Fireplace Accessories Buying Guides and Product Reviews

Fireplace Accessories While researching which fireplace or stove is best for your home, you’ll also want to consider which accessories you’ll need.¬† Check out the following guides featuring ash vacuums, safety gates, firewood racks, fireplace tongs, grates, and more.¬† Fireplace Accessory Buying Guides Best Ash and Soot Vacuums Reviewed 2020 Best Fireplace Grates Reviewed 2020 … Read more

What is a Barometric Damper?

barometric damper

Barometric dampers are a device installed into the flue between the heating appliance and the chimney to control draft. Barometric dampers are used in a wide range of heating appliances including furnaces, boilers, fireplaces, and stoves. Even though they are commonly used, they are quite misunderstood and many people don’t realize what they are for, … Read more

Best Ash and Soot Vacuums Reviewed 2020

soot vacuum

What is an ash vacuum? Ash vacuums are specifically designed to clean your pellet-burning or wood-burning fireplaces and stoves. They can also be used to clean barbecue grills. The two main differences between an ash vacuum cleaner and a regular household vacuum cleaner is that they are manufactured to withstand heat from potentially hot ash … Read more

Best Indoor & Outdoor Firewood Racks

firewood racks

A fire wood rack is a fantastic investment for those needing to stock and conveniently store fire wood. Firewood is an inexpensive fuel source, but it is still a fuel source, which you will need to invest in and as a result take good care of to get the most out f it. The fact … Read more

Best Stove Safety Gates – The Ultimate Guide

stove safety gate

Are you concerned about the safety of your wood stove stove or pellet stove? Safety is a top priority for all stove owners, or fireplace owner for that matter. This is especially true for those with pets and children.  An open flame can be very dangerous in confined spaces, and flammable materials can easily fall … Read more

The Best Fireplace Tongs – A Comprehensive Guide

fireplace tongs

Heavy duty fireplace tongs will be used by almost every fireplace and wood stove owner as occasionally re-positioning their fire is not only a good technique to keep the fire going but for safety purposes it’s absolutely¬† necessary. Perhaps from time to time a coal or log will fall into an awkward position, or you … Read more

Best Fireplace Grates – The Essential Guide

fireplace grates

Fireplace grates are a necessary component for any fireplace or fire pit, as it provides the safe and secure foundation upon which the fire burns. The grate is positioned just above the ash pan and has numerous important functions. Not only does it serve to filter falling ash from the burning fire above, but it … Read more

Chimney Liner Kit for Wood Stoves & Fireplaces

chimney liner kit

Installing a chimney liner kit is an essential part of owning a wood stove, pellet stove or gas fireplace, and the most efficient way to fit one into a new or existing chimney is by using chimney liner kits, which often include easy to follow Do-it-yourself instructions. However, choosing the right chimney liner kit can … Read more