Majestic Fireplace Inserts Brand Guide with Product Reviews

Majestic has been in existence since 1894, giving it over 125 years of experience in the manufacture of heating products. The company is based in North America and is well known for its durable and high-quality heating appliances, particularly the Majestic gas fireplaces, gas stoves, Majestic gas fireplace inserts, Majestic wood-burning fireplaces, outdoor and electric fireplaces. They also produce a magnificent range of log sets, as well as other options and accessories for customizing your fireplace.

A Majestic fireplace offers both traditional and contemporary designs, as well as multi-sided fireplaces that fit well into any home décor. The products are widely known for their high durability and sophisticated aesthetics, making it the go-to brand for those looking to add a warm ambiance of luxury into both their residential or commercial properties. 

Majestic fireplace appliances are highly reviewed and recommended by their owners. They are very reliable and durable, lasting well beyond their expected useful life, with minimum repairs. The only challenge is that the company does not sell directly to consumers, and their products can only be purchased from authorized dealers.

Key Features of Majestic Products

Intellifire Touch: Majestic fireplace heating products have a brilliant intermittent-pilot ignition system that makes their products operable from an IntelliFire app, touchscreen remote control, or wireless wall switch. 

Direct Vent Technology: Majestic fireplace products use the direct vent technology that removes any fumes created by the fireplace to ensure the highest air quality in your living spaces

Heat Management Solution: With Majestic fireplace products, you can adjust the heat of your appliance according to the weather and your comfort level. These include the Passive Heat kit, the Smart Wall TV kit, the Heat-zone kit, and the Heat-Out kit.

Power Venting Technology: This fan-powered technology allows you to install your Majestic products in any location of your home, by pulling the exhaust through the fireplace venting.

Zone Heating: The Majestic fireplace heating appliances allow you to effectively heat only the rooms you frequently use, therefore reducing your energy costs. 

Below is a review of the best Majestic Gas Fireplace Inserts and Majestic wood-burning fireplaces available in the market:

This is an efficient Majestic Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Insert that comes in a 30” model. It is an excellent replacement for a traditional fireplace, offering fast installation, and up to 70% efficiency. It features elegant sets of realistic flames and split wood logs, presenting your home with a more natural-looking fireplace. 

This Majestic fireplace insert also comes with an optional SmartRemote that has a timer mode, a thermostat mode, a room temperature readout, and an on/off button. Majestic Jasper also offers a range of design options to customize the look of your fireplace to your preferences.

Majestic Jasper Attributes

This is an impressive Majestic gas fireplace insert that is a tasteful addition to any home. With the additional refined features such as the decorative brick base, the premium log sets, the convincing dazzling flames, the contemporary arches, and the clean screen, the sophisticated Majestic Ruby gas fireplace insert will be the focal point of your home. 

Another great feature of the Majestic Ruby is that it comes with the Intellifire touchscreen remote that has the on/off feature, flame height & light adjustment, room temperature readout, timer mode, child lock, a power vent, and wall docking station, among many other features. This makes it incredibly easy to adjust and control your Majestic fireplace insert. 

Majestic Ruby Attributes

The Majestic Ashland is a customizable Majestic wood burning fireplace that comes in three different sizes. It also features a variety of striking log options and firebrick interiors, as well as stylish black and bronze bi-fold doors. 

The large viewing areas of the Majestic Ashland models present an expansive view of the real and scenic fires. This model guarantees the utmost performance, with two standard outside air kits for enhanced venting. 

Majestic Ashland Attributes

The Royalton is a classical Majestic wood burning fireplace with outstanding performance. It offers design options of stunning brick interiors, and detailed log sets visible through the sizable bi-fold glass doors. 

The Majestic Royalton is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind in the series of the Majestic wood fireplace options, and would blend in perfectly with both traditional and modern interior decor.

Majestic Royalton Attributes

The Majestic Biltmore is another wood-burning fireplace that comes in three different sizes. It is the largest Majestic wood burning fireplace with a clean, sleek face design that can be modified using the numerous Majestic fireplace parts, accessories and styling options. 

These include the classic traditional and herringbone interior panels, and three unique black doors to select from. The expansive view of the Majestic Biltmore offers a great ambiance of luxury that will surely make your home the envy of all your friends. 

Majestic Biltmore Attributes

The Sovereign is a sleek, polished Majestic wood burning fireplace perfectly crafted to meet both your heating and design needs. It comes with high-quality finishes of traditional brick interior panels and quality log sets. 

You can also select from a bifold glass door, a grand vista mesh door, and a gasketed glass door in various finishes, according to your home décor. This model has high durability that will serve you reliably through all years of ownership. 

Majestic Sovereign Attributes

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Gas Fireplace Inserts Work?

Gas fireplace inserts not only provide a great ambiance to any home, but also provide warmth and comfort that meets all your heating needs. They are highly efficient and are more flexible as to the location of placement in your home. 

They are made of a sealed metallic box and an insulated glass that prevents any heat loss.  The gas is combusted to produce heat, which is then radiated into the room. 

Majestic gas fireplace inserts feature a direct vent technology, which uses a chambered double vent pipe that draws combustion air from the outdoors as opposed to inside the room, and similarly lets out the exhaust and fumes from the appliances to the outside of the exterior wall.

How Long Do Fireplace Inserts Last?

The minimum expected useful life of a fireplace insert ranges between 20 years to 30 years. However, other Majestic fireplace parts, components and accessories that come with the appliance have a shorter life span and might, therefore, require replacement within the first ten years of ownership.

Majestic offers a warranty to the original owner or any transferee of ownership at the site of installation within two years of original purchase. It includes a Limited Lifetime warranty of 20 years for gas appliances, covering only the firebox and the heat exchanger. 

Burners, Logs, and refractory have a 10-year warranty, while ignition modules and factory-installed Majestic fireplace blowers have a 2-year warranty. Other Majestic fireplace parts and components have a 1-year warranty. There is also a 90-day warranty on all parts replaced beyond the warranty period. 

How to Light Majestic Fireplace Gas Inserts?

The Majestic fireplace gas inserts are equipped with an intermittent pilot ignition device which automatically lights the burner. Therefore, do not try to light the burner by hand. Before lighting, smell all around the appliance area for gas. Do not operate the unit if the fixed glass assembly is removed, cracked, or broken. Call a qualified technician in case of any challenges with lighting the unit, or if any part of it has been underwater. 

Use only your hand to push in or turn the gas control knob without using force. Wait for five minutes to clear out any gas, then smell for gas, including near the floor. If you smell any gas, do not touch any electronic appliances, and immediately call your gas supplier or the fire department from the neighbor’s phone. 

If there is no smell, proceed with lighting the burner. If the appliance is equipped with the wall switch, turn the ON/OFF switch to ON. If it comes with a remote or wall control, simply Press ON or the FLAME button, and if it has a thermostat, set the temperature to the desired setting. 

To turn off the gas appliance, Turn the ON/OFF switch to OFF on the wall switch, or press the OFF button on the remote or wall control. If it is equipped with a thermostat, set the temperature to the lowest setting. Remember to turn off the electric power to the control when performing service.