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Whether it’s concerning a wood burning stove, a new boiler or a fireplace insert, we are here to help guide you through the entire process. The truth is that getting any stove or heating system for your home is easy, but knowing which is the best to suit your homes and individual needs is not an easy task with so much choice available. But, with our guides, reviews, and ratings, you can be sure that what you are getting is the best and you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality on offer, for the best price.

Aside from that, we aim to narrow your choices from tons of alternative options to only the highest quality and best-rated wood burning stoves available in the market with our professional and thoroughly researched recommendations. We also keep you up-to-date with the current prices from the best sellers and make sure you’re never getting fooled on price.

If you are thinking about an easy way to spice up your living room, to warm your home up for the winter, or just to simply renovate your home by purchasing a wood burning stove, you are in the right place. The stoves, fireplaces, and boilers featured on this website are all top of the line and stylish – and the best part of all is that there are options to accommodate any type of home or interior decor.

Fireplace & Stove Reviews and Installation Guides

The reviews we provide are proven practical and informative. They are all written and professionally crafted by experts without them being too technical so everyone can understand and comprehend everything. You will also find our buyers guides helpful and complete with frequently asked questions posted by consumers.

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The Best Wood Burning Stoves – Wood stoves are a popular choice due to their carbon neutral profile, efficiency and their sleek and old-worldly aesthetics. If you want to know how to install a stove, as well as compare the best models and learn what to avoid, then this section is for you. You can also check out more in-depth reviews on our wood stove and pellet stove reviews pages.

The Best Pellet Stoves – Pellet stoves have emerged to the common market due to their convenience both in operation and in storage. If you want to switch from using wood chunks to pellets, this section features only the best pellet stoves on the market. In this section, you can also read about and learn more regarding pellet stoves. Their benefits are also discussed. The difference between a wood stove and pellet stoves is also tackled concisely for comparison purposes.

Wood Stove Fans – Most of the wood stoves available today come with a wood stove blower. But since they come as an accessory to the wood stove you purchase they tend to be of low quality. If you want to have the best blowers to increase the energy efficiency, you can check the high-quality wood stove fans in this section.

The Best Electric Fireplace Inserts – If you are looking for a  much efficient way of heating up your house and looking to save a little more money, using fireplace inserts may be the one for you. You can check this page for reviews on the best fireplace inserts out there. Informative buyer guides are also provided in this section. Aside from electric and wood powered fireplace inserts, there are also gas fireplace inserts that you can choose to use. They are also covered with our reviews and buyer guides so you are informed properly whatever type of fireplace insert you decide to buy.

Direct Vent Fireplaces – If you live in a cozy house and are concerned with space or the lack thereof, you might want to check out these prefabricated and ready to be installed direct vent fireplaces. These revolutionary fireplaces are efficient and can be readily mounted to a wall and ready to heat your house up. You can never go wrong in choosing the right direct vent fireplace for your place with our honest and practical reviews and detailed buyer guides.

Most of the fireplaces use accessories to function well. If you want high-quality accessories for your fireplace, they are often sold separately. We are saving you the additional trouble of looking for the best accessories for your fireplace with the following pages. The reviews and buyers guide for the accessories are outlined below and are grouped into two categories.

Fireplace Grates – A fireplace grate is an integral component of a fireplace. It is more than an accessory. It has a vital function in the fireplace system and having a good fire grate will make the whole system more efficient. Our essential guide to fireplace grates not only include detailed reviews but will also discuss all you need to know about these ever so important accessories. From the main functions to benefits, to where you can find the best deals for fireplace grates, we have got them all.

Chimney Kits Having a fireplace installed in your house is already a major project. But installing a chimney is even a harder task. Fortunately, there are chimney kits available to make setting up a new or renovating an old chimney as smooth as possible. Only the best chimney kits on the market are featured in this section. They are compared and weighted against each other’s features.

Fire Pit Reviews and Buyers Guide – Indoor, outdoors, gathering around a passionate fire has a romantic sense to it no matter where you are. And if you like the idea of campfires or outside barbecues, a fire pit is the right kind of flare for you. We featured stylish and top of the line fire pits in this section. Whether you want to get warm and comfortable outdoors or you want to cook that perfect barbecue outside, we have the reviews and the guides so you can buy the best fire pit that will fit your every need.

Our Forum – If you have any questions about stoves, furnaces and any other related topics, feel free to ask away in the forum and one of our team or member of our amazing community will respond to you as soon as possible.