A Guide To The Different Types Of Stove

balancedflueA stove is an enclosed area containing a fire, which is used to heat whatever is placed on the stove or the stoves surrounding areas. Many people use stoves for cooking and for heating the area around them-like a safe, indoor fire that is capable of projecting enough heat to keep a home warm.  Stoves come in all shapes and sizes, the stove market is competitive with rivals competing to produce a stove which can give off heat more efficiently, project heat a further distance, cook better or look better.

Why Should you Buy a Stove?

Buying a stove can literally save you a heap of cash. It might not seem that way from the start, because stoves have an expensive upfront payment- especially with installation.  However, once these fees are over, you will begin to save money on heating, electricity and gas bills!

Think about how much money you spend on gas and electricity bills to cook food, and how much is spent on heating to keep your house warm. All of those bills won’t be getting paid anymore; the only money you’ll ever have to fork out is to pay for the fuel for your stove.  This is where spending more initially on a stove can really save you money, because EPA certified stoves will project the same amount of heat for a lot less fuel, and a lot less fuel used means a lot less money spent.

Furthermore, it isn’t just saving money that will be the talk of the home. Most stoves look incredible and there is always a stove that can fit into any decor. Some companies go for the classic stove look, a beautiful, retro fire burning away. Yet, some companies bring an ultra modern feel to this classic piece of furniture, and it can look amazing. Stoves come in all different sizes- there are stoves large enough to heat entire industrial factories, and others small enough to compare to a microwave.  Whatever stove you’re looking for, there is one out there that will look perfect for your home.

Stoves usually built with iron to make them as durable as possible, so most will last a long time and allow you to really get value for your initial money spent.

What Types of Stove are There?

Wooden Stoves

These are perhaps the most common form of stove because they’re biomasstaxcrsuper easy to run and maintain. The science behind them is simple and goes back to the age of the cave man.  Wood fuels a fire. It is that simple. This stove runs off wood to produce the fire and keep the flames burning. Nowadays, these stoves can be adjusted amazingly- it isn’t a case of just letting the fire burn. With all modern wood stoves, you can adjust the temperature of the stove, so that your room is exactly how you want it.

The biggest problem with wooden stoves is the need to refuel them with wood; some wooden stoves have a larger hole and allow for logs and any type of wood to fuel them. Yet, other (usually cheaper) wooden stoves only allow for wooden pellets to be inserted. If nowhere close to you sells these pellets, you will face the cost of ordering them in constantly before you run out of fuel before your home goes cold. However, as if January 1st 2016, all newly produced stoves had to be EPA certified- meaning they wont just burn out of fuel. EPA certifications mean that the stove has met the requirements of an emissions test.

Oil Stoves

Oil stoves are stoves similar to wooden stoves, that are ignited and fueled by jurassien-oil-stoveheating oils, usually diesel fuel, instead of wood. Now, these stoves tend to run a lot more efficiently and are fantastic for those looking to run there home for cheaper. An electric spark will usually ignite the flame and keep it going.

However, Oil tends to be a lot more expensive than wood so can cost a lot more to run.  Per kilogram of wood, oil is usually double the price or more. As well as this, oil is a lot more flammable and potentially dangerous. With this come added safety precautions within the stove, such as an oil burner to prevent out-of-control combustion.

Corn Stoves

A corn stove is the greenest stove, the most environmentally friendly. Owning a corn stove is a brilliant idea, mainly because it is the safest stove to own- because it is clean burning.  A dial on the side of the stove will allow you to adjust the stoves heat and it is capable of heating up to 2400 square feet- better than most wooden and oil stoves.

This stove works just like a wooden stove, however corn fuels it. The corn will also make use of the farming industry and will be a fantastic boost to agricultural production.

The only real negatives for corn stoves is how efficiently they run and the price of the corncorn to fuel it. Not many companies manufacture corn stoves, so the demand isn’t high. This is because wooden stoves are often simpler, look better and are the cheapest to run.

Multi-Fuel Stoves

Stoves that run on all of these fuels, such as wood, corn and gas as well as others like pellet. These stoves can run of smoke free fumes, meaning the stove will produce no smoke and is environmentally friendly.

What Stove Should You Buy?

These different types of stove are the three main ones.  They all have massive advantages over each other, so it can make it a difficult choice to select one.  For me, avoiding the corn stoves is the best option, because although they are the greenest, these stoves are the most expensive to run and also aren’t manufactured enough to give a massive variety on how they look.

The classic modern stove is always the best option, followed by the multi fuel. The wooden stove looks great and has a real class about it- just like the good old days! The improvements these stoves have made over the years have been incredible, now they’re even more environmental friendly, run more efficiently and produce and incredible source of heat.

The oil stove isn’t a bad option, but is limited and expensive. The multi fuel lets you use a variety of fuels, so it is also a great option.

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