Installing a Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

A wood burning fireplace has many advantages, perhaps the major one being the fact that using wood as a fuel is far cheaper than gas, oil, and electricity.

A wood burning fireplace insert, often just referred to as a fireplace insert are wood stoves that have been customized to fit neatly into the firebox of a brickwork fireplace.

The function of inserts is to transform brick or stone fireplaces that are ineffective into something that is modern and effective for home heating.

An insert is composed of a firebox enclosed by a steel case and air passes between the firebox and case to be warmed. The metal case makes certain that the heat produced is passed into the living space instead of the brickwork. The case or surround panel is also a great way to achieve a different look or disguise ugly masonry work.

How to Install an Insert

pa160698-300x225Firstly, you need to be aware that stoves need to be placed upon many inches of concrete, referred to as constructional hearths.

If this is not present then there’s no need to be too concerned as you can easily raise your stove from the ground using raft lintel or brickwork, another good option is to build a log store underneath.

Next you need to check the dimensions of your recess, basically the size of the square hole in your wall, the height, depth, and width.

Although inserts are manufactured to fit as perfectly as possible, some extra room may need to be made involving expansion of your fire back, as the name suggests this is the wall or masonry behind your fireplace.

stovax_stockton_3_multi-fuel_stove_new_longton_preston_lancashire_2-300x225If you discover that your existing recess is too narrow then you will need to open up your fireplace to make extra space for your insert.

If you have no construction experience or engineering knowledge, then you’re probably best-seeking help and advice from local builders.

This is extremely important as removing stones and bricks can lead to instability, meaning you will need the support of a lintel if you plan on removing masonry work.

If you find an insert that is the perfect size for your fireplace then you’ll have a much smoother time. It’s simply a case of installing a suitable chimney liner and your insert, to begin you need to fit your chimney liner to ensure the exhausts from your stove are adequately transported and contained from your home.

There are also many other advantages to a chimney liner, including easy maintenance and they can decrease heat loss.

Often there are obstructions preventing the installation of a fan pipe and liner, therefore ensure you remove this if you feel competent.

Lastly, you simply need to slide your insert in and then your surround panel or case. After that, you’re all ready to go and can heat your home burning wood.

Final Words

Wood burning fireplace inserts offer a quick and easy way of transforming your old and inefficient fireplace into something that is beautiful, efficient and most importantly great at heating your home for the cheapest possible price.