Napoleon Fireplace Inserts Brand Guide and Product Reviews

Napoleon is one of the top brands known for its elegant fireplaces, stoves and inserts. It has built a great name for itself as a result of the wide range of the exceptional products it provides, particularly for gas, electric and wood fireplaces; gas and wood inserts; gas and wood stoves; gas and electric log sets; and outdoor fireplaces. 

For Gas Fireplace Inserts, Napoleon does well to provide a great variety of both interior and exterior options to fit all your design needs. It creates realistic dancing flames using its advanced burner technology. Additionally, Napoleon is designed to offer over 30% of heating cost savings through zone heating. This ensures that all your common rooms are kept warm, without exceeding your heating costs. Napoleon also offers safety screens with the gas inlets for additional safety. 

However, a number of owners have reviewed the product with concerns on the poor customer service, not honoring the warranty, durability and performance of the products. Owners have reported at times having to carry out repairs in the first two years of ownership of a Napoleon Fireplace Insert. 

Standard Features in Napoleon Fireplace Inserts

  • Warranty: President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • EPA Approved: Yes
  • Certification: Mobile Home Certified, Certified under Canadian and American National Standards.

Below is a review on some of Napoleon Gas Fireplace Inserts

The Napoleon IR3G comes with an elegant design to fit every modern home. With a wide range of decorative accessories, it is versatile to all your design needs.

This model features Mirro-flame porcelain reflective radiant panels for a classy look. It also comes with a modulating remote control and night light feature.

Napoleon IR3G Attributes

If you want both style and comfort, then the Napoleon Infrared 3 is the one for you. 

This model is a great fit for small living spaces, and it comes with the Ironwood log set for the yellow dancing flame effect. A modulating remote control is included with this model. A variety of options and accessories exist for this model, such as the blower kit, brick panels, mineral rock kit, and the Mirro-flame porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels.

Napoleon also offers a unique range of design options for doors with safety barriers, flashings, and surrounds for this model, allowing you to customize your insert to your preferences.

Napoleon IR3 Attributes

The Vesta Award-winning Napoleon Inspiration ZC comes in both three-sided and four-sided designs. It is designed with a small fireplace opening and a large ceramic glass viewing area for a sophisticated modern look. 

It fits well in small fireplace openings and provides a convincing real fire look, with its charcoal ember bed, log set and stunning yellow dancing flames.

Napoleon Inspiration ZC Attributes

If you’re looking for small stylish fireplaces for your cozy home, the Napoleon Roxbury GDI-30 is a perfect fit. Napoleon has provided a variety of styles to ensure that this model fits into both contemporary and modern homes. 

These include the ceramic glass type, the black and brushed steel surround options, the Black Bevelled 6”, Deluxe black 6” and 9” flashing designs and the Arched Black Cast Iron Surround to complete the look.

This Napoleon model additional comes with an impressive set of Phazer logs, charcoal embers, and yellow dancing flames that set the mood of your room for a warm, welcoming feel. 

Napoleon Roxbury GDI-30 Attributes

The Oakville X4 is a sophisticated, tasteful pick with advanced features for any home looking to increase efficiency and minimize heating costs. It is the largest model in the Oakville series with a magnificent, large, viewing area designed for bigger lavish living spaces with a touch of elegance. 

With a cutting-edge dual burner split-flow system, this model creates a credible, realistic, triple flame pattern. Additionally, it allows independent operation of both the front and rear burners, with heat circulating blower that pairs with directional baffles to maximize efficiency.

Napoleon Oakville GDIX4 Attributes

The Napoleon Oakville GDIG3N is designed with economical heating in mind. Not only does it look exquisite with its Topaz Crystalline ember bed and its lifelike Mirro-Flame Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, but it also offers additional design options for a customized look. 

These include the glass embers and clear glass beads, both of which come on amber, black, blue, clear and red colors.

Napoleon Oakville GDI-G3N Attributes

The Oakville GDIX3 is similar in size to the Oakville GDIG3, but offers higher BTU’s and efficiency. It also offers the Night light feature that glows even after the fireplace is switched off, and directional baffles for increased zone heating efficiency. 

It is designed beautifully with flexible options for various brick panel designs, Mirro-Flame Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, 3-sided and 4-sided Faceplates options available in 4 finishes with different shapes and sizes, 3 sided Backerplates in various sizes, large 4-sided Backerplate, and a Cast Iron Surround design for the desired stylish finish. 

Napoleon Oakville GDI-X3 Attributes

Last but not least, is the trendy Napoleon Oakville 3 Gas Fireplace Insert. This model is a great addition to every home looking to add a clean, sophisticated modern look to their fireplace. 

It is small and economical, offering many of Napoleon’s great features such as the “H” style burner that produces a realistic full firebox of flames.  

With various high-quality brick panels as well as faceplates, Backerplates and surrounds that come in different shapes, sizes and finish options, The GDI3 offers countless design option for every home. 

Napoleon Oakville GDI3 Attributes

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Gas Fireplace Inserts Work?

Gas Fireplace Inserts are designed with a sealed combustion chamber that prevents any loss of heat, therefore, maximizing efficiency, making it more effective than the traditional fireplace. It is made of cast iron or steel, and insulated glass to the front, helping to trap heat. 

Heat circulating blowers and directional baffles often help in circulating the heat into the room through the vents at the front. The faceplates, Backerplates, surrounds, brick panels and other accessories help in customizing the fireplace to fit your design needs.

How Long Do Fireplace Inserts Last?

Ideally, well-maintained fireplace inserts should last between 20-30 years. However, after approximately 10 years of use, some parts might need replacement. 

Napoleon replaces and repairs defective parts covered by the lifetime warranty free of charge for the first ten years, followed by 50% of the current retail price for the remaining years after.

How to Light Napoleon Fireplace Gas Inserts?

Napoleon fireplace inserts come in manual, standard pilot and electronic ignition types. For fireplace gas inserts with electronic ignition, first, remove the batteries from the transmitter and set the thermostat to the lowest setting. Next, turn off any electrical power to the appliance and open the glass door, if any. Afterwards, turn the manual shut-off valve located on the flex connector clockwise to the “OFF” position. 

Wait five minutes to clear out any gas. If you smell gas, open all windows, turn off the gas, do not touch any electrical devices or switches, then call your gas supplier or the fire department from the neighbor’s phone. 

Proceed to close the glass door if you do not smell any gas, and turn the manual shut-off valve counterclockwise to the “ON” position. You can now turn on all electrical power to the appliance and re-install the batteries into the transmitter. Set the thermostat to the desired setting if equipped, and turn on the remote wall switch to the appliance.