The Essential Guide To Stove Safety Gates

Safety is a top priority for any stove owner, or fireplace owner for that matter. An open flame can be very dangerous in confined spaces, and flammable materials can easily fall close to or in the fire potentially leading to a disaster. However, peace of mind is not far away; a safety gate can provide ample protection and serve as an efficient barrier.

fire safety gate

What are Fire Safety Gates?

Stoves are a fantastic tool, which can have many benefits. Stoves usually pay for themselves with the money that you save on heating and electricity bills and they look great. The stoves flames can be an enticing watch, the flicker of the flame a beautiful decoration to any home.

However, stoves can be dangerous, when not looked after or used properly. Stoves are often used in living rooms and wooden cabins, meaning they regularly surrounded by flammable and potentially dangerous materials. To help prevent this, or any other dangers associated with stoves, a safety gate is used.

Gates are often made with a high quality, burn proof iron and will seriously help in preventing your stove coming dangerous.  Many stoves already come safety checked; this allows them to be EPA certified. Yet, gates keep away anything that the manufacturer can’t predict, such as a child trying to touch the flame or a pet knocking the stove over. The gate can even protect flammable items such as cotton from reaching the flames, making your home a lot safer to be in.  A safety gate is all about keeping your stove, your home and its residents as safe as possible.

Buying a good stove safety gate will not really improve your stoves performance, but it can make sure that your stove is a lot safer for your home.  But, if you’ve never bought a Stove safety gate before, the competitive market can often make it difficult to decide between all of the choices.

What Should you Look for in a Stove Safety Gate?

Durability– One of the key things to look for in a Stove Safety Gate is its durability. Stove safety gates are going to be under extreme pressure from continuous heat and gas created by the fire. If you opt for a cheaper safety gate, the chances are cheaper materials will make it and ultimately not as durable as the more expensive, quality gates. If you really want an effective stove, you’re going to need a durable safety gate.

Quality– Quality is essential is a safety gate because it is what is going to keep your stove as safe as possible. When you have a fire, surrounded by potentially flammable material, it is vital to keep that fire under control as best as possible. The best safety gates will provide the best safety from your homes surroundings, which is exactly what is needed.

Furthermore, the quality will really help the durability. If the quality is high, chances are that it won’t need replacing as much as a gate made with cheaper materials, so you will save money in the long run.

Cosmetic appearanceYes, it isn’t a vital factor in whether you should buy a safety great or not. With these gates, you should primarily focus on the one with the best quality, so that it can ensure a safe stove. However, we all want something that’s going to look good in our home. A safety gate that looks good is a fantastic bonus to be looking for, when buying your safety gate.  If both safety gates have the same quality standards, and they’re both made of the same material- opt for the one that looks the best.

Value A safety gate is just like every other product- we want to get the best for our money. A safety gate shouldn’t be too pricey for what you pay for, and it’s always great to buy a safety grate with the same features as an expensive gate, but for half the price. This means you’re getting true value for the hard earned cash that you paid.

The TMS Baby Safety Fence Hearth Gate

TMS Baby Safety FenceAdvantages- Large, Good Quality

Disadvantages- No Instructions

My Overall Rating- 3/5 stars

Buying a gate for just under $100, you want to know that you’re getting what you paid for. This gate has solid heavy-duty tubular steel to ensure that the stove is as best protected as possible- just how you want it. The pen that will surround the stove is large enough to keep out babies, small children and pets from burning themselves on the stove, which again is great- it is exactly what is needed.

The all black color doesn’t look a miss in any living room and will still allow your stove to look great.  Even breaking it apart is easy, it is 5 removable panels so when it isn’t needed, it can disappear as though it never existed.

The big issue with this gate is it’s a premium choice- there are cheaper gates out there. However, with such a price paid, you expect quality. In fairness, the material delivers; it is clearly a strong structure and meant to last. However, a lack of instructions for many buyers meant they really struggled to put the door on. This drastically reduces the value of this item, which would have been a lot better if it was easier to put together. This product contained it all, other than the simplicity of instructions.

The FirstWell Fence Guard Screen 

FirstWell Fence GuardAdvantages- Has Everything You Need.

Disadvantages- N/A

My Overall Rating- 5/5 stars- Highly Recommended

This 6 piece pen has it all, it can surround your entire stove and keep it as safe as it needs to be. The stove itself is so simple it doesn’t need much of a review. It was easy to assemble and adjust, its big enough to keep out small children and pets, it’s strong enough to last as it’s made from heavy duty tubular steel and it costs less than most out there. The white color way is also a nice, simple touch which keep it looking fresh and your stove looking good.