A Marey Tankless Water Heater is the Most Affordable on the Market

Marey tankless water heater is produced by keeping in mind the sad reality we face with global warming. The exhaust gases emitted by heating devices contribute significantly to the global warming phenomenon. 

Marey takes a step forward by producing affordable and eco-friendly tankless water heaters while also keeping innovation their top priority. These highly efficient water heaters minimize greenhouse gas emissions, rendering our atmosphere safer for our future generations. 

Marey specializes in efficient gas and electric tankless water heaters, but only for indoor use. We’re impressed by how their products keep the consumers bank account in mind, i.e. they’re affordable, while also producing high-efficiency tankless water heaters that are able to compete with other brands in the category. 

But, don’t let the low price deceive you, the company provides top-notch tankless water heaters although their products are affordable. 

With proper maintenance (once a year), a Marey water heater should last you around 20 years. The heaters are relatively easier to install as you get a useful installation guide when you make your purchase. And the customer support is helpful with any unanticipated event that may present itself during the installation or if something goes wrong during its lifespan. 

These Marey water heaters are built so that everyone can enjoy consistent hot water in their homes, which is why the company has kept these tankless water heaters as affordable as possible. 

After a quick overview of the Marey company we will dive into some reviews of Marey tankless water heaters

A Brief Overview of the Marey Brand

Marey is a family-owned business that has been providing effective water-heating solutions to its customers for a very long time. Since its onset in 1955, Marey has put customer satisfaction as its primary goal. 

Visionary entrepreneur Mariano Reyes founded the company and has made his lifework into the manufacturing of inventive tankless water heaters. In his endeavor, he developed the point-of-use shower water heater and continued to provide cost-effective water-heating solutions to people after that. 

Before expanding into North America, the Caribbean, South America, and the world, Marey was a leading brand in Puerto Rico. 

Marey’s mission is to be at the top of the ladder in energy-efficiency and over-deliver to their customers when it comes to their energy-saving goals. With loyalty and respect as its core value, the company strives to build a good rapport with its customers. 

The company’s exceptionally heat-efficient and cost-effective water heaters come with a 5-year warranty are proof of its commitment to customer satisfaction. 

This unit provides steady water to multiple outlets, ideally only two locations will be using hot water at any given time. The company recommends this unit for central and southern states in the US.

It delivers unlimited hot water on demand at the temperature of your liking, up to a limit, see below. It can get too hot but won’t get too cold, ensuring steamy relaxing baths in cold weather. 

The maximum temperature that this Marey water heater is able to reach is 125°F. So keep this in mind when making your purchase, because if you are looking for hotter water continue your search with another unit.

This water heating system is very affordable, which is what you will find with all Marey tankless water heaters. As mentioned in our company overview, one of the values the company holds near and dear is providing excellent value with their tankless water heater line. 

The water won’t take more than 10 seconds to get hot and reach either point of use faucet, so you get virtually instant hot water. 

The Marey ECO 150 is relatively easy to install, and if you’re handy you should be able to install it yourself, although the company recommends a professional plumber and electrician for install, which we recommend as well. 

If you decide to go down the self-install road the company provides an installation guide and the company’s technical team is always there to help you out. Being that it’s 8.7″ x 14.2″ x 3.5″ it won’t take much space and can virtually be installed anywhere, since it’s an electrical unit it won’t need to be vented. 

You can set the temperature you want on the LCD panel conveniently. This can optimize energy consumption; when you don’t need the maximum limit, why waste the energy. At the 2.5 GPM flow rate, the temperature rise is up to 41 degrees. 

Additionally, the stainless steel water channel won’t rust over time, making it work efficiently for a long time. The material won’t allow calcium buildup in the interior either.




So, for starters if you are in a climate where it gets below freezing temperatures, you should move along to a Marey tankless water heater that won’t freeze if cold air gets into the vent. A few owners have mentioned they’ve had issues with the unit freezing from this scenario and they then need to drain both hot and cold water pipes which will drive anyone mad.

If you’re still with us then we will assume you live in warmer climate that won’t have any freezing weather. If that’s you, and you use propane in your home, hello off-grid dwellers, then continue reading.

The Marey Gas 10L LPG DP tankless water heater can be installed virtually anywhere in your home, that’s able to be vented, without hassle making it a nice unit DIYers. 

This Marey water heater is prettty small, 13.6″ x 23.6″ x 6.9″, and lightweight, 21 lbs, so you won’t be limited to where you can install, again it will need to be vented. 

An awesome feature of this Marey is the limited electrical power that is need for ignition, which can be supplied with 2D cell batteries (comes included). 

This Marey unit provides a maximum flow rate of up to 3.1-GPM which should give you availability to supply up to two points of use simultaneously, which is great for small to medium sized homes (family’s). A note is that some owners have mentioned that they’re only able supply one POU with hot water, so keep that in mind prior to making your purchase.

The propane gas is only consumed when there is water running in the line, which makes the system highly-efficient, up to 87% which you will save on your bills downstream. 

Although, this Marey heats the water in under a minute, it does depend how close your water heater is to the point of use you’ll be using. There is a “cool” flame window for you to monitor the flame intensity. 

The water line is ½”, so if your houses lines are different, you may have to have a plumber make the change. Also, don’t forget to loosen the drain bolt to drain the water; frozen water could damage the unit. 

If you have some know-how of plumbing, the installation of this Marey water heater would be pretty simple for you, just remember to shut off the gas and water first. 




This Marey tankless water heater has an exceptional price point, considering the value it provides. This Marey Power Pak Plus 220V (there’s also a 110V model) stands out to us because it is so very affordable and has a long lifespan, if taken care of properly.  

As with many Marey water heaters on the market, they are recommended for warmer climates. So, if you live in the southern part of the US or Caribbean, please continue to read on.  

With a built-in filter to assist keeping out sediments that may damage your tankless water heater over it’s lifespan (we’re looking at you hard water households), this Marey requires minimal water pressure to kick-on.

This may be one of the smallest tankless water heaters we’ve seen on the market at 7 lbs with dimensions of 11.1″ x 10.2″ x 4.8″, which allows you to literally install this anywhere. The unit can also be angled anyway during installation which adds to being able to be installed just about anywhere. 

Another bonus to this Marey Power Pak Plus 220V is it gives you the ability to choose how many Amps power the unit. So, if you happen to only have 30-Amps available, you’re in luck!. Just familiarize yourself with the dial that changes the amperage as it’s easy to change and you may overload a circuit by accident. 

The temperature adjustment is easy and you can also turn the unit off easily which is good in the event you need to do so. 

This is a mighty unit for its size. Owners have mixed feelings for how the Power Pak Plus 220V handles over its lifespan. Seems to us if you are conscious of installing this in warmer climates and don’t need more than two points of use at a time, you may be able to get three, that this will be a rewarding purchase. Too many adaptable positives with this unit not to be a good purchase, if you’re buying for an ideal situation.




The Marey ECO 110 is another space-saver in Marey’s affordable tankless water heater line. It has a compact design, 8.6″ x 3″ x 14.75″, and weighs very little, 8.3 lbs. These attributes allow you to install the unit in almost any convenient location in your home. 

The water pressure required to activate the system is pretty low, so less water will be lost before you get the needed amount of hot water. 

Using it is not rocket science either. It equips a simple and small digital screen through which you can set the temperature of your water, using simple up and down touch buttons. 

And the over-temperature feature won’t let the machine exceed a specific temperature, making it safe and promoting its longevity. 

You can also change the unit of water temperature to Fahrenheit or Celcius, so if need be you have options. 

Our main appreciation of the Eco 110 is that it provides on-demand unlimited water without needing much maintenance over its longevity, while being very reasonably priced. 

Compared to similar products in the market, this Marey water heater is considerably less expensive, which makes them affordable for most households. As mentioned in our brand write-up this is a virtue that Marey values. 

Similar to other Marey tankless water heaters, the unit only utilizes energy when it’s needed, making sure your bills don’t weigh your bank account down. 

You get a 5-year warranty with the product, so if anything comes up, you can always contact the customer support and get the issue fixed. We view this Marey favorably, but repeating ourselves, you need to live in a warm climate for Marey water heaters. 

Although some owners comment that they can get hot water at multiple outlets, we view this as a point of use unit. In the right situation you may be able to get an additional location or two, but don’t expect too much. 




This outdoor Marey tankless water heater can be safely installed anywhere under the sun. Ultraviolet rays can, over time, render material useless. However, the anti-UV coating on the Marey GA26ONG water heater prevents these sun rays from damaging the exterior of the device, making it long-lasting and durable. 

Heat exchangers work by transferring the heat of a fluid to another without letting them mix with each other. The unit uses a premium-quality copper heat exchanger. 

Copper has a very good thermal conductivity, which makes it an ideal material for heat exchangers. Because the copper “exchanges” the heat efficiently, this enhances the overall efficiency of the device. 

In severely cold weather, the water in the line may get frozen and damage the unit and this may eventually lead to malfunctioning. But worry not, this outdoor Marey has anti-freeze protection function, making it safe from sub-freezing temperatures. 

What about its water-resistance ability? While outdoor installation has a downside, namely unexpected weather events that may present itself. The Marey GA26ONG has got that covered too. It’s IPX4 waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about water splashing on it. 

Plus, with 7-GPM rating, you can use up to three showers at a time. You can also control the unit with the provided remote control. Moreover, the system offers 6-GPM at a 55-degree temperature rise. 

We recommend purchasing isolation valves so you can perform regular flushing of the unit to keep it in tip-top shape. 

It runs quietly and is fairly easy to install, although as with most Marey water heaters it is recommended to have a professional complete the installation process. This unit also has a patented low NOx emission reducing burner to do its part in keeping climate change under control.   

All in all, this Marey water heater is good value for the money, and owners are very pleased with their purchase. 




The Marey GA 10L LPG DP is one of the more versatile Marey tankless water heaters the company has to offer. 

With the ability to be installed indoor (with additional vent kit), portable and set up anywhere outside, including campsites, swimming pools, or whatever outdoor activities you’d want hot water at, this Marey is ready to provide you with hot water. 

The unit comes with a kit that includes a rain-cap, shower head, gas regulator and hose to give you the flexibility to take on-the-go showers outside. 

The gas regulator ensures that you have an optimal flame for effective and efficient gas use. 

The shower head is versatile, you’re able to select a mist shower, natural shower, or massage spray depending on your mood or need. 

Outdoor installations can lead to issues when you need hot water and it’s also raining. For this purpose Marey includes a rain-cap, although, some owners have commented that the rain-cap doesn’t fully protect the unit from the rain as it’s meant to, so ensure proper precautions where extreme weather is expected. 

The pressure required to activate the heating is 20 PSI, so you will probably get a quick flux of hot water after turning it on. This way, you can save water which makes this unit even more energy-efficient. 

As mentioned above, for indoor use, the unit requires venting, which is not included in the package, so you will have to purchase that separately. 

This unit doesn’t need an electrical source to operate, you just use 2-D cell batteries for ignition and you are good to go. The rest of the work is done by the energy produced by the propane fuel. 

The temperature range is 50 – 140°F, allowing you to experience a wide range of hot water. It’s rated at 3.1 GPM, ideal for a two-shower simultaneous use. 





How Many Simultaneous Showers Can Marey Water Heaters Offer?

Depending on the model, a gallons per minute rating will vary. On average, Marey tankless water heater should be able to provide you with two to three simultaneous showers per heater. For smaller, point-of-use Marey water heaters you will be able to get one shower at a time.

How Long Can Marey Tankless Water Heaters Last?

If you take care of their maintenance, i.e. regular descaling and flushing, a Marey water heater has the durability to last as long as 20 years. 

How Do You Install a Marey Tankless Water Heater?

Installation of Marey water heaters is convenient thanks to the detailed installation guide that you get along with you water heater. If you didn’t receive a manual with your Marey water heater you can check on Marey’s website. If you feel you are not sure about anything, you can always contact the customer support, and they can guide you further. You can always hire a professional, which is what the company recommends.

Does The Low Price of Marey Water Heaters Limit Their Power?

While you will find Marey water heaters very affordable, you will also be impressed by the quality of Marey products.  The company’s tankless heaters are durable and long-lasting despite the price being on the more affordable side. 

Final Thoughts on Marey Tankless Water Heaters

We are very impressed by the Marey brand. They’ve been producing affordable, quality products for almost 70-years, and continue to focus their energy on giving the public no-frills excellent tankless hot water solutions. Best to know how many hot water locations you will need at any given time, along with knowing where you want to install your Marey hot water heater. Also, keep in mind that the closer the application is to the unit, the quicker you will get hot water!