The Essential Wood Stove Tools Guide

Fireplace toolsSo, you’ve bought a wood stove and are now beginning to save money on your heating bills- it’s great. However, just because you’ve bought your stove and had it installed, doesn’t mean it is all done and dusted. Wooden stoves create a lot of excess waste during the burning process, and depending on the model of stove you own that can lead to maintenance work to ensure your stove is cleaned and working in the correct order.

 Stove Tools – For Stove Maintenance and Safety

Tools aren’t just needed to ensure the stove remains cleaned. Stove also need tools to ensure you are using the stove in the safest possible way. Without tools for the stove, it can be a danger to use and not work efficiently. For example, a stove that hasn’t been cleaned will not only release more toxic fumes into your home, it will also not heat up the home the way you want it to. Remembering that a stove consists of a fire, it is always important to follow safety precautions to ensure that the stove is being used correctly and safely. There is potential for you to hurt yourself, damage the stove or even damage your surroundings, or worse – cause a fire.

Stove kits exist and can be bought separately from your stove. These kits basically include the most effective stove tools so that you don’t have to buy them all individually. The kits are often an inexpensive but useful add-on for your stove.

What Types Of Stove Tools Are There?

Most of the tools are made with a specific function in mind and are effective at doing a certain job as easy and as safe as possible. A few examples of these are:

The Poker

A poker is basically a long stick that is used to rearrange the wood that is in the firebox. Despite sounding useless, a poker stick is a massive safety tool as it allows the user to move and manipulate the wooden chips without risking getting their fingers burnt.  If the stove becomes too hot, or if the chips aren’t burning correctly, the poker is a risk free way to adjust them.

When purchasing a poker, some of them can be suited better to different types of stove. There are pokers for coal stoves as well as wooden stoves. Most wooden stove pokers come with a right angle crook on the working end, to make your task a little easier.

The Shovel/Tongs

A shovel is a very useful and effective small tool that can make tasks with the stove a lot easier. With a shovel, you will be able to remove the ashes from the firebox without getting burnt. The shovel will sweep up all of the ashes that are left after the wood chips have been burnt with ease. All’s that’s left to do is to put the contents of the shovel into the trash- simple. The shovel can also help put the wood chips into the stove. You can pick up all of the chips you want to place into the stove, and then simply throw them in. This will help protect you from getting burnt, and is also an effective way of getting more chips into the stove without the need for multiple trips.

With shovels, you can get cheaper and expensive ones. Some shovels are purpose made to look like a beautiful ornament in front of your stove, and can be just as effective at its job.

Tongs have been included with this, because both do a similar job. Although purchasing both isn’t recommend; the choice purely depends on personal preference. Tongs allow you to easily pick up pieces of ash in specific areas that a shovel couldn’t get to because of its larger surface area, whereas the shovel offers more protection when cleaning, and also allows you to pick more up. The tongs can be very convenient, just placed on top of the stove for you to use whenever.

Whisk Broom

One of the easiest pieces of stove kit is this small broom. The broom allows you to easily sweep any ash that has fallen onto the floor or any barks of wood. This means you can keep both your stove and your stoves surroundings looking as clean as needed.

Ash Rake

An ash rake is just a smaller version of the garden sized rake, and it does the same job that a garden rake does with leaves but with ashes.This makes cleaning a lot safer, because you don’t have to stretch your arm into the stove to clean it up. The rake will clear up the ash from the firebox easier, by sweeping them towards you. The rake can also be really effective at adjusting and pushing fuel into the right positions; all with the comfort of knowing your arm is stretching inside of the stove.

UniFlame F-1126, 5-Piece Black Rustic Mini Fire Set

One stove tool set  highly recommend is the five-piece set by UniFlame. This set contains everything you could need from a fire set, including a stand, poker, brush, log lifter and a shovel. This set comes in a chrome black color way, with a wrought iron finish to create the ultimate classic look.

The tools aren’t just attractive décor for your living room; they also offer fantastic functional use. This kit has been certified as frustration-free and comes with a one-year guarantee.

Stoves differ dramatically in size, most homeowners opting for smaller, compact stoves for living and dining rooms. These small stoves need a mini fire set, as standard-sized tools tend to be too big for proper usage. The mini set allows them to fit inside smaller stoves, as well as being easier to use.

The stoves are made from a strong iron and are guaranteed to last a long time. This is a very important factor in deciding on tools, whether they can still do the job over a long period of time, and these tools are definitely designed to last.