Discover Why Everyone Loves Their Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are the most economical and energy-efficient water heating systems on the market. These tankless water heaters have the ability to give you an unlimited, non-stop supply of hot water at times almost instantly. 

A tankless water heater also has a longer lifespan compared to the more traditional storage tank water heater systems American households have become accustomed to, which makes these energy-efficient tankless heater solutions a fantastic option for most households.  

A Noritz tankless water heater is a great option for you if you’re looking to update your hot water system in your home.

Noritz have been in the water heating industry for more than 60-years. They produce effective and innovative products for homeowners who are looking for a convenient water heating system at a reasonable price. Noritz have made the supply of hot water easy and affordable by making high quality tankless water heaters and they are doing a quite remarkable job. 

As a homeowner you want to make smart, well thought out investments into your home that not only are economical in the short run, but also have the ability to save you monthly when your utility bill arrives in the mail. 

At Noritz, they provide some of the very best quality water heaters at some of the most competitive prices.  Below we have reviewed some of their top models that provide some good options for you to consider. A Noritz tankless water heater is a great choice for homeowners that are both quality and economically focused when making their final decision on where to invest your money on upgrades to your current hot water system. 

Qualities of a Noritz Tankless Water Heater


A Noritz tankless water heater is going to be very small in stature compared to traditional storage tank water heaters. You can install  them in small spaces and they are great for households that have little space to spare. 

Being compact and able to be installed on a wall to minimize the space needed for a tankless water heater is a quality that most tankless water heaters share, and a Noritz tankless water heater continues this industry trend. 

24/7 Worth of Hot Water

A Noritz tankless water heater is designed to provide your family with unlimited, uninterrupted hot water for the whole house 24-hours a day. This obviously give you the opportunity to enjoy hot water whenever you want.  

While this brand guide gives you a nice base to understand the brand, along with five in-depth reviews, Noritz has a large line of tankless water heaters for you to choose from. This includes commercial options, on top of their residential models, if you are a business owner looking to update your water heater system. 

Last Long

Noritz products are made up of high quality materials, such as copper and stainless steel, that are designed to last you a long time. Both outdoor and indoor models are designed to weather any elements that you’d expect them to deal with.

Tankless water heaters are designed to outlast a traditional storage tank by almost double the life expectancy, and a Noritz tankless water heater is no different. You should expect your new tankless water heater to provide you with hot water for up to 20-years with a minimum consumption of energy. 

 The majority of Noritz residential line provides you with a limited warranty of 12-years. You’ll get 12-years replacement on the heat exchanger, 5-years replacement of defective parts that are not the heat exchanger, and 1-year approved reasonable labor.

The Noritz NR501-OD-NG is an outdoor tankless water heater that has 100% positive ratings on Amazon. Manufactured with a durable steel case that has a special coating to protect against the outdoor elements that this Noritz unit will face. 

This Noritz doesn’t need to be vented, since it’s being installed outside, so it will save you on any potential venting expenses which saves you upfront money.

The Noritz NR501-OD-NG may be meant for installation in the great outdoors, but this water heater is compact with dimensions of 10.7″ x 17.6″ x 26.6″. 

This version is meant for fueling with natural gas, but this model also comes in a propane edition too, the Noritz NR501-OD-LP. 

Both units are energy-efficient, the natural gas model being 81% UEF, and it has a gas consumption range between 15,000 to 120,000 BTUh. 

Noritz added additional features such as an overheat prevention device, fan rotation detector come with it and a flame sensor provides protection and keeps you safe for years to come. Like most Noritz residential models this unit comes with a 12-year warranty on the heat exchanger, 5-years on parts, and 1-year labor.

The overheat prevention device controls the temperature range between 120º Fahrenheit to 140º Fahrenheit . The flow rate capacity range varies from 0.5 GPM up to 5.0 GPM which is impressive at this price range.  




Despite its size, 20.5″ x 13.8″ x 6.7″ the Noritz NRC66-DV-NG shows remarkable performance and power. Due to its lightweight, 39 lbs, this Noritz tankless water heater is perfect for small size homes.

Designed with a clean and modern look this Noritz can be installed anywhere you can vent it in your home. This unit can also be vented with PVC which will save you some installation costs. 

This Noritz provides a constant supply of water with flow rate up to 6.5-GPM. For small to medium size households this should provide you with adequate hot water. 

If you run more than three faucets or appliances at a time you may want to consider an upgrade to a tankless hot water heater that can give you higher GPM. 

Installing this unit can be done if you are handy, but as with any appliance where gas is involved, having a professional install this is recommended. Many owners have taken a crack at the install with success, however, so choose your adventure.

This Noritz is their gas model, but the unit also comes in a liquid propane model, the Noritz NRC66-DV-LP. Both are very energy-efficient, this gas model is 91% energy-efficient, while the propane one is 93%! Whichever model you choose you will not go wrong.




If you’re looking to replace a 40-gallon storage tank water heater then a Noritz EZTR40-NG is an excellent option to consider. This Noritz has many features that make your life easier, beginning with the company placing the plumbing on the top to make install that much easier, ie. the “EZ” part in its model number.

Noritz also included the valve kit and 25′ of flexible poly propylene venting that’s able to be channeled through existing metal B-Vent, which cuts down on your installation time and frustration when you you need to change the venting out. 

This Noritz is a condensing water heater which produces up to three gallons of water an hour when running constantly. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you have a drain to handle the additional water this unit will produce. 

Compared to other models that are able to offer 6.6-GPM, this Noritz is a bit heavy at 50 lbs. Considering you’re most likely replacing a bulky storage tank water heater, however, it will take up substantially less space, with dimensions of 27.2″ x 18.3″” x 9.4″.

This Noritz should provide a family of up to five with adequate hot water. The majority of owners rave about this model, rarely having any issues with it. As with most tankless water heaters there is a low level humming sound when the unit is operating, but depending on where you install this unit, you may never hear it.

You should make sure that the gas line coming into your home is able to provide you with enough gas pressure to operate this model. As with most tankless water heaters there is an electronic ignitor, so if your electric goes out you will not have hot water at your disposal. Other than these minor setbacks, this Noritz should be at the top of your list when looking to replace a traditional storage tank heater.




If you’re in the market for an outdoor tankless water heater that can satisfy your medium sized household with a great hot water experience, look no further than the Noritz NRC711-OD-NG. This Noritz also comes in a liquid propane model, the NRC711-OD-LP, for all you off-grid dwellers.

Since it’s an outdoor unit you will not need to worry about venting, just make sure it has adequate airflow in the area.

This Energy Star Certified condensing tankless water heater is 94% energy-efficient which means there is very little wasted energy.

The flow rate for this Noritz is up to 7.1 gallons per minute which is in the moderate range which will supply three showers worth of hot water. If you are in need of more hot water at any given time, you should look for a tankless water heater with higher GPM capabilities.  

Safety comes first with Noritz and this heater is no different. It is equipped with a thermal fuse that has an automatic overheat protection system, a resin coated PC board which protects the inner-workings from outdoor elements, an automatic air regulator that monitors internal temperatures and maximizes the burners efficiency. 

This outdoor Noritz tankless unit also emits low emissions, freeze protection and has a safety feature that adjusts for high elevation.

This Noritz is a respectable 40 lbs so if you’re installing it on your own, you shouldn’t need a hand doing so. The gas consumption ranges from 15,000 BTUh to 157,000 BTUh which will save you money while using it.

Again, if you are in the market for an outdoor tankless water heater, this Noritz is an excellent option to consider. 




Similar to the Noritz NRC711-OD-NG, this Noritz is meant for outdoor installations. This Noritz NR66-OD-NG, however, has a lower flow rate which is up to 6.6-GPM.  

This means that the NR66-OD-NG is meant for a small family’s that only need up to two showers at a time. If your household needs more hot water at a time you should consider a unit with a greater gallons per minute capacity.

Since this Noritz is not a condensing unit it is not as energy-efficient, with a Uniform Energy Factor of 0.81. 

To support its outdoor installation this Noritz has a resin coated PC board that protects the unit from the great outdoors elements. This is a very powerful compact water heater that weighs only 36 lbs, with dimensions of 20.5″ x 13.8″ x 6.7″, meaning it has a small footprint and can be installed virtually anywhere. 

This unit also has low gas consumption, between 15,000 BTUh and 140,000 BTUh, so it will save you on your monthly utility bill. 

Similar to larger a Noritz tankless water heater, this one has safety features that will protect the unit and your family. They include a thermal fuse that automatically protects the unit from overheating, an automatic air regulator that monitors internal temperatures to maximize burner efficiency, and a safety lock out which has a default setting at 120ºF.

Moreover, the feature that separates this machine from others is the thermostat. A thermostat is present at the lower end of the heater which allows controlling and adjusting the temperature according to your desired needs. 





How to Reset Noritz Tankless Water Heater?

At times, as with many appliances, you may run into an issue that will cause you to have to reset your Noritz tankless water heater. If this occurs it is a very simple process to complete. 

  1. Look on the front panel of water heater
  2. Find the reset button which is located on the front panel of the tankless water heater
  3. Simply press the reset button and the job is done

This should solve whatever issue you are having, but if this didn’t solve your problem you should reach out to Noritz for some assistance. They can be reached at 1-888-382-6568.

How to Descale a Noritz Tankless Water Heater?

All water heaters develop scale deposits that lend themselves to your water heater becoming less and less efficient. If you have hard water where you live, lucky you, you will get these scale deposits quicker.

If you are not the handiest person when it comes to these types of home repairs you should reach out to a professional. If you want to take this voyage and give it a try you will need these items on hand:

  1. A large bucket, a 5-gallon one will do
  2. Distilled food-grade white vinegar, between 3 to 4 gallons worth
  3. Two 3/4″ connection drain hoses
  4. Submersible pump
If reading the above gave you the chills, walk away from your computer and give a professional a call. If not, continue reading… (Have no fear the below steps are copied and pasted from Noritz’s site…)

Note Before Starting: On the unit, the red isolator valve indicates the hot water side, while the blue isolator valve indicates the cold water side. Drain caps are located on top of the hot side and on the left of the cold side. Turning the valves to the vertical position indicates they are “on” and that water is free flowing. Turning the valves to the perpendicular position indicates they are “off.”

  1. Keep the unit on but turn the gas valve off.
  2. Turn both hot and cold valves off. Remove the drain caps on both valves. Place the five-gallon bucket underneath the hot water side. Carefully turn the red drain valve to the “on” position and use the bucket to drain the unit of excess water still inside.
  3. Repeat step two on the cold water side.
  4. Connect a hose to the submersible pump and place the pump with the connected hose into the five-gallon bucket. Make sure the power cord stays out of the bucket.
  5. Connect the pump outlet hose to the cold water drain valve.
  6. Connect a drain hose to the hot water drain valve and place the end of the drain hose into the bucket.
  7. Pour between three and four gallons of vinegar into the bucket so that the pump is completely submerged. Open both drain valve lever handles on the isolation valves and turn on the pump for at least an hour. For maximum effectiveness, change the vinegar solution after 30 minutes and repeat. The unit will try to fire up, but will fail due to the gas being off. Eventually, an error code 11 will appear, which is normal during the procedure. DO NOT RESET.
  8. After a minimum of one hour, turn the pump off and close the cold water drain valve. Remove the hose from the cold water drain valve and replace the cap onto the drain valve outlet.
  9. Remove the pump and drain hose from the bucket and drain the liquid. Place the hot water drain hose back into the empty bucket and open the cold water main valve. This procedure will flush out the heater with fresh cold water. Flush for at least five minutes or until 20 gallons of water have passed through the heater.
  10. For condensing units, place a bucket under the unit and twist open the drain cock located directly under the water heater to drain out any descaling medium that may have collected in the unit. Turn the main inlet valve to the “OFF” position.
  11. For additional maintenance, unscrew and remove the water filter for cleaning—some water may flow out. Clean the filter under running water to remove any debris. Place the dry filter back into the port, making sure it’s twisted tightly by hand.
  12. Turn the drain valve to the “OFF” position. Unscrew and remove the drain hose. Replace the drain cap and make sure it’s screwed on tightly.
  13. Turn the main hot and cold valves back to the “ON” position and turn the gas supply back on. To get rid of the error code 11 that resulted from descaling, reset the unit by powering it off, then powering it on again.

Video of How to Handle the Descaling Process:

Final Thoughts on Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Noritz may be the cream of the crop when it comes to the tankless water heater category. They may not be the most recognized name brand on the market, but do some compare and contrasts with similarly priced brands and attributes and you will find Noritz to be a winner. 

On top of their wide array of models, their owners usually rave about them. Their customer service comes through when needed, and if you figure out how many gallons per minute your family needs in a water heater, you won’t have a difficult time finding a Noritz that compliments your lifestyle.