KwiKool Portable Air Conditioners for All Your Commercial Needs

Based, designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas, KwiKool is not such a well-known brand, however, they a reputable and trusted portable AC brand. 

KwiKool has been operating since 1997 and the company only focuses on commercial use air conditioners.  These units do not have all the bells and whistles you may be used to with household portable ac’s you’re used to, but these are units that are meant for industrial usage.

The brand has launched different types of cooling units over the past few years, including ceiling-mounted, portable and indoor/outdoor air conditioning units. The company has made quite a name in the air conditioning industry for an excellent solution for spot cooling.

Thanks to their advanced technology, durability, and the fact that KwiKool products are manufactured in the United States, their products are a great option for restaurants, indoor gardens, offices, hospitals, and other commercial spaces.

Most of the units manufactured by KwiKool cover a large area (up to 1,000-sq/ft units are reviewed on this page) as they are truly industrial cooling units. KwiKool units can be moved from one room to another effortlessly, however, they are not as simple to install as your typical household portable air conditioning units, again, they are meant for commercial use only.

As compared to central ac systems, KwiKool portable AC’s are an energy-efficient option which makes them great to keep around should you have any central air issues, or for supplementary usage.

A great option for rooms up to 400-sq/ft, the KwiKool KPAC1411-2 can be found in your local restaurant’s server lounge when the central air goes out. 

This KwiKool portable air conditioner features a 5-gallon internal tank for storing moisture the unit collects. The AC will shut off automatically if the internal tank is filled with water. You will also get a notification when there is a water overflow in the internal tank.

This unit will also allow for continuous water drainage with an internal pump that gives you 20-feet of pressure for drainage. If you’re setting this unit up for longterm usage you can utilize the 150-foot drain hose to run along the duct work or if you happen to have a drain close by you can drain there as well.

A single duct ceiling kit (not included) will enable you to vent it into the drop ceiling. The model features dual-hoses that allow you to direct the cool air into one or two locations according to your preference. This will help you direct the chilled and fresh air to any direction in the room.

Unlike the standard portable AC units, KwiKool air conditioner does not release negative air pressure. Since this is an industrial unit, it is made with high-quality material that will take a beating more than you’re used to with a typical portable ac unit.

Similar to other KwiKool units, these DO NOT come with condenser flanges, a ceiling duct kit or an air chute kit




The KwiKool KIB1811, like all other KwiKool products, is designed specifically for commercial applications and can cool rooms up to 600-sq/ft. This KwiKool portable air conditioner is made of heavy-duty and solid materials which which will keep it intact over the long-haul. 

This USA-made portable air conditioning unit offers efficient and quiet operations, so if it’s being used as a temporary cooling solution in a restaurant it won’t disrupt your business too much.

You can use its control panel to adjust the temperature, operating mode, and power digitally. The model comes equipped with the overload circuit, which protects the AC from overheating issues.

This unit can gather excess moisture for you in its reservoir for you to dump manually or you can attached the included 150-foot hose and allow the internal pump to give you the ability for a 24-hour drain solution 

The AC will stop automatically and sound an alarm if the tank is full or if the drain is clogged so you shouldn’t find water all over your floor. 

The model comes with a six-foot power cord that enables you to keep the model wherever you want. Even if there is a power failure in your area, rest assured that the unit will re-start automatically once the power is back. You also get to adjust the vent and direct airflow in different directions.

Similar to other KwiKool units, these DO NOT come with condenser flanges, a ceiling duct kit or an air chute kit




As you’ll notice we included both the KwiKool KIB2411 and the KwiKool KIB2421 models for this review. The only difference between these two models is the voltage for the units. One is a 115-V (KIB2411) and the other is a 230-V (KIB2421) which you will be prompted to choose from. 

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, KwiKool is very utilitarian when it comes to their designs which can be a huge bonus when you just want your unit to work and don’t care about the aesthetics of the unit.

Both of the units have a cooling power of 23,500 BTUs and relatively same airflow CFM, 1050 vs 1100, and share many if not all similar features besides the amount of fan speeds. The KwiKool KIB2411 has one fan speed, while the KwiKool KIB2421 has three fan speeds to choose from. 

Each unit has a 5-gallon external tank that collects condensation which is collected during operation. If manually emptying the unit works best for you, you can do so, if setting up a hose for continuous drainage is best, this unit will allow you to do so as well. 

A 150-foot hose (included) can be attached to the unit to pump the water into a ceiling vent or Into a nearby drain if there is one. If the drain is blocked or just isn’t working as it should an alarm will alert you so that water doesn’t end up all over the place. 

As with all KwiKool units, they are made with highly-durable material that are built for the long-haul. There’s an internal fan that will cool the unit to keep it from overheating, and there’s a low pressure switch that automatically kicks in to protect the compressor in the event the air pressure drops below the recommended level.

Similar to other KwiKool units, these DO NOT come with condenser flanges, a ceiling duct kit or an air chute kit




As touched on in the review above, and as you can see with your own eyes, there’s a pattern for how KwiKool develops their highly functioning line of products. Each product is relatively a spitting image of the other models, just with higher BTU capabilities which allow for a larger space to be cooled.

The KwiKool KIB3021 falls within this assessment and can handle a space up to 1,000-sq/ft. The maximum airflow is 850 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and this unit has three fan speeds. 


For your convenience there’s a digital thermostat that gives you the ability to set the temperature to how you would like the room, temperature wise, and then set the fan mode to one of the three speeds. There’s also an “auto” fan mode that can make the decision for you, which will bring air temperature down to the cooling temperature you like at the highest fan speed and then will slow the speed once the optimal temperature has been reached.

Similar to the other units on this page, there is a 5-gallon tank that can be used to store water that was collected until you’re ready to manually dump or you can hook up the supplied 150-foot hose for 24-hour continuous drainage, whichever works best for you. There is an alarm that will alert you when the tank is full or if there is an issue with the hose, so don’t worry too much about any potential water on your floor.

This model also has an internal fan which will cool the motor to avoid overheating, along with high and low pressure switches which will save your compressor in the event the pressure drops or exceeds the recommended pressure for the unit.  

Similar to other KwiKool units, these DO NOT come with condenser flanges, a ceiling duct kit or an air chute kit




Bottom Line

KwiKool portable air conditioners are a business owners #1 choice for commercial air conditioning needs. The USA-based brand is known for introducing some energy-efficient and cost-effective cooling solutions to the market. Each system is pretty much a spitting image of the other units, just with a higher BTU.

It is an ideal option for your restaurant, office, workspace, server rooms, hospitals, warehouses, and other areas that need fast, temporary or longterm cooling needs.


Can KwiKool Air Conditioners be Used Outdoors?

Portable air conditioners can be moved from one place to another. However, it is important to place it on a level floor and 10-15 inches away from your furniture.

It is absolutely possible to position the KwiKool air conditioner outside your home or business. For instance, if you have organized a birthday party on your patio or backyard and want to rid yourself of the excessive humidity, you can move the air conditioning unit outdoors to assist your guests.

The unit will absorb warm air along with moisture and convert it into chilled and fresh air, which is awesome. However, to get the best results for this type of situation you will want to purchase a unit with a higher BTU.

After all, cooling units need to work harder to deliver chilled air in an open space. Similarly, placing your AC outdoors can quickly escalate your electricity bills. While it is possible to shift your portable air conditioner outside, it may not deliver the best results.

Are KwiKool Air Conditioners Good for Indoor Growing Spaces?

If you’re an indoor grower you already know that the amount of heat your lights produce are both good and bad for your plants. If a room is too hot or too cold, your plants can get stressed and not produce the outcome you were seeking when you set the room up for in the first place.

Finding the proper balance for the air can become a trial and error situation so that you can find the optimal temperature that your plants want to grow and thrive in.

Also, these indoor grow rooms tend to always be small which limits the amount of space you have get an air conditioning unit in that will actually keep the temperature at a level that gives you the air quality you’re looking for. 

For all these reasons these KwiKool models could be be great for your room. I say maybe because these units are made to exhaust through a drop ceiling, which I’d assume your grow space doesn’t have. If you are a handy enough person I’m sure you’ll be able to get the exhaust working to meet your needs, however, if you’re looking for a set-up and install situation then these units aren’t for you. If you are handy though, measure your space to figure out which model would work, and best of luck with your harvest!

Is Window Necessary for the Installation of Portable Air Conditioners?

Like your central AC and other cooling systems, a portable AC usually needs to vent its warm air and humidity somewhere.  While most homeowners are used to venting their portable AC units through a window, some portable AC units don’t have a venting kit that would easily allow this venting to occur.

These KwiKool models don’t have a kit that ould easily allow you to vent through a window, although, if you are handy I’m sure you could create a box that would allow you to vent via a window.

KwiKool models are meant to vent into drop ceiling which a user should be aware of prior to purchase.

Can I leave the KwiKool Air Conditioner on at Night?

All air conditioning units collect moisture from the air. As a result, the internal tank of these portable air conditioning units gets filled with water. If there is a water overflow, the unit will automatically shut off to prevent possible damages. It is possible to leave your portable air conditioner unattended the whole night.

However, you need to be careful if you have used an overused plug. There is a chance the AC can cause a short circuit if it is not connected to a reliable and sturdy plug. Moreover, water overflow can result in leakage. Most KwiKool air conditioners feature no-drop no leakage technology. Additionally, some units come equipped with a moisture exhaust hose that handles the draining automatically. So, if you have a habit of leaving your AC on at night, then you can opt for a self-evaporating air conditioner.

How Many Times Do I Need to Drain the KwiKool Air Conditioner?

The answer to this question can vary from user to user. You may not need to empty the internal water tank of your portable AC for months. However, some people need to drain it as frequently as every 6 hours. The number of times you need to drain the KwiKool portable air conditioner depends on how often and how long you use it. It also depends on the level of humidity in your room. If there is excess moisture, then the AC will have to work harder to deliver fresh and chilled air.

There is a possibility it might shut off automatically due to the excess water filled in the internal tank. You don’t need to empty the internal tank at all if you don’t switch to the dehumidifier mode. Similarly, some KwiKool air conditioners feature a self-evaporation technology that drains the internal tank automatically. However, you will still have to check the water tank occasionally to prevent water overflow.

Are KwiKool Portable Air Conditioners Cheaper than the Central AC Units?

Portable air conditioners have multiple features that make this cooling system energy-efficient. They are definitely cheaper than the central AC units. The reason is simple – portable air conditioners cool only a limited amount of space. They will cool only one room at a time, even if there is an adjoining room.

The best quality of portable conditioners is its different operating modes. You don’t need to run the cooling mode all day. Switch to the fan-only mode when the AC has hit your desired temperature. Similarly, you can set a timer to turn the AC off. This way the portable air conditioning unit will turn off automatically once it reaches the set temperature. There are many ways you can prevent unnecessary power consumption. But, a portable AC consumes a significant amount of energy if they are left on for the whole day.

Does KwiKool Portable AC need Regular Cleaning?

You may have to clean the AC occasionally. Each internal component must be cleaned and replaced if needed. The more you clean the unit, the longer it will last.

What is the Durability of KwiKool Portable AC?

Portable air conditioners are the easy-to-install cooling units. You can set them up in your room and turn the AC on. The durability of these units depends on how well you maintain them. A standard KwiKool portable AC has a lifespan of around 10 years. If you invest your time and money in the maintenance, then you can add another 5 years to its life.

Some components of your AC can act up. For instance, the fan may not work properly. If there is any issue in the compressor, then you will have to replace the entire unit. The manufacturers offer a warranty for the unit. Additionally, portable air conditioners are designed to last for up to 15 years. That’s how long they are going to last if used and maintained properly.

Can KwiKool Portable AC Prevent the Foul Order?

Some air conditioners feature an advanced technology that keeps the odor at bay. It is possible for your portable air conditioning unit to develop mold and mildew on the filter. As a result, it produces a foul smell. If you use your AC frequently, then replace the filter every once in a while or keep it clean. Regular cleaning will prevent the growth of microorganisms on the filter. Lack of proper maintenance and cleaning is the primary cause of the growth of molds on the filter. So, clean your AC components regularly.