The Firewood Racks Guide

A fire wood rack is a fantastic investment for those needing to stock and conveniently store fire wood. Firewood is an inexpensive fuel source, but it is still a fuel source, which you will need to invest in and as a result take good care of.

firewood-storage-rackThe fact is, that if you drove to the shops every time you needed to put more wood onto a fire, or into your wooden stove, then you would spend a lot of time driving to and from the shop. Furthermore, if you order firewood through the Internet, delivery charges are often the same regardless of how much you’ve purchased. For both of these reasons, it is a great idea to store firewood in your home, to make putting the wood into the stove or onto the fire a much easier and efficient task.

What is a Rack used For? 

A firewood rack is like a bookcase, but for firewood. All of your firewood that you want to stock can be placed inside of the firewood rack, and then taken out of the rack when you begin to run out of fuel. It’s truly a space saving tool, which also provides a place for you to dry out your wood, which is vital for productive fire wood.  A rack can also look really impressive in homes, giving you that rustic and decorative feel that so many people find so appealing and charming.

What Should I Look For In A Fire Wood Rack?

Quality of Structure- If a firewood rack is made from a flimsy material, chances are that it won’t hold wood effectively and may break under the pressure. Sometimes, firewood can be pretty heavy, and it is important to have a rack, which is capable of supporting this weight. Most firewood racks are made of iron or another form of metal, so it won’t bend or collapse under the weight of the wood. Storing firewood means placing a lot of wood onto the rack, so it is vital that you buy a rack capable of supporting the weight.

Decorative Appeal- Most firewood racks are placed inside our homes, as it is important that the firewood remains dry and away from pests. When something is in our home, we want it to look as best as possible. Opting for a fire wood rack that looks smart within our homes is important for many of us. Some firewood racks are designed to look modern, some designed to look classy and provide a more traditional feel. Some firewood racks even come with a cover attached, so they can easily be covered up in a home or a waterproof cover, which allows them to be used outside.

QuantityPurchasing a firewood rack that is right for you, depends on how much wood you want to store on the rack. Some racks are only small, built for holding only a few weeks worth of firewood and are more focused on the cosmetic appearance of a firewood rack. However, other firewood racks are huge, allowing you to store a whole year’s worth of wood. A general rule is that the bigger the rack, the more expensive the rack will cost, as well as the cost of delivery.  If you know how much wood you want to store, this can make your rack shopping easier and allow you to buy the rack that you want.

Landmann 82433 8-Foot Firewood Log Rack

Firewood Log Rack

Advantages: Great Quality, Great Storage, Outside Use

Disadvantages: Cosmetic Appearance

Rating- 4-5 Stars

This firewood rack by Landmann is one of the best selling firewood racks online and it’s easy to see why. The product is far from expensive and allows you to store nearly 2/3 cords of wood. The rack comes with all the tools and hardware needed to assemble the product easily and includes a weatherproof powder you can put onto the rack, to make it last as long as possible.

This rack is on the big side, so it best suited for those looking to store their firewood outside. The rack comes with its own cover, so the wood won’t be damaged by the weather and will still be as effective when you bring it inside to your fire. The raised platform also ensures the wood doesn’t get damp from the floor, as well as any potential insects or bugs who may climb up.

The best feature about this rack is how sturdy and durable it is. The rack itself feels strong, made from tubular steel to really optimize the products durability and support.

One disappointment with this rack is the lack of effort to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Although designed to be outdoors and out of the way, I was really disappointed that this rack just looks like a metal stage.

Although unpleased with the looks of the rack, it really does its job well. For a rack, this is definitely the most important aspect, and for those wanting to store a lot of wood safely and securely, with an inexpensive price tag, then this rack is definitely something you should look at.

Sunnydaze Décor Fire Wood Log Rack

Decorative Firewood Log Rack

Advantages: Looks Great, Great Quality, Used Indoor And Outdoor

Disadvantages: Hard To Setup, No Space

Rating – 3/5 Stars

This rack is made from solid steel to ensure it is strong enough to hold your wood. What impressed me most about this rack was that it looked good and is built to last. The rack feels strong and durable, something great when it is going to be holding heavy pieces of wood.

This rack prides itself on being stylish and functional and definitely delivers; the smart look would go nicely inside anybody’s home, adding a sense of class to the décor.

However, this rack won’t hold much wood, and is only suitable for those looking to hold 1/8 of a cord at any one time. The product is relatively expensive, and there are plenty other racks on the market with a lower price range. Many customers have also found that there are issues setting up the rack due to a lack of bolts.

Amagabeli Fireplace Log Holder

Fire Wood Carry Bag

Advantages: Looks Great, Great Quality, Easy Installation

Disadvantages: No Storage Space

Rating- 4/5 stars

This rack from Amagabeli is designed to look good. This rack, designed for inside use is made from powder-coated steel, which feels really strong and is clearly a durable product.  This product is meant to look great and it certainly delivers with a beautiful black finish and traditional leaf style, this will look good in any home.

The product comes fully made in a solid condition, so there is no need to set it up or fiddle about with it. When it arrives, it is all ready to go.  The rack is designed beautifully so comes with great value, when compared with premium racks that offer very similar features.

My only complaint with this rack is that it isn’t designed to hold a lot of wood, so if you only want to hold more than 30 logs, then this isn’t the product for you.