Window and Wall Air Conditioner Buying Guides and Product Reviews

Window and Wall Air Conditioner Buying Guides and Reviews Is it just us or do you also think summers are getting hotter and hotter? With temperatures rising, you might be thinking about adding more home cooling options, especially if you’re now working from home. A window air conditioner provides an easy solution that will quickly … Read more

Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guides and Product Reviews

Portable Air Conditioner Buying Guides and Reviews As the summer begins and the heat starts rising, you may be thinking it’s time to add more cooling options to keep you comfortable. A portable air conditioner is a convenient and effective way of reducing the temperature of a bedroom or workspace. But choosing the right one … Read more

Home Air Conditioner Buying Guides and Product Reviews

Home Air Conditioner Buying Guides and Reviews had enough of hot summers? With people spending more time at home, it’s no surprise that demand for home air conditions is skyrocketing. But which solution is right for your home? Our buying guides cover all options from those that don’t require duct work (ductless air conditioners and … Read more

Firewood and Wood Pellets

Firewood and Wood Pellets Trying to decide between a wood-burning fireplace or a pellet insert or stove? Before you make your decision, consider your fuel sources – firewood and wood pellets. What works best for home heating? Which type of fuel is more environmentally friendly? Which costs less? And where can your buy firewood or … Read more

Wood, Pellet and Gas Stove Buying Guides and Product Reviews

Best Wood and Pellet Stove Guides and Reviews Heating stoves make an excellent addition to any home. Not only do they add character and ambience, but they are also highly functional, providing an efficient way to heat your home. Our team has put together a wealth of resources to help you make the right decision … Read more

How Does a Wood Stove Fan Work?

how does a wood stove fan work

If there is one item that can make a dramatic difference to the heat output you’re getting out of your wood burning stove, a stove fan is definitely it. How does a wood stove fan work you ask? Similar to a fan you set up in the summer, a wood stove fan blows the warm … Read more

HeatMaster G Series Wood-Burning Furnace

heatmaster g series

The HeatMaster G Series wood furnace comes in two models, a G4000 and a G7000, and is approved for both indoor and outdoor use. The units have an insanely incredible heating capacity of 90,000 BTUs to 165,000 BTUs respectively. They are equipped with a range of innovative features including a titanium steel construction for superior … Read more

Wood Burning Stove Tips and Tricks

wood burning stove tips

Every year, thousands of us across America cozy up to a wood burning stove to warm our living rooms, garages and other rooms in our house. They’re a cost-effective and dependable means to be self-reliant with fuel while offering a certain rustic charm to your home. Pellet stoves are similar, and we use our stoves … Read more

How to Install a Wood Stove Pipe through a Wall

how to install a wood stove pipe through a wall

Have you just bought a wood burning stove and it just occurred to you that the stove pipe won’t be able to go through the roof? Well, it may be time to learn how to install a wood stove pipe through a wall.   In this post, we will explore some of the most common ways … Read more

How to Choose the Right Wood Stove for Your Home

how to choose the right wood stove

With the ever-increasing cost of energy, more and more people are choosing to heat their homes with alternatives such as wood burning stoves and pellet stoves. There’s a good reason for this too, stoves are reasonably priced, easy to operate and install, and heating with wood can help reduce bills drastically.  Furthermore, no one can … Read more

Hi-Flame Appaloosa Wood Stove

hi-flame appaloosa wood stove

The Hi-Flame Appaloosa cast iron wood burning stove is a mid-sized cast iron stove designed to heat multiple rooms. Based on Nordic design elements to provide classical elegance and beauty. Designed to give installation flexibility in many fireplaces. Max output seasoned cord wood 63,000 BTU/hr Steel rear heat shield for safety and enhanced air convection … Read more

Vogelzang Ponderosa TR007 Wood-Burning Stove with Blower Review

vogelzang tr007 ponderosa

The Vogelzang TR007 Ponderosa Wood Stove is a high-efficiency, EPA-certified stove that provides up to 14 hours of heat on a single load.  The Vogelzang Ponderosa also comes equipped with a blower that can speed up to suit the desired level of heat distribution, although many owners have commented how poor the provided blower is … Read more

Comfortbilt HP22 Pellet Stove

comfortbilt hp22 pellet stove

With 50,000 BTUs, the Comfortbilt HP22 pellet stove is one of the more ideal pellet stoves for heating medium sized properties – up to around 2,800 square feet. The bay windows will give you the ability to view the flames dancing around with ease from a few angles. With an 82% 5-star rating on Amazon … Read more

Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove 50,000 BTUs, Cabinet Style Review

pleasant hearth pellet stove

This cabinet style Pleasant Hearth pellet stove model PH50CABPS provides a heat output of 50,000 BTU and a 120 lb. hopper, ideal for zonal heating and small to medium sized properties, up to 2,200 sq/ft for 24 to 70-hours of non-stop heat.  This pellet burning stove features a chrome handle, an air wash system for cleaner … Read more

10 Great Reasons Heating with Wood Makes Sense For Your Home

heating with wood

Weighing the pros and cons of heating with wood in your home? Well, we’re big proponents of heating our homes with wood so we will leave the cons off of this list and just provide you with 10 reasons that you should be using wood as the source of heat in your house. 1. It’s … Read more

Go Green by Using Wood Energy to Heat Your House

wood energy

Ponder the Benefits of Planet Earth’s most Ancient Fuel Environmentalism and the concept of Going Green have been in the mainstream for sometime now. You see local governments banning plastic bags in the groceries stores, to more and more companies offering alternative meat as a product line to accompany their meat brands. The many reasons … Read more

First Wood Stove Certified to the EPA’s Cordwood Standard

epa's cordwood standard

A new wood stove has been unveiled that meets the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2020 New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) emissions tested and verified using cordwood. A New Zealand manufacturer broke the mould with the Eco-Vision, which had an emission rate of 1.3 gph, smashing the EPA’s 2020 limit of 2.5 gph. … Read more

Breckwell P2700 Pellet Stove Review

Breckwell P2700FS

Going into its third decade on the market, the Breckwell P2700 pellet stove was introduced in 1999 and will give you roughly 50-hours of burn time on its lowest setting. Featuring a large, three-sided bay window with a stunning view of the flames this Breckwell stove provides you with good value. It’s recommended that you … Read more

Breckwell P22FS Pellet Stove Review

The Breckwell P22FS wood pellet stove is offered with either a pedestal or legs, and a variety of colors are available including black, brass, or brushed nickel trim. Additional features include a user-friendly Digital Control Panel and Automatic Fuel Feed, as well as an ultra-durable Heavy Steel Construction and Limited Lifetime Warranty for peace of mind.

Whitfield Cascade Pellet Stove Review

whitfield cascade pellet stove

The Whitfield Cascade pellet stove offers simple styling and is a good quality stove for those on a budget. Whitfield as a brand doesn’t exist anymore as it was part of Lennox Hearth Products which is now known as Innovative Hearth Products.  The Cascade doesn’t feature an electronic ignition or a thermostat, however, it does have … Read more

Enviro Meridian Pellet Stove Review

enviro meridian pellet stove

The Enviro Meridian pellet stove features a stunning bay window that displays the burning flames in all their glory. This stove offers a contemporary style, yet traditional touches such as the Gold or Antique Copper to compliment.  It is ideal for small to medium-sized homes, heating up to 45,000 BTU/Hr and up to 1,000 – … Read more

Thelin ECHO Pellet Stove Review

thelin echo pellet stove

The Thelin ECHO pellet stove heater is capable of heating up to 1,800 square feet and producing 40,000 BTUs, with a burn time of 37 hours on the lowest heat setting. Available in a variety of colors including red, blue, green, black, brown, and cream, with a porcelain enamel finish for a truly traditional charm. … Read more

Dansons Pelpro Standard Pellet Stove Review

Available in black the Pelpro Standard pellet stove from Danson’s is a contemporary and economical stove option for those looking for a good quality stove on a budget. With this stove, you will achieve up to 42,000 BTU/hr. Although primarily a pellet stove, the manufacturer states that the stove can use a 25% corn/ 75% … Read more

Breckwell P2000FS Pellet Stove Review

breckwell p2000fs

The Breckwell P2000FS offers a contemporary look and style and the sought after features of the BReckwell range including smoke-free operation and an incredible burn time of up to 65 hours. The P2000FS has a maximum BTU of 46,000 and is suitable for Mobile Homes (814-and Installation as a Stove Heater. We Recommend:  Other Features:  60 lbs Hopper Capacity

Breckwell Big E Utility Furnace and Home Heater Pellet Stove Review

The Breckwell Big E operates as both as a furnace and complete home heating solution, providing efficiency, economy, and ease of use. Equipped with digital one-touch control operation and a 13 Tube Heat Exchange System, the Big E provides 55,000 BTU Heat Input, which is enough to heat up to 2,200 Square Feet. Other Features: Up to … Read more

Harman Advance Pellet Stove Review

harman advance pellet stove

Th Harman Advance pellet stove is built for complete user convenience and offers stress-free home heating experiences. As well as providing automatic temperature regulation, the stove will automatically adjust itself for fuel quality as well. The Exhaust-Sensing Probe is built into the stove’s construction that sensors the fuel output and modifies the feed rate as necessary. The stove … Read more

Quadra-Fire Castile Pellet Stove Review

Available in a range of colors, including black, mahogany porcelain, sienna bronze and willow, the Quadra Castile was built with the traditional feel in mind, but without neglecting, modern innovation and state-of-the-art engineering. This EPA certified stove features three heat settings, automatic ignition, and thermostat control. The Stove is designed to heat up to 1500 square feet … Read more

Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon AE Pellet Stove Review

quadra fire mt vernon ae

The Quadra-Fire Mt Vernon AE pellet stove is built to operate as efficiently and quietly as possible. In addition to pellets, this EPA-certified stove will burn corn, standard wood pellets, wheat, or sunflower seeds. Equipped with a range of innovative features, the stove will allow you to control the temperature of your home using a … Read more

Quadra-Fire Classic Bay 1200 Pellet Stove Review

quadra-fire classic bay 1200

The Quadra- Fire Classic Bay 1200 is a fantastic stove offering enough heating power to keep even the largest properties warm and cozy. The stove features a large ash drawer and an 80-pound pellet hopper, which provides adequate fuel for up to 40 continuous heating power. Equipped with a convection blower, heat circulation can be easily … Read more

Enviro Empress Pellet Stove Review

Available in a range of colors to compliment a range of decors, the Empress comes packed with a range of innovative features to ensure your home is warm all year round. Features include a pellet auger system, a 105 cfm variable speed fan and a built-in air wash system. The stove is designed to warm … Read more

Harman XXV Pellet Stove Review

harman xxv

The Harman XXV pellet stove was created to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Harman. This cast iron, EPA certified stove features intricate detailing and high-performance heating like no other. The XXV stove comes equipped with automatic ignition and temperature control and the ability to heat up to 2,300 square feet, ideal for large spaces. In addition, the … Read more

Napoleon NPS40 Pellet Stove Review

napoleon nps40

The Napoleon NPS40 is the manufacturers only available pellet stove and as a result, they didn’t skimp on technology or design. Available with a 3″ flue, the stove’s burn rate is around 1-5 lbs/hr. The hopper capacity is 55 lbs with top and front fuel loading for ease of use. In addition, other features of the … Read more

Quadra-Fire Sante Fe Pellet Stove Review

The Quadra-Fire pellet stove is a medium sized stove offering a contemporary design suitable for those looking to heat small to medium sized properties. The stove comes equipped with thermostat controlled heat settings, allowing you to easily control the heating levels of your home. This stove will produce up to 30,000 BTU and is specified to heat up … Read more

NU-TEC Upland 207 Pellet Stove Review

The Upland 207 pellet stove is available in a range of colors including Black, Red, Green, Almond, and Taupe, all of which are porcelain enameled for a stunning finish. This stove is all about the detail with a large glass-ceramic window in the polished, nickel-plated door, which also helps it to stay incredibly clean over time. … Read more

Harman Accentra Pellet Stove Review

harman accentra

The Harman Accentra provides a warm environment and comfortable ambiance without the constant fluctuations in temperatures typical in many other pellet stoves. In fact, the Accentra is so advanced it will maintain the temperature of your home within the tiniest range. Incredibly, the Accentra will allow you to burn a ton of pellets before its ash … Read more

Harman P38 Plus Pellet Stove Review

harman p38 plus

The Harman P38 Plus pellet stove is one of the smallest models on offer by Harman, although like all Harman stoves it includes all of the usual features, barring auto ignition. The P38 Plus boats a heating capacity of up to 43,000 BTUs on the highest setting and will heat spaces up to 2,200 square … Read more

Avalon Arbor Wood Burning Stove Review

avalon arbor

The Avalon Arbor wood burning stove is no longer produced because Avalon products are no longer produced. The Avalon Arbor’s do provide an easy to use and efficient method to heat your home. These units provide a non-catalytic cross-draft system, heavy-duty refractory, unbelievable combustion and the option of a 160 CFM blower to distribute the … Read more

Avalon Astoria Pellet Stove Review

The Avalon Astoria is ideal for medium sized properties looking for efficiency and great heating power. The feed rate can be modified from 1.7 to 5.5 lbs. of fuel per hour providing up to 2,250 square feet of heating output. In addition to the incredible heating capacity, you can also expect up to 70 hours of heating … Read more

Quadra-Fire 4300 Millennium Wood Burning Stove Review

quadra-fire 4300

The Quadra-Fire 4300 Millennium is a solid, sturdy stove offering the longest burn time of any wood burning stove by the Quadra brand. Its longest burn time is between 11.1 and 14.9 hours on the lowest heat setting. The 4300 Millennium is about 55 lbs weightier then the 2100 Millennium – the smallest of the stoves in … Read more

Lopi Answer Wood Burning Stove Review

lopi answer wood stove

The Lopi Answer wood stove is a stunning, heavy-duty small stove perfect for small living spaces. The stove utilizes a five-sided convection chamber to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Cool air from inside your home is drawn into the firebox, heated and then recirculated into your home to create warmth. The Answer’s 1.6 cubic foot … Read more