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air conditioning Brisbane

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When an AC is turned off, the compressor stops rotating. The coil and the fins will continue to heat up after the air conditioning unit is turned off. If you go on vacation and turn off your AC and leave the doors and windows closed, the coil and the fins in the AC’s evaporator are going to heat up and go through the same process of condensation as if it was still on. The only reason why the coils in the condenser are cooled by the refrigerant is because the condenser is outside and there is a constant flow of air blowing around it. Have you ever noticed that when your AC is on, you can ‘feel’ the cool air blowing on you. The air conditioning technicians in the video were just blowing the hot air coming out of the coil in the evaporator back into the house, so that it would cool the coil and not cause icing.



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