Learn All About Friedrich Portable Air Conditioners (We Mean Everything)

A Friedrich portable air conditioner is a popular solution for summertime cooling. These portable air conditioners are easy to install and set up, compared to large AC units like split and window air conditioners, and they are easy to store in the off-season. 

You can place your Friedrich portable AC anywhere. You can install it in your bedroom, sunrooms, workout rooms, garages, or any area which you use during the summer season and need cool air to keep from melting.

A Friedrich portable air conditioner is an affordable route to go if you don’t want to extend your budget for rooms that your home’s central air doesn’t reach, along with having to bridge the gap from your central air freezing and waiting for a repair person to show up during their busy time of the year. 

A Bit About the Friedrich Brand

Friedrich was founded by Ed Friedrich in 1883 in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Ed Friedrich was a craftsman who used to make furniture from the horns of longhorn cattle. 

Later on, he started to produce other handcrafted products such as store fixtures, wood billiard tables and carved cabinetry. Ed was not just an inventor, he was also an innovator. He was one of the first people to introduce the first refrigeration system.

By 1950, Friedrich was the market leader in the manufacturing of commercial refrigeration equipment. To enhance their reputation, they expanded their business and started manufacturing air conditioners. 

In 1952, they manufactured their first 500 floating air units and within the first year, their sales started to climb. With a focus on innovation and improvement of their products, they have become a brand that provides some of the best air conditioning solutions on the market. 

Their product line includes window air conditioners, through-the-wall air conditioners, ductless split systems, dehumidifiers, and portable air conditioners.

Friedrich Portable Air Conditioners

A Friedrich portable ac provides a fast cooling option for you and your family. These portable air conditioners are ideal for temporary and semi-permanent cooling and heating solutions. 

A Friedrich portable air conditioner is available in a dual hose option, suited for cooling the entire room, and a single hose option, best suited for spot cooling. 

The Friedrich portable air conditioners are divided into two categories which are as followed: 

ZoneAire Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioners

A ZoneAire Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner is an air conditioner, as well as a dehumidifier, fan, and heater. It features a dual-hose design that cools up to 40% faster and there is no air leakage. 

Moreover, these portable air conditioners are easy to install, all you have to do is vent it and plug it in. Portable air conditioners of these categories can heat and cool spaces from 300-sq/ft to 500-sq/ft. 

ZoneAire Compact Single-Hose Portable Air Conditioners

The ZoneAire Compact Single-Hose Portable Air Conditioner is a versatile cooler, heater, and dehumidifier. These air conditioners are small and compact with a sleek and single-hose design. 

This Friedrich portable AC is easy to store, has a fast installation system, and offers convenient spot cooling. All these models feature the Friedrich cooling and heat pump. They easily cover spaces from 100-sq/ft to 400-sq/ft. 

Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

Before purchasing a Friedrich portable air conditioner you should consider the size of your room. Understanding what products are best suited for you is difficult to understand if you don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Well, don’t worry because we are here to assist you. We have reviewed the Friedrich portable air conditioners below, and have taken comments and reviews from real owners into consideration.

With, this information you will be able to make a wise decision when selecting the ideal Friedrich portable air conditioner for your space

We are determined to provide you with the most relevant information on the Friedrich portable air conditioners so that it saves your time. The following Friedrich portable air conditioners are budget-friendly, easy to store, and easy to install.

This compact Friedrich portable ac provides your small room, up to 200-sq/ft, with some refreshing cool air. The Friedrich P08S is a clean looking unit that’s relatively small (25.2″ x 17″ x 11.5″) that you may not even notice it by your window.   

Surprisingly, you will get a 4-in-1 system that cools, heats, dehumidify’s and fans the air for your small space, which considering the cost is pretty good value for the money.

This Friedrich portable AC can cool you small space quickly with 8,000 BTUs of power, even when the outside temperature is keeping you indoor.

When the outside temperature switches it up and becomes cold, you can turn the air conditioner valve to the other side and use the heated clip, so that you can be warm and cozy.

The dehumidifier function of this Friedrich portable air conditioner extracts 3.5 pints of moisture from the air which for a small unit is great. The drainage for this unit is limited as it is at the bottom of the unit and not at the back of the unit, so keep this in mind.

The fan-only mode of this portable air conditioner promotes air circulation in small spaces. The installation kit provides you with everything that’s needed for a quick window install.

This easy to use portable air conditioner is equipped with a variety of functions and features, however, it is missing a few features that would make this an even better unit. Those include no auto-restart, no adjustable louvers and no automatic oscillation.

This portable air conditioner is equipped with a 4-speed fan that features low, medium, high, and auto fan speeds.

It does include a timer that allows you to switch the air conditioner or dehumidifier function on and off, at your preferred time. The sleep control function allows you to adjust the temperature by 2 degrees every 4 hours so that you enjoy a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

It comes with a digital LCD remote for managing the control settings. This portable air conditioner is easy to install as you just have to plug it into a standard 115-volt electrical socket. The two antimicrobial filters are easy to access and clean, and the built-in hose storage and attached easy-roll casters allow you to move and store this unit easily.




This Friedrich portable AC offers fast and convenient cooling. The Friedrich ZCP12DA is a dual-hose portable ac which is able to cool a larger space. Like all Friedrich portable air conditioners it is easy to install and this unit is a 3-in-1 which features cooling, dehumidification, and fan functions. 

This unit has a 3-speed fan and auto-swing air louvers, which help to regulate the airflow in your space. Its dehumidification function is capable of removing 72 pints of moisture per day. 

The snap-in hoses and the window kit fit vertically or horizontally in standard windows, which is very convenient since we all have different types of windows in our homes. 

Installing this AC is extremely easy and quick. It features a 6′ power cord which can be plugged into a standard 115V outlet. 

The easy to roll casters make this unit easy to move and store, since the unit isn’t too light at just over 64 lbs. Also, its easy-grip integrated handles allow you to move it around easily which will come in handy. 

The self-evaporative system of the Friedrich portable air conditioner keeps the bucket of the air conditioner empty. Moreover, it’s condensate overflow protection that automatically shuts off the unit when the tank becomes full which will ease your mind that you won’t come home to water ruining your floor.

The dual-hose system keeps the conditioned air within the room instead of letting it escape outside. That’s why this air conditioner cools 40% faster than the single-hose air portable air conditioner. 

You can use the timer to program the AC so that it can automatically turn on or off after a specified number of hours. The filters are meant to last long  and are easy to access and clean which you should do semi-frequently to keep the unit working properly. 

If you are experiencing a power outage, then the auto-restart feature of this unit automatically restarts the AC after the power is restored. Moreover, everything you need to install this unit is included.




If you have a nice sized room that’s roughly up to 500-sq/ft  then Friedrich ZHP14DA is a good option for you to consider. This portable AC comes with a Friedrich heat pump, as this unit is not just designed for cooling, it can also heat your space in the cooler months.

This Friedrich portable ac can also function as a dehumidifier and a fan, making this a great 4-In-1 solution. If you have a window that can accommodate the units ventilation, you can slide it into place, set it up with ease and move on with your day.

This unit is self-evaporative, and its LCD remote control makes it very easy to use. As mentioned above, with four operating modes this Friedrich portable air conditioner Is suitable for all seasons so instead of storing it, you can leave it out and take advantage of everything it has to offer. 

With a cooling power around 14,000 BTU, this air conditioner will keep you comfortable during the hot and humid summer months, and with a built-in heat pump you’re provided with 11,000 BTUs of warmth during the winter season. 

The fan-only mode helps in circulating fresh air throughout the room, and the 3-speed fan has an auto setting that keeps the temperature of your room cool and cozy. 

The dehumidifying function of this Friedrich helps to eliminate 4.5 pints of excess moisture from the room per hour which creates a better sleeping environment. 

This Friedrich portable ac is designed for automatically eliminating all the condensate so that you don’t have to worry about emptying the water tank.

This Friedrich portable air conditioner features easy to use touch button controls that allow you to easily choose between the operating modes which  can adjust the temperature and speed of the fan by turning the rotary dials. 

The 24-hour timer can turn your heating and cooling function on and off automatically, and this unit also features a drain-pump that helps in eliminating the condensate when the unit is running on heating mode. 

If a power outage occurs at your house then its automatic restart function will help to resume the unit at the setting you had previously set it to.




The Friedrich P12SA was created to accommodate medium sized rooms, up to 450-sq/ft. It is versatile, has a heating mode, and like all Friedrich portable ac units it is user-friendly.

Featuring a single-hose design this Friedrich portable AC is designed give your space comfort, although, double hose units will do a better job for you. 

Its clean and compact (33.25″ x 16″ x 25.25″) design doesn’t take up too much space and get been hidden behind a couch, as long as its vent has access to the rooms window.

Thanks to its 3-in-1 operating modes of this Friedrich portable AC you can use it any day of the year without compromising your comfort. There’s also 4-fan speeds to customize how much the unit is pushing out of warm or cool air.

This is a pretty affordable solution for curing drafty rooms that give you trouble in both cool and warm months. It easy transforms from one season to the next, by simply rotating the unit 180 degrees, attaching a heat clip, and warming your space up. 

You can use the dehumidify mode for removing up to 5.3 pints of excess moisture from your room per hour, as well. As with all Friedrich portable AC units, they are made to operate very simply. 

The touch control panel on the Friedrich portable air conditioner can be used if you’re close to the unit or you can use the remote control for switching between the modes and adjusting the temperature. 

The sleep mode can be used during nighttime, as this function lowers the fan speed of the unit and then gradually increases the temperature so that you enjoy a restful and comfortable night’s sleep. It also features a programmable timer that can be used to turn the unit on and off automatically. The auto fan feature selects the best-suited fan speed for achieving the set temperature. 

To keep the unit working like new, there’s an anti-microbial filter which is easy to wash. It also comes with a window kit and a window bracket that work perfectly in horizontal and vertical window openings. 

Since this unit is a partial evaporation model it will expel moisture automatically, but if there’s too much moisture in the rooms air, the bucket will fill and you’ll need to dump it out prior to the unit running again. Don’t worry a beep will alert you that water needs to be emptied prior to running again. 




As with all single hose air conditioner systems bring air in from the outside window vent, cool it and supply your room with cool air. The issue is that these units produce heat that don’t have a hose that pushes the heat outside, hence the second hose on a double-hose system.

This Friedrich portable ac is able to supply you with a 3-in-1 solution that can produce cool and warm air and dehumidify your room.

As with all Friedrich products, this unit is well made and does what it’s been designed to do which is give you spot cool and warming capabilities, however, single hose units have their limitations.

It will keep you comfortable and cool in small spaces, especially when you’re seated right in front of the unit, but you may be better off investing in a double hose unit if you’re going to splurge. Again, we all have different needs, and not every situation is parallel to another persons drafty room issue, so this unit does have a time and a place.

It’s very easy to switch from cooling to heating, just rotate the unit and attach the “heat clip” and hit the heating button. The buttons are a bit sensitive, so while they work well, just be careful not to accidentally touch the wrong button.

The unit consists of a built-in hose storage compartment that makes the unit extremely portable. Like other portable air conditioners from Friedrich, this one also consists of antimicrobial nylon filters which are easy to clean. 

Make sure to attach the hose to expel of water when in use.




Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

Friedrich is a reputable company that strives to provide its customers with the best products on the market, including their portable air conditioners.

The reason their portable air conditioners are popular is due to them making quality products. 

Their portable ac units are meant to either be wheeled into an area for a season, or  for semi-permanent or permanent cooling and heating solution.

As with any brand, there are going to be times that a product is faulty or doesn’t operate as it was meant.

Make sure to keep you user-manual in the event you have any issues along the way. If you’re like us, though, you set-up, plug-in and completely space where you put the manual. If that’s the case you can check Friedrich’s website for your manual guide.  If you don’t have luck there, you can check this handy site that has almost every guide on planet earth.

If you’re finding no luck on  with either of those resources, be sure to contact the customer care team of Friedrich at 1-800-541-6645.

The following are some of the problems with the Friedrich Portable Air Conditioner, with a quick insight into a possible solution.

Unit Does Not Cool/Heat the Room Effectively


  1. Intake or exhaust hoses are blocked
  2. The filter is dirty or there is obstruction
  3. The exhaust hose is bent
  4. There is an excessive buildup of heat or moisture in the room


  1. Make sure that the return and discharge air paths are not blocked by curtains, furniture, etc.
  2. Clean the filter and remove the obstruction

Unit is not Operating


  1. Unit is not switched on
  2. The power cord is unplugged 
  3. The circuit breaker has tripped
  4. Local power failure


  1. Switch on the unit
  2. Plug the power cord properly
  3. Press and release the Reset button to restart the operation
  4. Replace the fuse or reset the circuit breaker


How to empty a Friedrich portable air conditioner?

As far as emptying the Friedrich portable air conditioner is concerned, these portable conditioners feature a self-evaporative condensate system that empties the Friedrich portable air conditioner automatically. But you can empty the Friedrich portable AC by adhering to the following steps:

  • Switch off the unit and disconnect the power
  • Pull out the drain plug and drain all the water from the base

How to clean the evaporator coil of the Friedrich portable air conditioner?

Follow these steps to clean the coil of your Friedrich portable air conditioner.

  • Pull out the filter/coil from the cover
  • Wash gently using warm water and mild detergent
  • Rinse and dry it
  • Install it back in the air conditioner

Final Thoughts on Friedrich Portable Air Conditioners

While the brand doesn’t have a wide selection of portable air conditioners, Friedrich produces a quality product that should be on your list of potential brands to consider. If you have the additional square footage, and can afford the double hose models we would recommend going in that direction. 

It will pull in and cool air, while also expelling the hot exhaust air the unit produces when producing conditioned air. Every unit is portable and can be stored relatively easily, which for most houses will be handy in the off-season when not in use. 

As you’ve learned, Friedrich produces some units that are able to cool, heat and dehumidify. So, if you have an area of your home that you can’t get the temperature the way you like, give a Friedrich portable ac a try, it could make a world of a difference for you and your family.