How Does a Wood Stove Fan Work?

how does a wood stove fan work

If there is one item that can make a dramatic difference to the heat output you’re getting out of your wood burning stove, a stove fan is definitely it. How does a wood stove fan work you ask? Similar to a fan you set up in the summer, a wood stove fan blows the warm … Read more

HeatMaster G Series Wood-Burning Furnace

heatmaster g series

The HeatMaster G Series wood furnace comes in two models, a G4000 and a G7000, and is approved for both indoor and outdoor use. The units have an insanely incredible heating capacity of 90,000 BTUs to 165,000 BTUs respectively. They are equipped with a range of innovative features including a titanium steel construction for superior … Read more

Wood Burning Stove Tips and Tricks

wood burning stove tips

Every year, thousands of us across America cozy up to a wood burning stove to warm our living rooms, garages and other rooms in our house. They’re a cost-effective and dependable means to be self-reliant with fuel while offering a certain rustic charm to your home. Pellet stoves are similar, and we use our stoves … Read more

How to Install a Wood Stove Pipe through a Wall

how to install a wood stove pipe through a wall

Have you just bought a wood burning stove and it just occurred to you that the stove pipe won’t be able to go through the roof? Well, it may be time to learn how to install a wood stove pipe through a wall.   In this post, we will explore some of the most common ways … Read more

How to Choose the Right Wood Stove for Your Home

how to choose the right wood stove

With the ever-increasing cost of energy, more and more people are choosing to heat their homes with alternatives such as wood burning stoves and pellet stoves. There’s a good reason for this too, stoves are reasonably priced, easy to operate and install, and heating with wood can help reduce bills drastically.  Furthermore, no one can … Read more

Hi-Flame Appaloosa Wood Stove

hi-flame appaloosa wood stove

The Hi-Flame Appaloosa cast iron wood burning stove is a mid-sized cast iron stove designed to heat multiple rooms. Based on Nordic design elements to provide classical elegance and beauty. Designed to give installation flexibility in many fireplaces. Max output seasoned cord wood 63,000 BTU/hr Steel rear heat shield for safety and enhanced air convection … Read more

Vogelzang Ponderosa TR007 Wood-Burning Stove with Blower Review

vogelzang tr007 ponderosa

The Vogelzang TR007 Ponderosa Wood Stove is a high-efficiency, EPA-certified stove that provides up to 14 hours of heat on a single load.  The Vogelzang Ponderosa also comes equipped with a blower that can speed up to suit the desired level of heat distribution, although many owners have commented how poor the provided blower is … Read more

10 Great Reasons Heating with Wood Makes Sense For Your Home

heating with wood

Weighing the pros and cons of heating with wood in your home? Well, we’re big proponents of heating our homes with wood so we will leave the cons off of this list and just provide you with 10 reasons that you should be using wood as the source of heat in your house. 1. It’s … Read more

Go Green by Using Wood Energy to Heat Your House

wood energy

Ponder the Benefits of Planet Earth’s most Ancient Fuel Environmentalism and the concept of Going Green have been in the mainstream for sometime now. You see local governments banning plastic bags in the groceries stores, to more and more companies offering alternative meat as a product line to accompany their meat brands. The many reasons … Read more

First Wood Stove Certified to the EPA’s Cordwood Standard

epa's cordwood standard

A new wood stove has been unveiled that meets the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2020 New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) emissions tested and verified using cordwood. A New Zealand manufacturer broke the mould with the Eco-Vision, which had an emission rate of 1.3 gph, smashing the EPA’s 2020 limit of 2.5 gph. … Read more

Avalon Arbor Wood Burning Stove Review

avalon arbor

The Avalon Arbor wood burning stove is no longer produced because Avalon products are no longer produced. The Avalon Arbor’s do provide an easy to use and efficient method to heat your home. These units provide a non-catalytic cross-draft system, heavy-duty refractory, unbelievable combustion and the option of a 160 CFM blower to distribute the … Read more

Quadra-Fire 4300 Millennium Wood Burning Stove Review

quadra-fire 4300

The Quadra-Fire 4300 Millennium is a solid, sturdy stove offering the longest burn time of any wood burning stove by the Quadra brand. Its longest burn time is between 11.1 and 14.9 hours on the lowest heat setting. The 4300 Millennium is about 55 lbs weightier then the 2100 Millennium – the smallest of the stoves in … Read more

Lopi Answer Wood Burning Stove Review

lopi answer wood stove

The Lopi Answer wood stove is a stunning, heavy-duty small stove perfect for small living spaces. The stove utilizes a five-sided convection chamber to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Cool air from inside your home is drawn into the firebox, heated and then recirculated into your home to create warmth. The Answer’s 1.6 cubic foot … Read more

Jotul F 3 CB Wood Burning Stove Review

jotul f3

The Jotul F3 CB is the number one bestselling small cast iron wood stove in North America. Thanks to a range of features including a low venting height, optional short leg kit, and open door fire viewing the Jotul F 3 CB is an ideal hearth stove. The stove has been accredited as being at least … Read more

Jotul Rangeley F 50 TL Wood Burning Stove Review

jotul rangeley

The Jotul Rangeley F 50 TL offers clean combustion technology and top loading capabilities. The Rangeley is a non-catalytic wood stove that can be easily loaded with more wood from the top with the simple turn of a handle. Looking to grill inside while also heating your house? Well, you’re in luck because this Jotul Rangeley F … Read more

Jotul F 100 Nordic QT Wood Burning Stove Review

jotul f 100 nordic

The Jotul F 100 Nordic QT adds charm to anyone’s home with its decorative pattern based on the traditional Norwegian sweater. It is the ideal size for small areas such as cozy cottages, cabins and other small homes.  The stove comes accompanied with a built-in rear and bottom heat-shields, which enable superb clearances when using double … Read more

Lopi Endeavor Wood Burning Stove Review

lopi endeavor

The Lopi Endeavour is a medium sized stove and the number one best selling stove from the Lopi brand. The steel stove features one of the most efficient and greenest fireboxes of any mid-sized wood stove at only 1.9 grams of emissions per hour. The box can also hold wood logs of up to 18″ in length helping … Read more

Morso 7110 Wood Burning Stove Review

morso 7110

The Morso 7110 is a solid  modern aesthetic cast iron stove from Scandinavian brand Morso. It features a very large glass panel that has an “air wash system” that supposedly keeps the glass clean all year round. One of the only complaints that customers have with this beautiful stove is that the glass gets grimy … Read more

Regency F2400 Classic Wood Burning Stove Review

regency f2400 classic

Being a medium sized stove the Regency F2400 Classic stove is suited for most sized homes. The stove features both front and side doors, allowing wood to be loaded at either opening for maximum convenience.  The stove produces a huge heat output of up to 75,000 BTU/hr. Similar in size to Regency’s F1100, the F2400 … Read more

Hearthstone Bennington Wood Burning Stove Review

hearthstone bennington

The Hearthstone Bennington 8350 offers an impressively powerful heating output of 70,000 BTUs when fully loaded meaning it’s able to heat even the most spacious living spaces. Aesthetically, the stove leaves its mark too, with its charming double-wall cast iron frame and built-in rear heat shield. The Bennington 8350’s large firebox not only allows for … Read more

Dutchwest Cast Iron Extra Large 2462 Wood Burning Stove Review

dutchwest cast iron stove

The DutchWest Cast Iron Extra Large 2462 offers a solid cast iron construction for a high-quality look and feel. With a range of sizes available, this model is suitable for any sized property, from small cabins to large farm houses. These stoves offer an incredibly long burn at up to 12 hours and a BTU of as … Read more

Lopi Liberty Wood Burning Stove Review

lopi liberty

At 500 lbs, the Lopi Liberty is the largest stove Lopi has made to date. Constructed from 3/16″ to 5/16″ steel it is a brilliant choice for those wishing to heat larger homes and living spaces. The stove is able to heat to over 74,000 BTUs and has a 3.1 cubic foot firebox, which is … Read more

Jotul F400 Castine Wood Burning Stove Review

jotul f400 castine

Jotul is one of the most popular and oldest makers of wood stoves, so you know you’re buying high quality when you opt for a Jotul. The Jotul F400 Castine is suited to heat small to medium-sized homes with a maximum heating capacity of up to 1,600 square feet. While this is a well-made stove that takes … Read more

Lopi Republic 1750 Wood Burning Stove Review

lopi republic 1750

Unlike the Lopi Republic 1250, the Lopi Republic 1750 was designed to heat medium to large sized homes. The stove features a large radiant cooktop surface that allows it to be used as a stovetop as well, making it well suited for heating up food on cold winter nights. The sturdy and highly durable steel construction … Read more

Lopi Republic 1250 Wood Burning Stove Review

lopi republic 1250

The Lopi Republic 1250 model is constructed from solid steel and features a large solid cooktop. It has of a high quality ceramic lined firebox that’s capable of heating up to 1,200 sq. ft. with a burn times of up to 8 hours without reloading.  Aesthetically pleasing and made of high-quality material, this Lopi does have a … Read more

Energy King Bay 2000C Wood Burning Stove Review

energy king bay 2000c

The Energy King Bay 2000C is a versatile and reliable stove, built to provide a powerful heating output. The stove features an elegant 3-paneled door to provide a stunning view of the fire behind the glass that is constantly cleaned by the integrated air-wash system. In addition, the removable ash pan and circulation blower are … Read more

Harman Oakleaf Wood Burning Stove Review

harman oakleaf

This beautifully crafted Harman Oakleaf wood burning stove is perfect for heating small spaces. The innovative technology provides a powerful heating experience and easy of use. The FireDome Combustion system is crafted of a ceramic refractory material that ensures consistent heat is provided throughout the day while maintaining high insulating capabilities. Other Features:  Heat 1,000-2,600 sq … Read more

Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Classic Wood Burning Stove Review

Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Classic

The Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 Classic is a traditional yet sleek and easy to use stove equipped with a stove cook top, incredible heat output, and charming view of the fire courtesy of the large glass front door. An issue users have is that they would prefer to load the wood from the top as … Read more

Avalon Pendleton Wood Burning Stove Review

avalon pendleton wood stove

The Avalon Pendleton wood stove is a smaller stove ideal for providing sufficient heating for smaller areas such as cabins, mobile homes or simply a small sized area. This model features both radiant and convective heating to supply a hefty heating performance up to 64,200 BTUs/hr. Owners very much enjoy this small stove, but if … Read more

Avalon Olympic Wood Burning Stove Review

avalon olympic wood stove

With emissions of just 2.6 grams per hour, the Avalon Olympic wood stove prides itself as being one of the cleanest EPA certified stoves on the market. The roomy firebox can accommodate logs of up to  24″ long and can burn for a 12 hour period. The Olympic also features single control to adjust heat output and … Read more

Pacific Energry True North TN19 Wood Burning Stove Review

The Pacific Energy True North TN19 features non-catalytic technology in a stove that provides ease of use and efficiency. This stove offers easy button operation, easy fuel loading, a floating firebox, and added stainless steel combustion system. The True North’s features a rear clearance for combustibles and is 6 1/2 inches, ideal for residential installations. … Read more

Blaze King Princess Ultra PEJ1006 Wood Burning Stove Review

The Blaze King Princess Ultra model wood stove comes fitted with an ash drawer, making it a good choice for those looking for a stove that is easy to maintain. The Princess accepts wood up to 16″ in length. With a 6″ flue, this stove is best suited for small to medium-sized areas. This stove … Read more

Dutchwest Cast Iron Large 2461 Wood Burning Stove Review

dutchwest cast iron wood stove

The DutchWest Cast Iron Large 2461 by Vermont Castings endures with its strong traditional build and hefty construction. This EPA approved stove can be loaded from both the side and the front and the cast-iron texture is sure to make a positive impact in any home.

Vermont Castings Aspen 1920 Wood Burning Stove Review

vermont castings aspen 1920

  Vermont Castings Aspen 1920 Brief Review The Vermont Castings Aspen 1920 is a moderately popular stove offering beautiful, traditional design, non-catalytic clean-burning. The porcelain enamel finish is what makes this stove stand out from modern stoves and with its ability to heat up to 1,800 square feet it is best suited for small to medium-sized homes … Read more

The Essential Wood Burning Stove Tools Guide

wood burning stove tools

So, you’ve bought a wood stove or installed a new wood-burning fireplace insert and are now beginning to save money on your heating bills – it’s great. However, just because you’ve bought your stove and had it installed, doesn’t mean it is all done and dusted. Wood stoves create a lot of excess waste during … Read more

Jotul F602 Wood Burning Stove Review

jotul f602

Jotul is a great brand and they’re amongst the best out there. What I love most about any Jotul product is there ability to reflect the past yet still have a place in any modern home. Jotul are one of the oldest makers of cast iron wooden stoves and have manufactured them in Norway since … Read more

US Stove 2000 Wood Burning Stove Review

US Stove company produces stoves in the US and is an affordable alternative to the Hi-Flame. Now, from out of the box the US Stove is not ready to go and requires a difficult setup process. This stove isn’t easy to assemble, and makes it hard to know if you’ve made the error or if … Read more

Hi-Flame FF-905 Shetland Wood Burning Stove Review

hi-flame ff-905 shetland

Hi-Flame models are some of the best selling stoves across Britain and Ireland, producing a superior quality to the competition. The Hi-Flame FF-905 Shetland is no different.  What really sets this stove in such high regard is its amazing ability to give off heat. The main reason many invest into a stove is to heat … Read more

Vogelzang Defender Wood Burning Stove Review

vogelzang defender

The Vogelzang Defender is a great piece of machinery, designed to be a durable and aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment in your home, however it was discontinued by the manufacturer. This stove is light and easy to set up and use. The fact that this stove is so simple is a huge plus, put in … Read more

Pleasant Hearth Wood Burning Stove Review

Pleasant Hearth is a leading brand in stoves, specializing in wood stoves and pellet stoves.  All of Pleasant Hearth products have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that their products are only of the highest quality and this large wood-burning stove is no exception. Features of the Pleasant Hearth Stove This large wood stove … Read more