Everything You Want to Know About Monessen Fireplace Inserts

The Monessen fireplace brand was formed in 1993 and has since specialized in the manufacture of vent-free gas products. Their products are known for their tasteful aesthetics and unique features. Monessen produces a stylish range of products such as fireplaces, fireboxes, stoves, and inserts for every client’s design needs.

Monessen also has a cool collection of log sets with very fine realistic details, for both traditional fireplaces and for a more modern look. They come in various sizes, so you’re definitely sure to find one that fits into your fireplace. Their vent-free system in all their inserts allows you to install a fireplace in almost any location in your home. 

Despite the visual appeal created by Monessen fireplace products in homes, the reviews on the brand are not all great. Owners have experienced poor customer service when seeking technical help. There is also a challenge of honoring warranties, where owners sometimes have to fix replaced parts at their own expense. The durability of Monessen fireplace insert products and their parts is also questionable. Consistent repair and replacement issues are sometimes evident from the first day of purchase. Operation and performance of the remote, gas valve and thermocouple are some of the most common issues faced with these fire inserts.  

Another issue to be considered is the fact that the Monessen fireplace brand only manufactures vent-free gas fireplaces, which might be a limitation for buyers seeking to choose from a range of options. They are only sold through authorized dealers in the USA and Canada. 

Lastly, with Monessen fireplaces, there is sometimes inability to get specific parts such as the thermocouple, requiring owners to purchase a complete set, which is more expensive. The thermopile, for instance, can be replaced, but not the thermocouple. This means that in case of any damages or repairs to the thermocouple, owners would have to purchase both parts with the entire bracket. 

However, in consideration of the affordable price range, and the fantastic features offered by this brand, buyers should consider purchasing Monessen fireplace products.

Below are reviews of the Monessen Fireplace Insert models available in the market.

The Monessen GCUF and GRUF Series are specially designed with a sleek look to complement your décor. You can choose between a louvered GCUF design, or a clean, radiant face GRUF design. 

Additionally, you can select from a wide range of stunning styling options such as facings, trims, firebricks, and filigree panels for delicate elegance. For a built-in look, you can opt to add the wall cabinets and corner cabinets to your insert during installation. 


As a result of the vent-free system, the Monessen Artisan models are 99.9% efficient inserts for every modern home’s heating needs, with a heating capacity of up to 1900 square feet. 

They are easy to install and come with a number of awesome styling options that blend seamlessly into your living space décor. These include the classy black porcelain liner, the accent lighting, the fireglass kit, and the mesh screen. 

They are also designed with front access controls, making it incredibly easy to adjust the fireplace. They exist in 42” and 60” sizes, with the 42” size having both see-through and single-sided models. Change the ambiance of your home with these warm, elegant Artisan models.


The Monessen Aria series come in 32” and 36” sizes and a clean, sophisticated look for anyone looking not only for a great zone-heating fireplace, but also a cozy addition to their home décor. 

The Monessen Aria models feature expansive views of brilliantly beautiful flames, paired with a three-step flame control kit that allows you to adjust the flame height to your liking. Additionally, they have a remarkable heating capacity of up to 1,800 square feet. 

You can choose between the traditional design with a corresponding selection from the four traditional log sets on a Natural Blaze Burner, or the modern look with styling options of the fireglass media on a more contemporary burner. Complete this with your desired lining options for a customized finish. 


The Monessen Symphony Series are beautiful minimalist inserts that are compact enough for heating smaller spaces. With a heating capacity of up to 1,400 square feet, these models offer nothing less than an exquisite taste to your home. They come with a clean, sleek face with an expansive view, and a variety of design accessories as per your preferences. 

Whether you’re going for a traditional look with beautiful log sets, or a contemporary look with the sophisticated black porcelain or black magic glass panels, you are sure to achieve a fabulous, authentic and realistic look in your fireplace.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Vent-Free Gas Fireplace Inserts Work?

Vent-free fireplace inserts are fireplaces made of a metallic firebox, a decorative log set, and a burner that combusts the gas to generate heat that is radiated into your home. Since they are not vented, they can be fixed practically at any location in your home simply by connecting it to your gas line.

The Monessen vent-free fireplace inserts can be installed on an interior wall, a free-standing cabinet, or below grade structures where a vented system would be more expensive to install. 

How Long Do Fireplace Inserts Last?

If used and maintained appropriately, fireplace inserts should last between 20 to 30 years. However, fireplaces come with accessories and components that may need replacement or repair within the first ten years of use. 

In case of any repairs or replacement of components that are defective in materials or workmanship during the warranty period, Monessen can, at its option, repair or replace the component as covered in the warranty period. They can also opt to discharge their obligations under the warranty by replacing the entire product or refunding the verified buyer.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty includes coverage of 20 years for gas appliances, which reflects the minimum expected useful lives of the components. This covers the Firebox and heat exchanger, FlexBurn System (engine, inner cover, access cover and fireback). Burners, Logs, and refractories have a coverage of 10 years, and the remaining components are categorized under various coverages of between 1-7 years. 

How to Light Monessen Fireplace Gas Inserts?

Monessen fireplace gas inserts come with either the Millivolt System or the IPI control system, which operate differently. Generally, these vent-free gas systems use natural or propane gas, which may lead to fires or explosions in case of leakages, if not properly handled. 

Therefore, if you smell any gas, open all windows, turn off all the gas appliances, do not touch any electrical appliances, and call your gas supplier or the fire department from the neighbor’s phone. 

Millivolt System

Appliances with the Millivolt system are equipped with pilots that are lit with built-in piezo ignitor. To light appliances with this system, start by using only your hand to push in, or turn the gas control knob. Never use any tools and call a qualified technician in case of any challenges with using the appliance. 

If lighting the pilot for the first time, purge air from the supply line by opening the main shutoff valve then unscrewing the main pressure test point. Leave the inlet test screw open until the gas flows in. While the gas is flowing, tighten the inlet screw immediately and test for any leaks on the connections, burner, pilot, and the pipe from the gas supply line connection to the gas valve, with soap and water mixture. 

The control has an interlock device that does not allow lighting of the fireplace up to the moment when the safety device of the flame doesn’t interrupt the gas flow. 

To light the pilot, depress and turn the knob counterclockwise to the pilot position. Depress fully and hold the pilot gas knob. Next, depress the piezo igniter as many times as needed to ignite the pilot. Keep the knob fully depressed for a few seconds, then release and check that the pilot continues to burn. 

To light the burner, depress and turn the knob counterclockwise to the “ON” position. The burner will ignite in less than four seconds. You can use the main burner switch to turn on/off the main burner without using the gas valve knob. To turn off the gas, depress and turn the knob clockwise to the “OFF” position.

For the IPI System

Monessen Appliances with the IPI system have an ignition device which automatically lights the pilot. Turn the Master Switch to the ON position by hand. Never use any tools, and call a qualified service technician in case it fails to function. Wait 5 minutes to clear out any gas then smell for any gas leakages.

If there is no smell of gas, press the wall switch to the “ON” position. The sparker will spark, and the pilot flame will light. Once the pilot flame is established, the main burner flame will light automatically. To turn off the system, turn the Wall Switch to the “OFF” position, then turn the Master Switch to “OFF”. Remember to turn off all electrical power to the appliance if service is to be performed.