is a  good solution for those in need of either moderate hot water needs or a desire to add a point-of-use unit to their existing hot water system.

As this is also an electric tankless water heater, like all Eemax units, it is made to be 99% energy-efficient which will reduce your electricity bills up to 50 %. This compact Eemax will assist in energy bill savings and this unit is small enough to fit virtually anywhere with dimensions of  11.5″ x 8″ x 3.75″ and a weight of 8 lbs.

Containing one of the more advanced self-modulating technologies on the market makes it super-efficient and allows it to control the temperature accurately.

Owners do mention that while they like this unit overall, you will only be able to use for short showers or sink usage, but this unit isn’t good for filling bathtubs. Again, this Eemax is meant for a household that doesn’t use hot water at more than one location at a time, or for those just looking to add a point-of-use unit to an existing hot water system. 




This Eemax water heater can bring hot water to a point-of-use without any hassle, hard work, or burden on your budget. This smart, compact design can fit any interior decor and its white color becomes almost invisible.

This Eemax weighs only 3.55 lbs and has dimensions of 3″ x 11.75″ x 5.25″ which means this tiny little heater can be installed in any small cabinet. If you have a garage that’s in need of supplying one faucet with hot water, this is an ideal unit. 

It has inlet and outlet valves on one side so it can be fitted either horizontally or vertically according to your choice and suitability, which make this a great choice for small half-baths.

The endless hot water supply can give a level of comfort to you and your loved ones and you get 99% energy-efficiency.

Although this is a versatile heater and can be installed anywhere, Eemax users and professionals highly recommend this for single point-of-use applications.




Eemax Tankless Water Heaters Troubleshooting

Eemax tries its best to provide consumers with forward thinking technology and ensures that every product is 99.9% energy-efficient. It has a good name within the industry of tankless water heaters that has, over time, gained the trust of consumers and experts alike. Eemax products are produced to provide owners with comfort, ease of use, and convenience.

No brand or company is without faults, so on these rare occasions you run into a troubleshooting situation it is best to understand your next step in solving the problem.  

The best way to gain knowledge about what may be some solutions to your issues it is best to check the manual for any detailed explanations. You can search here for Eemax manuals if you’re like me and end up placing your manual somewhere, that for some reason, isn’t on top of your mind when an actual issue arises. Here’s an Eemax troubleshooting guide that may also be useful if you are somewhat handy and can at least attempt to identify what your issue may be. 

You can email Eemax’s customer care team who are available to answer any questions Monday through Friday 8:30am to 5pm. Here is their phone number as well, 1-800-543-6163.

We have discussed some common problems for quick insights into what may be some solutions. 

What if Hot Water Does Not Come Out?

If your unit is not producing any hot water, but the digital display is lighting up you most likely have a mechanical part failure and should reach out to Eemax for assistance. 

If the water heater is not producing hot water and the digital light is NOT coming on then you may not be getting power to the unit, possibly from improper wiring. You should check the breakers at your main panel to ensure they are on and that you don’t have a faulty breaker. Another possible reason may be because your flow rate (water pressure)  is too low. 

If your Eemax water heater is heating the water, but the water is just not getting hot enough for your liking than there are a five possible issues to check.

  1. Your temperature setting may be set too low and you should turn the setting up on the unit. 
  2. Your flow rate may be too high which happens if your flow rate exceeds the capacity that your heater can actually heat your water. You can install an Eemax Flow Regulator to assist with this issue. 
  3. You may possibly have crossed wires which would require you to contact the installer. This would most likely be the issue for a newly installed unit.
  4. Your voltage may not be 240 volts is recommended. If you are using lower voltage than you should upgrade to a larger model.
  5. You may be set up to mix more cold water than is needed which can be solved by simply not adding as much cold water to the hot water coming out of the faucet. Tankless water heaters do not need as much cold water mixed in.  Your faucet may also have an anti-scalding feature which would need you to adjust that within your faucets settings.

What if the Water is Too Hot?

If the water coming out of your faucet is too hot water then first check the digital panel and try to reset it, as sometimes it can show an incorrect reading of the temperature.

If the problem still persists, you should reach out to get a help from a technician, as there might be a problem in a self-modulating temperature control system.


What are the electrical requirements of an Eemax tankless water heater?

Eemax water heaters come with different voltage capacities including 120 volts, 240 volts, and 480 volts. All of these sizes are made for different applications. Please don’t choose size only based on voltage. 

Call Eemax’s customer care technicians to get a complete guideline at 1-800-543-6163.

Can I Install an Eemax Water Heater on My Own?

Although Eemax water heaters are relatively easy to install, which they are since no venting is needed, it is always recommended to have a licensed plumber install your tankless water heaters. If you feel comfortable and want to give the install a go, you should have some success as long as you follow the instructions properly.  

The only time we would highly recommend having a professional plumber install your Eemax tankless water heater is when you are changing voltage which may occur depending on the unit you purchased. If this is the case, please seek a professionals advice or you may void the warranty if the unit is improperly installed. 

Eemax Warranities and What to be Aware Of

Most Eemax tankless water heaters come with a 5-year limited warranty, and 1-year parts warranty. Some models may give you an alternative warranty, but the majoriy of Eemax water heaters will provide you with this set of warranties. 

As mentioned above, if you are changing voltage to install your Eemax water heater you should seek a professional license plumber to install your unit or you may risk voiding your warranty. 

If you decide to move your Eemax unit from its original location, you will also void the water heaters warranty. 

You can register your Eemax tankless water heater through this link.

Final Thoughts on Eemax Tankless Water Heaters

While not the higher echelon within the tankless water heater category, Eemax provides owners with very affordable and reliable tankless water heater solutions. These units are highly-efficient, as they are electrical and produce 99% energy-efficient hot water. 

If you’re looking to upgrade a few faucets in your home, want to save some upfront cost, while also some long term economical value, then Eemax is a brand to pay attention to. Their units do not need to be vented and therefore are easy to install as long as you do not need to change your voltage. 

We highly recommend giving Eemax a look over to see if your individual needs would be met with their tankless hot water line.