Can’t Go Wrong with a Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner

As a Fortune 100 company, Honeywell specializes in a range of products including aircraft and manufacturing plants, but the company’s portable air conditioners are what make it stand out from the rest. 

A Honeywell portable air conditioner is ideal for summer cabins, temporary residents, or people who like compact, easy to install, and convenient to use air conditioners. 

Honeywell incorporates a unique evaporation system in its ACs to offer effective filtration, dehumidification, and effective cooling. It allows you to go virtually maintenance-free with washable easy-to-remove air filters and eliminates the need for removing water buckets by offering a full self-evaporation feature in some of its devices. 

The air conditioners are energy-efficient too and this helps in reducing your electricity costs and maintaining an overall healthy environment. 

And with a good pint per hour rating, these air conditioners remove excess humidity from your environment, giving you comfortable air in highly humid conditions.  

Common Features of Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners

All air conditioners from Honeywell offer convenience, energy-efficiency, and easy portability. You just have to choose the one that suits your needs. Let’s quickly explore  common features of a Honeywell portable air conditioner.

  • Air conditioning mode, of course
  • Dehumidification mode
  • Evaporation mode (you don’t need buckets for water drainage)
  • Programmable timer (24 hours)
  • Swiveling wheels (casters)
  • Remote control

In addition to these features, some units also offer a heating mode, which makes them a great year-round solution for your space. 

High humidity in your home can make your air damp, and it’s not very comfortable to function when you feel sticky. You need a way to dry the air a bit, to keep you from shvitzing, and to actually enjoy the air in your home. The dehumidification mode on a Honeywell air conditioner doesn’t actually cool the air, although it does feel that way, it collects the moisture filled air in the ACs coils and evaporates it through its exhaust. 

With automatic evaporation, you won’t have to worry about the water drainage. The unit evaporates the water collected in the dehumidification mode, making it a perfect solution for your humidity issues. 

You can set the timer to switch off the unit when you desire, and because we are all forgetful at one time or another, the timer will save you additional savings on your energy bill.  


This Honeywell portable air conditioner is equipped to effectively cool a 450-sq/ft area. With 12,000 BTUs, you can use this portable ac to bring down your room  temperature fairly quickly. 

It has a sleek and compact futuristic design that’s equipped with  a single hose and offers a dehumidification and fan-mode for your home or office. 

The device is very portable and has swiveling wheels, so you don’t have to pick it up, which is good because it’s pretty heavy at 75 lbs. Just drag it on its smooth steering wheels and take it anywhere you like. 

With effective dehumidification, the Honeywell HL 12CES is a perfect solution for the humid weather, as well. There’s a bucket full indicator notification so you’re aware when the bucket reaches half and full capacity, along with an auto shutoff when the bucket fills.  

The unit is a partial self-evaporation unit so it will evaporate part of the would be water, which will assist you from emptying the bucket too often.

The remote control gives you control over most of the unit which keeps you on the couch. You can set the timer if you like so you don’t have to fret about turning the unit off. This has the ability to save you energy and money. 

When you don’t need the cooling and just want to circulate the air, turn on the fan mode, which gives you three speeds. 

It has a 6′ power cord which should be adequate length, but if need be use an extension cord. The vent hose is 4′ so you will need to set the unit up close to a window.

Installation is pretty straightforward too and the unit comes with a window kit, maximum window opening is 49.6″. Just figure out which window in your room is the best to situate the unit near, install the window kit, connect the hose, and turn the power on. 

The filters are able to be cleaned in your sink so no need to replace them, they are easy to remove and reinstall. 

You don’t get adjustable louvers, so air regulation can be relatively less effective which is a bit of a bummer.

Finally, the sound level is only 52 dB, so you won’t get bothered, ensuring a calm, quiet, and cool environment for your sleep. 




If you want an efficient air conditioner for your medium  sized room, you should check the Honeywell MN12CES out. It’s great for a 400-sq/ft space and like all Honeywell portable air conditioners can be installed easily. The design is compact which adds to its portability. 

You get 2 additional operating modes with this unit, a fan mode that circulates and regulates the air, and a dehumidifier for reducing moisture in the air during humid days. It’s able to remove around 70 pints of moisture per day! 

The unit has a warning light that will notify you when the water bucket is full and needs to be drained. But you can install the hose for a permanent solution if you have the ability for a constant drain solution. That way, you won’t have to think about manually dumping out the water tray. 

You can program the timer so that when you arrive home your space is already cool and ready for you to relax. This mode also saves you money as it will keep the unit from running when no one is around and needing a comfortable environment to hang out in. 

The louvers are adjustable on this unit which allows you to direct the cool air anywhere in your room, a huge plus. The power cord on the other hand is very short at 3′ for some reason, so grab a good extension cord for installation.

The air filter takes care of any contaminants and lets the Honeywell air conditioner deliver clean and cool air. 

However, the AC doesn’t have an automatic mode, so you will have to adjust the settings yourself for your preferred comfort level. There is no auto-restart feature either, so if the power goes out you will need to reset the unit. 

The remote control will allow you to program the unit so couch surfers rejoice!  

The noise level compared to a window you unit you may be more familiar with is a bit noisier than you may be used to with a maximum dB of 55. However, when you feel the constant cool air of this unit in a room that you were having difficulty regulating the air, the noise will most likely be ignored. 

Make sure to clean the filters every now and then to ensure effective performance. 

All in all, it gives great bang for your buck, is easy to install and use, and performs efficiently. 




We haven’t covered a Honeywell portable air conditioner that also offers a heat mode which will give you 365-days of comfort. Well, the Honeywell MN10CHESWW offers you this option.

With the ability to cool and heat (and dehumidify) a 450-sq/ft room this Honeywell portable AC would be ideal for you. It takes care of extreme weather and also pulls off excess humidity from the air. You can use it as a fan as well. 

It’s a great supplemental cooling solution, if your primary cooling system is not handling the summer heat (or winter colds) effectively or if you have a room that your system isn’t able to support with regulated air. 

This unit is also good if you have an issue with your home HVAC system for an immediate short or long term solution. 

This Honeywell portable air conditioner has an auto-evaporation feature. You won’t have to bother to empty out the water bucket or install a drainage hose, the unit takes care of the moisture collected automatically. 

And, you get precise temperature control as well, you can set the temperature anywhere between 61-89º Fahrenheit. 

A washable air filters is a great option to have as well, they can save you money as you can easily clean them. You won’t have to spend on any replacements.  

Plus, the noise level is 53 decibels, not so loud but it isn’t silent or as quiet as a window unit would be. However, you won’t get annoyed by the noise since the air quality will be just how you like. 

Impressively, you can set-up this Honeywell air conditioner within minutes, and the window kit is included as it is with most of Honeywell’s ac units. 

It comes with a 5-year warranty, however, owners have had a tough time dealing with Honeywell to honor every aspect of the product’s warranty. 

Honeywell does have a great reputation for producing quality products so you most likely will not need to fight them on the warranty, although, there are always potential outliers when it comes to appliances so just keep this in mind prior to purchasing.  

The vent hose is 4′ long; so make sure the window you intend to install this Honeywell portable ac by will accommodate this length, or purchase a longer vent hose, the vent hose diameter is 5″.  

This is really a great option, and the price is relatively affordable considering everything you get with this unit.




This Honeywell portable air conditioner is ideal for large living areas like big bedrooms, office, garages and basements. It can conveniently handle a 700-sq/ft area, plus with heating and dehumidifier capabilities it makes this Honeywell an all-weather solution. 

With 11,000 BTUs of heating power and 14,000 BTUs of ac, the unit will keep you cozy in winters and cool in the summer.

You get everything you need for an easy install out of the box. The instructions are simple and clear. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes  to get this unit up and running. 

Rubber wheels roll smoothly on multiple surfaces, letting you move the unit pretty much anywhere in the house easily, which is good since it weighs 76 lbs. Take it to a suitable spot, attach the drainage hose, plug in the power and this Honeywell portable AC will be good to go. 

This Honeywell portable air conditioner offers you four modes: Heating, cooling, dehumidification, and fan-only. So, no need for any other device as far as handing whatever weather, you are dealing with. 

It has partial self-evaporation, so while it will take care of the collected water (moisture) “partially”, you may still need to take out water buckets in highly humid weather. The good thing is when the bucket is half or full, the indicator light lets you know. It also has a drain hose option if you are able to drain, which will let you forget about ever needing to empty the bucker.

This Honeywell portable AC is equipped with two washable air filters that will will keep your environment fresh and clean. 

With a programmable timer, you get to save on your electricity costs too. Set the timer for when you want the unit to kick on to cool your space, leave it and save money on your bills. 

The unit comes with a window kit to make the installation convenient, so you have everything you need out of the box. 

As with all portable ac units, it makes more noise than window units which people are more used to, however, it’s not too annoying. The wheels don’t work great on a rug or carpet so keep this in mind. 

All in all, the Honeywell HL14CESWB allows true portability, easy installation, heat mode for year-round use, and is suitable for a large space. 




The Honeywell MO10CESWK is suitable for up to a 450-sq/ft space in your home. The temperature range offered by the device is 61 – 89º Fahrenheit.

This compact series unit is pretty lightweight, a mere 49 lbs and has smooth swiveling wheels, so you can move this Honeywell portable AC around your home without much effort. 

With the capability of removing up to 61 pints per day of humidity, it’s a good companion for high-humidity weather, as well. A continuous drainage feature leaves you worry-free as far as manual drainage is concerned. 

In addition, this Honeywell portable AC comes with a dust filter that you can wash anytime with ease. When the filter is dusty, it notifies you to that it needs to be cleaned. This way, you can make sure the filter works effectively. 

Moreover, this Honeywell portable air conditioner has a dual filtration system, which means no pet dander or dust will enter the unit. This will enhance the lifespan of the system, as well as provide you fresh and breathable air. 

This is a relatively affordable unit for a high-quality portable ac that has a sleek and compact design that won’t take much space. 

This Honeywell portable AC is a little noisy, however, compared to window units you may be used to. The dehumidifier and fan-mode will be quieter than the AC mode. 

You might however feel that the water bucket fills up quickly, even in the AC mode. 

The unit displays your room temperature too, letting you know the temperature of your surroundings and how well the unit is working. 

You can remove the filters, clean them, and reinstall them without any hassle, so, no need to spend extra on replacing the filters before every summer. 

It’s an ideal solution for RV enthusiasts too, as the unit is compact and can be easily carried. This makes it a great get up and go unit to keep stored in your RV for when the road calls. 

This Honeywell portable AC provides great bang for your buck due to its functionality, compact size, easy installation, easy control, and portability. 





How to Drain Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner?

You might not have to drain your Honeywell portable air conditioner at all, depending on the model. The full self-evaporation feature in some Honeywell portable AC’s relieves you of the duty to drain your AC manually every now and then. 

Self-evaporation makes sure the water collected, especially in high humidity, is evaporated through the drain hose installed at the back of the AC. If your Honeywell portable AC does not have the self-evaporation feature at all or even has the partial evaporation feature, you will have to take out the water in a tray/bucket by opening up the drain valve at the lower back of the unit manually.

How to Clean Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner?

Cleaning a Honeywell portable air conditioner can be a pain when your unit doesn’t have the air filters that can be removed and washed easily. 

With washable air filters, not only you can keep the air fresh, you will cut down on the air filter replacements cost as well. 

Just remove the filters, soak them in lukewarm water, and leave them in a shady place to dry. Reinstall the filters after they are completely dry. 

You can use a vacuum to remove the dust residing on the insides of your AC. Also, clean the exterior of your portable AC with a damp cloth including the louvers and accessible interior. 

Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Manual

The Honeywell portable air conditioner manual is a very easy-to-understand document. It comprises every little detail about the unit you purchase along with the name labels of the parts.  

Even though the installation of these ACs is pretty straightforward, Honeywell has laid down detailed instructions on how the unit is effectively installed in your home setting. 

So, if you have any issue while setting up Honeywell’s AC, consult the manual, you’ll definitely find a workable solution. 

Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit

Windows are the most effective ways to vent heat produced by portable ACs. It’s easy and quick to set up the AC as you can find a window easily. A Honeywell portable AC comes with a window kit so that you can easily and effectively install it with a window. You just have to connect a vent pipe going out the window to get rid of the heat.

Final Thoughts on Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners

Overall Honeywell is a reputable company that produces quality products. There portable ac’s will last you a long time if you care for it properly. Make sure prior to putting it away for the season that you clean the filter, wipe the unit down and store it in a space that no damage can happen. If you do this and maintain the unit, your Honeywell portable ac has a great chance of giving you many, many years of use.