Feel Like a King (or Queen) with Kingsman Fireplace Inserts

Kingsman Fireplace is a prominent company that has been making stoves, fireplaces, and all the related accessories since 1976. The multiple years in operation and gained experience has certainly proven successful, backed up by the refined, sophisticated products made by this brand.

Kingsman Fireplace prides itself on making a wide range of some of the best-reviewed and top-rated indoor and outdoor fireplaces, fireplace inserts, freestanding stoves, fire pits, burners, and gas log sets. Additionally, they produce a number of convincing and realistic accessories such as brick liners, lava rocks, log sets, ember glass, and cannonballs, that will convert your fireplace into the focal centerpiece of your home. All their products are available in both natural gas and liquid propane models, leaving the buyer spoiled for choice.  

Owners have great reviews about Kingsman Fireplaces, their amazing customer service, and honoring of warranties. The only disadvantages when it comes to Kingsman fireplace products is that the warranty is limited as compared to the other brands, and their appliances can only be obtained through established dealers. 

Standard Features in Kingsman Fireplace Inserts

Certification: Fully Certified under Canadian and American National Standards.

Gas Type: All products are available in both natural gas and liquid propane models

Country of Manufacture: Canada

Warranty: Basic One Year warranty which includes replacement of any defective Kingsman fireplace parts in the first year and a Limited Lifetime Warranty involving the replacement of only the heat exchanger, combustion chamber and burner of every Kingsman product excluding the Outdoor Firepit during the period the product is owned by the original owner. These terms only apply if the unit is at the site of the original installation, and within the US, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

Below are reviews of some of the Kingsman Fireplace Insert Models:

The Kingsman Zero Clearance Direct Vent Fireplaces are highly efficient inserts with flame sensors that constantly monitor the pilot flame and provide 100% gas shut off if the pilot is not sensed. This feature has contributed to the increased safety of gas inserts, making it a major consideration during purchase. 

Like most Kingsman Fireplaces inserts, they come with a safety screen barrier and a brilliant Millivolt/IPI valve system that allows operation even in the case of power failure. The flame pattern of the dual burner coupled with the available log sets creates a more convincing and life-like feel to the insert.

Kingsman HBZDV Attributes

The Kingsman IDV series presents the direct vent inserts that are completely sealed to maintain the air quality in your home. The models 26, 34, and 44 in this series are quite similar, save for a few differences. 

These models have a minimalist polished look, along with design options for Black Clean View Kit with Safety Screen Barrier, Black surrounds for Clean View, Black surround picture frame for Clean View, Porcelain Reflective Liner, Brick Liners, and an RSP10 Glass Tray with a Bronze Ember Glass.

Kingsman IDV Attributes

The Kingsman Vented Gas Fireplace Insert has a simple, sleek look that will fit perfectly into the décor of any modern home. It has the bedroom and bed sitting room approval, and just like all other Kingsman Fireplaces products, it comes in both Natural and Propane gas types.

This model has a safety screen barrier and a stunning dual burner system with glowing embers. Additionally, it has a millivolt valve system that allows it to operate even in case of a power failure.

Kingsman VFI Attributes

The Kingsman ZCVRB3622 and ZCVRB47 models have a number of common features, along with their elegant and effortless design. They come with beautiful decorative bronze glass, black interior walls, and an approved safety screen barrier. 

Another great feature is that both models feature the Hi/Low Millivolt or IPI valve system, which operates even during power failures. The Model 47 is, however, longer in size as compared to Model 3622, but offers less efficiency. All in all, both models offer great service, durability, and functionality when it comes to zone heating your home. 

Kingsman ZCVRB Attributes

The Kingsman Outdoor Fireplaces Models exist in Natural (42N) and Propane (42NS) gas types. These models are a stylish and elegant addition to any outdoor space. 

With the corrosion-resistant satin coat having a black paint finish, and a weather-resistant stainless-steel pull screen, these models blend seamlessly into any design and durably last for years. 

These models come with additional lava rock and styling options such as 5-piece log sets and refractory brick liners, both herringbone and traditional. 

For screened porch installation, a porch area of 96 square feet, a ceiling height of 92”, a minimum of 2 screened walls that are open to outside ventilation, with a minimum screen height of 78” and a screen area of 64 square feet, are required. 

Kingsman OFP Attributes

The Kingsman ZCV series has been designed for Zero clearance installation, and will, therefore, fit into almost every living space. The Models 39 and 42 are made of tempered glass, while Models 39H and 42H are made of ceramic glass. 

The ZCV series also features a beautiful pan burner with a realistic flame pattern and a dedicated clean view appliance. As with other Kingsman Fireplaces products, these models are highly recommended as a result of their efficiency and high functionality.

Kingsman ZCV Attributes

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Gas Fireplace Inserts Work?

Gas fireplace inserts are fireproof combustion boxes made of steel and insulated glass that burn natural or propane gas, therefore radiating heat and warmth into your living spaces. Gas fireplace inserts are more efficient than the traditional fireplace, leaving you with clean indoor air quality and maximum performance. They also come with realistic artificial log sets and rocks for a more natural look. 

How Long Do Fireplace Inserts Last?

Fireplace inserts have a lifespan of between 10 -20 years. With proper maintenance, they could last longer. However, most fireplace models will require the replacement of defective parts after an average of ten years of use. With heavy use, accessories such as log sets may require replacement every 3-5 years.

How to Light Kingsman Fireplaces Gas Inserts?

Since these inserts use gas, care should be taken to ensure that there are no leakages at any point. In case of any leakages or smell of gas, open all windows, do not use any electrical devices, and immediately call your gas supplier or the fire department from the neighbor’s phone. 

For Electronic Ignition

The Kingsman Fireplaces gas inserts with IPI are equipped with an ignition device that automatically lights the pilot. To light it, first, remove the batteries from the receiver and the battery backup pack. Switch off all the electric power to the insert then open the glass door.  After that, turn the manual shutoff valve behind the access panel clockwise to ‘OFF’. 

Wait for 5 minutes to clear out any gas, then smell for gas to ensure there are no leakages. If you do not smell gas, turn the manual shutoff valve counter-clockwise to ‘ON’. Afterwards, close the glass door, turn on all electric power to the fireplace and re-install batteries into the Transmitter/Receiver, and the Battery Backup Pack. Finally, turn the “On” switch that operates the Main Burner.

For the Millivolt System

The appliances with the Millivolt system have a pilot which must be lighted by hand. When lighting the pilot, set the thermostat to the lowest setting, then turn off all electrical power to the appliance. Locate the valve under the burner assembly and ensure that the control knob is in the off position by pushing in the gas control knob slightly and turning it clockwise to “OFF”.

Thereafter, wait five minutes to clear out any gas, then smell for any leakages. If there is no smell of gas, push in the control knob slightly and turn it counter-clockwise to the “PILOT” position. Push in the control knob all the way and hold it. With the other hand, push in the red igniter button until you hear a click. 

Keenly observe the pilot burner located on the rear center-left hand side of the main burner. Once a flame appears, continue to depress the control knob for 20 seconds. If the flame doesn’t appear, continue to depress the red igniter button every 5 seconds until a flame is formed. 

Once the pilot is established, hold the control knob in the depressed position for approximately 25 seconds before releasing it. Turn the control knob to the “ON” position. The burner will not light unless the wall switch thermostat or remote control is turned “ON”, or in the case of the thermostat, there is a call for heat. Finally, close the access door and turn all electrical power back to the appliance.