Best Indoor & Outdoor Firewood Racks

A fire wood rack is a fantastic investment for those needing to stock and conveniently store fire wood. Firewood is an inexpensive fuel source, but it is still a fuel source, which you will need to invest in and as a result take good care of to get the most out f it.

The fact is, that if you drove to the store every time you needed to put more wood onto a fire, or into your wooden stove, then you would spend a lot of time driving to and from the shop.

This effectively means your firewood also costs you gas!

And if you order firewood through the Internet, delivery charges are often the same regardless of how much you’ve purchased. For both of these reasons, it is a great idea to store firewood in your home, to make putting the wood into the wood stove, wood furnace or onto the fire pit a much cheaper and efficient task.

Indoor Firewood Rack Guide

In this first section of our firewood rack guide, we’re going to be focusing on indoor firewood racks. If you are specifically looking into an outdoor firewood rack, you can use the contents table above to quickly navigate to that section (number 6) of this article.

Indoor firewood rack models tend to be much smaller than their outdoor firewood rack counterparts, which is exactly what most people look for in them.

An indoor model is not likely to be a firewood rack with cover attached because they are typically used in doors beside a fireplace or stove, and just hold enough wood for, at most, a couple of days.

Quick Picks: Best Indoor Firewood Racks

Fireplace Log Rack with 4 ToolsMaterial:Wrought Iron
  • Capacity: Large
  • Size: 29.1 x 15.8 x 11.8″
  • + Tools!
  • Check on Amazon
    Sunnydaze Indoor/Outdoor Firewood Log Rack
    • Material: Steel
    • Capacity: Medium
    • Size: 33 x 30.5 x 13″
    • + Kindling Holder!
    Check on Amazon
    Decorative Indoor Firewood Rack
    • Material: Wrought Iron
    • Capacity: Small
    • Size: 21.5 x 15.5″
    • Collapsible!
    Check on Amazon

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    This log rack is just great for indoor use. Even though it is fairly bulky, its has more height than width or depth making it compact and still able to hold a good capacity of firewood.

    It’s split into two compartments, which you can use to either stock completely with your firewood, or use one half for fire starting materials if you would prefer.

    The bottom shelf is raised 2 inches form the floor, keeping your wood above the ground so that it doesn’t get wet and helping it to keep out of the way of pests.

    A great bonus you get with this indoor firewood rack is the 4 fireplace/stove tools that come with and hang on the hooks on the side. They are high quality, ergonomic and great to have on hand when you’re supplying your fire with wood.

    What’s more is, even though fire wood racks are typically designed with practicality over cosmetics in mind, this one is very unassuming and minimalist visually and doesn’t look imposing like other similar models do! 

    Sunnydaze is a reputable manufacturer of fire pits and other home & garden features. They are popular because they make high quality stuff, and that’s why they are seen as a trustworthy brand.

    Their indoor or outdoor firewood rack is no different to their other products in terms of quality of craftsmanship and superior design.

    This rack has a lot of width and so holds a lot of wood, but just be sure you have the space to accommodate it. Nether the less, the kindling holders give it a stylish flair, that’ll add a rustic charm to any room.

    Speaking of the kindling holders; they’re extremely handy, and they are also adjustable. As they are in two separate pieces, you can set them to be closer or wider to each others so that you can fit whatever you use for kindling on them.

    However, they can get in the way of the wood stack if you do like to fill the rack up. You can remove the kindling holder if you like, or if you have the space, have them face the other way!

    Additionally, this stove is available in a bronze color option which isn’t very common to find in other firewood rack models. And it looks amazing!

    This pretty rack is smaller and more compact than the previous two we have looked at, and this is just fine for most people who just want enough firewood for one or two evenings at a time.

    Just because it’s small doesn’t mean you can’t stack the logs beyond the height of the sides of the rack anyway.

    And even though the sides bend outwards, making it not as compact as it can be, it is a beautiful rack with elegant leaf designs on each side. You could leave it right in front of your fireplace and it makes a lovely accent to that part of the room.

    A particularity great feature of this firewood rack is that it’s collapsible, this means that very little assembly is required to get it set up, you just have to unfold it. If you find that you want to take it to another room, or put it away for some time, you can easily fold it down flat and its ready for storage!


    Outdoor Firewood Rack Guide

    Outdoor firewood rack models are typically much larger than the indoor racks, and it stands to reason: you have just got more space for it!

    Are there any other differences between indoor and outdoor firewood racks? Well yes, there are!

    First thing to take notice of is cover, the best outdoor firewood rack options have a cover included, to protect your wood from the elements; snow and rain cause the wood to become moist, enabling it to rot and grow mouldy. Also moist wood is a lot harder to burn.

    Another thing to consider when purchasing an outdoor firewood rack is the material it’s made from. Indoor ones can be made form wrought iron or steel because both are durable metals. But steel is more easily corroded than wrought iron, and so wrought iron is preferred for outdoor conditions.

    Quick Picks: Best Outdoor Firewood Racks

    The Woodhaven 5 Foot Firewood Log Rack with Cover
    • Material: Metal
    • Large Size: 95.5 x 13.5 x 48″
    • + Cover!
    Check on Amazon
    Pure Garden 50-124 Firewood Log Rack, 4′
    • Material: Steel
    • Capacity: Medium
    • Size: 48 x 12.5 x 48″
    • Strong and Durable!
    Check on Amazon
    Sunnydaze Firewood Log Cart Carrier, Outdoor or Indoor Wood Rack Storage Mover, Rolling Dolly Hauler
    • Material: Steel
    • Capacity: Medium
    • Size: 26 x 21 x 43″
    • + No more lugging wood!
    Check on Amazon

    *All links above will take you to the latest prices on or you can read our in-depth outdoor firewood rack reviews below.

    If you are looking for a large space to safely store your firewood, this is it. This Landmann firewood rack is high quality, heavy duty and high capacity! What’s more is it’s a firewood rack with cover, making it a great value purchase!

    The frame is made from steel, but it has a powder coat finish giving it the strength that comes with steel but also the weather resistance to prevent corrosion. 

    If you have a lot of space, and a lot of firewood to store, this is without a doubt the perfect solution. 

    In total, this outdoor firewood rack is 8 Ft long and is raised from the ground to protect your wood from damp and invasive pests. It comes with 4 extra supportive legs which gives it that added stability when holding a large volume of wood.

    The cover that comes with this rack is good but could be better. The PVC coat certainly does protect the wood form the wind, rain and snow, but it’s quite thing, and even though it’s zipper-less, it fastens tot he rack via some ties which isn’t convenient.

    For those of you who want a bit more style, this outdoor firewood rack would look great on your patio. It’s not as big as other outdoor firewood racks, and that’s because it’s more a temporary storage for your fire pit than for long term like larger models are.

    With that being said, this rack does not come with a cover, so in bad weather or when you are not using it, you may wish to put some tarpaulin or other water proof cover over it.

    It has two compartments, it’s more of a cosmetic design choice but it does function very well as a handy storage for your kindling materials. The legs provide ample support for the capacity of wood that it can hold and makes the rack as a whole, very stable.

    This could also be used as an indoor firewood rack if you wanted to, it’s small and sleek enough to fit inside beside a fireplace or stove and it looks absolutely great!

    While not as large as the Landmann firewood rack, this one by Sunnydaze is suitable for those who need a medium sized, long term storage solution for their firewood.

    This rack also comes with a cover, which is thicker than the one that comes with the Landmann firewood rack, and it fastens with Velcro, making it somewhat more convenient.

    This rack is large enough to hold a significant amount of firewood, but not so large that it can’t also be used inside if you had the space for it. It’s made form high durability steel with a coating which gives it a weather resistant quality.

    Additionally, there are hooks on the side of the rack so that you can hang any tools you may need to hand. This is a nice feature to have as often tools to help you pick up and clean the wood down before transport are great to have nearby.

    What is a Firewood Rack used For? 

    A firewood rack is like a bookcase, but for firewood. All of your firewood that you want to stock can be placed inside of the firewood rack, and then taken out of the rack when you begin to run out of fuel.

    It’s truly a space saving tool, which also provides a place for you to dry out your wood, which is vital for productive fire wood.  A rack can also look really impressive in homes, giving you that rustic and decorative feel that so many people find so appealing and charming.

    What Should I Look For In A Firewood Rack?

    Quality of Structure

    If a firewood rack is made from a flimsy material, chances are that it won’t hold wood effectively and may break under the pressure. Sometimes, firewood can be pretty heavy, and it is important to have a rack, which is capable of supporting this weight.

    Most firewood racks are made of wrought iron or steel, so it won’t bend or collapse under the weight of the wood. Storing firewood means placing a lot of wood onto the rack, so it is vital that you buy a rack capable of supporting the weight.

    Something to take note of is the properties of these two metals. While steel is stronger than wrought iron, it is more corrosive and so is less able to resist the damaging effects of the weather.

    Decorative Appeal

    Most firewood racks are placed inside our homes, as it is important that the firewood remains dry and away from pests.

    When something is in our home, we want it to look as best as possible. Opting for a fire wood rack that looks smart within our homes is important for many of us. Some firewood racks are designed to look modern, some designed to look classy and provide a more traditional feel.

    Some outdoor firewood racks even come with a cover attached, so they can easily be covered up in a home or a waterproof cover, which allows them to be used outside.


    Purchasing a firewood rack that is right for you, depends on how much wood you want to store on the rack.

    Some racks are only small, built for holding only a few weeks worth of firewood and are more focused on the cosmetic appearance of a firewood rack. However, other firewood racks are huge, allowing you to store a whole year’s worth of wood.

    A general rule is that the bigger the rack, the more expensive the rack will cost, as well as the cost of delivery.  If you know how much wood you want to store, this can make your rack shopping easier and allow you to buy the rack that you want.

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