SioGreen Tankless Water Heaters

SioGreen Inc. is a relatively new player in the field of tankless water heaters. The company was founded in 2008 by Henry Mai. He went through several small-business successes before setting his eyes on this giant project. 

Failures are stepping stones to success. After several failed experiments, Mai understood what customers really need and began the quest for finding the ultimate solution to people’s hot-water needs. 

The problems associated with storage tank water heaters such as corrosion, maintenance costs, low efficiency, limited water, and a relatively short lifespan forced entrepreneurs like Henry to come up with a more reliable, safe, efficient, and long lasting solution. 

Other water heaters use metallic heating elements that can easily get corroded, rendering the water unsafe for use. The infrared heating technology, that SioGreen use in their products, doesn’t use metal and the water doesn’t come in contact with the heating element either. 

Plus, with storage tank water heaters, the fuel usage is not efficient and you may end up coming out of pocket to replace the damaged parts making these products expensive and unreliable in the long run. 

SioGreen Patented Heating Element

After years of product testing, working on several prototypes, and doing extensive data research, Mai’s team landed on a landmark project with a patented quartz heating element. The quartz heating element method keeps the carbon component heating and the water isolated from each other and controls the temperature with high accuracy.

SioGreen tankless hot water system doesn’t corrode or rust over time like similar products on the market. Limescale development is a problem that develops when the water supply line has hard water. With such a no-contact heating method, you won’t need to worry about scale development either. 

Most water-heating solutions need regular maintenance to make sure scale won’t form in the line. With a SioGreen water heater, however, you can have a peace of mind knowing they are maintenance-free, and offer as long as 20-years of a lifespan, while saving up to 65% water-heating expenses. 

Distribution Network

SioGreen is the only hot-water-solution provider that uses the Infrared quartz heating method for its tankless water heaters. This method improves the efficiency of tankless setup even more than other tankless brands as a very small amount of heat is absorbed by the air. 

This is because the infrared spectrum falls almost fully outside the air spectrum, which minimizes heat loss, making the SioGreen water heaters energy-efficient, economical in the long run, and good long-term investment for your home.  

Let’s take a deep dive into our best picks from the SioGreen tankless water heater line.

As previously discussed, the infrared heating technology allows for more efficient heat transfer to the water. The SioGreen Sio-18 uses infrared technology, making sure almost all the heat produced is consumed for heating the water rather than going into the air. 

This can really save your time and money; higher-efficiency resulting from better heat utilization will lower your energy bills, and you get quicker hot water, because the unit’s energy is focused on warming the water only. 

And if you don’t want the hassle of regular maintenance or even replacements, the unit’s corrosion-free heating technology makes it possible for you. 

As the water is separated from the heating elements, there is virtually no chance of scale buildup or overtime degradation due to corrosion. The corrosion phenomenon is linked to oxygen in the water; no water contact, no problems. Plus, you don’t have to worry about algae and bacteria sticking to the insides of the unit either. 

This also makes it cost-effective; minimum maintenance is required and the water gets heated only when it needs to be. 

The unit is very lightweight and compact, and would be ideal for a small household. However, if you intend for heavy use, it would be better to go with a bigger unit. Or, you can go with two SioGreen Sio-18’s installed in your home. 

The company recommends their units being installed by a professional plumber and electrician, however, if you are handy you should be able to perform the install. You could use the setup guide and also a video to walk you through the steps. The company may not stand behind the warranty unless you prove that the unit was installed by a licensed plumber, however. 

Plus, you can only monitor the temperature in celsius. However, it’s no big deal; the recommended temperature range is 42 – 44°C. So, you can scale it up or down from there easily, or use an online conversion table. 

It is a small-sized unit and you can install it wherever you want; under the kitchen sink, in a small bathroom, or cabinets. 

If you’re energy-conscious and want to invest in long term recurring savings, this SioGreen water heater won’t disappoint you. 




The SioGreen IR-30 has a feature that allows you to adjust the level of input power. There are four power levels to choose from and you choose the one that most suits your needs. This enables the unit to consume only the amount of energy that’s needed, minimizing energy losses. 

The efficient nature of the infrared quartz heating system compounded by this customizability of power really makes this SioGreen unit a more economical choice than other tankless heaters. 

Adjusting the temperature is straightforward; use the water flow regulator included in the package to control your water’s temperature. 

Similar to the Sio-18 , the IR-30 is not equipped with a metallic coil for heating. SioGreen’s infrared technology is used to heat the water, which has no direct contact with the water. 

This prevents the water (oxygen) to react with the material, considerably enhancing the life of the material without having to do virtually any maintenance. 

However, if your faucet is a long way from this SioGreen water heater, hot water will probably take time to reach your faucet, wasting water during this process. So, make sure to install the heater as close to the point of use. And, you may have to up the power level and reduce the flow rate if you are residing in a cold area. 

The compact size of this unit will allow you to install it under your kitchen sink, and it’s easy to install too. Plus, the material is non-corrosive, meaning there won’t be material degradation, and in turn, no water leakage. 

In addition, there is no need for periodic maintenance, as the heating element doesn’t have contact with water. So, you won’t have to replace the heating elements either, making it good for your peace of mind. 

You can control the temperature of the water by turning the water flow regulator and changing the flow rate. The temperature is shown in degrees Celsius on the LCD screen. 

The unit delivers a temperature up to 60ºC (140ºF). 




The SioGreen IR-260 is a small-sized compact tankless water heater, which makes it a nice hot water solution for your RV. 

The sleek design allows you to install it by the side of your vehicle and get hot water on the go whenever, wherever you want. So, to us, the SioGreen IR-260 is a perfect hot-water solution for your mobile applications. 

The technology used by SioGreen and the material won’t let calcium buildup or corrosion spoil the fun. You can go maintenance-free and still get a lifespan of 20-years.

Actually, corrosion is the main culprit behind material loss and eventual leakage; with water not coming into contact with the element, the possibility of corrosion is minimized. With infrared heating, there will be no scale buildup either. 

Just like the SioGreen IR-30, this one also has 4 levels for power adjustment in accordance with your needs. You will have to adjust the current to get to an optimal temperature level. This way, not only you can customize it, but you also get to avoid unnecessary energy losses too. 

However, with 0.8 to 1.5 GPM offered by the unit, you get only one point-of-use outdoors or at home. Considering the price and energy-efficient technology, this still is effective if your in the market for a compact point-of use model. 

You can adjust the temperature by regulating the water inflow or changing the current. The temperature is shown on the LED screen. Such control and functionality at this price point are rare if you ask us. 

The unit’s installation is pretty straightforward too; a comprehensive guide comes with the system. You should also watch the tutorial video on how to effectively install the unit. It is meant for your plumber/electrician, but you can use it if you are into DIY.

You can install it in multiple ways: Install the single unit if you don’t want more than one point-of-use; connect multiples of them in series if you want to use multiple showers/faucets; make a hybrid connection with your storage tank heater to improve its recovery time; or install it as a booster to your existing tank. 

If you are not very good at DIY projects, not confident about it, and want to ensure seamless installation, it would be a better idea to have a professional do the install. After all, you don’t want to end up with botched installation by saving a few bucks as it’s a long-term investment. 




Limescale buildup, bacteria, algae, and corrosion can render a tankless water heater useless over time. However, if you are ingenious enough, every problem becomes a stepping stone to a solution. 

The SioGreen IR-288 tankless water heater uses infrared heating technology, indirectly heating the water. This non-contact water heating ensures the safety of the unit, minimizing corrosion possibility and making the unit last longer than standard tankless water heaters. Impressively, for the same reasons, you won’t have to spend energy and money on maintenance either. 

Plus, you won’t have to spend on the replacements of any parts as most of the time, corrosion is the reason machine parts stop working due to material degradation. This can save you additional costs in the long run. 

The SioGreen IR-288 delivers much hotter water than the standard units out there. So much so that you may have to turn the thermostat down to get to optimal water temperature. 

For heavy use, you should probably go for a bigger unit or install two of these. The temperature is only shown in Celsius, so if a Fahrenheit reading is what you need, use an online conversation table to assist you

This compact yet powerful SioGreen tankless water heater has dimensions of 17.3″ x 11″ x 2.75″ and can be installed in a cabinet, under the kitchen sink, RV, bathrooms, or storage.

You can use it as a booster to your existing tank top heater, add multiple of these in series, or make a hybrid with your existing tank. 

You can adjust the incoming temperature using the water flow regulator and by adjusting the current. There is an automatic mode too; you can hold down the power button to shift to automatic mode when you feel you can trust the unit’s automatic power technology. 

For 30ºF, it is rated at 2.1 GPM, which would be enough for providing hot water to up to 2 faucets at a time. So, the unit is suitable for a small household, although, point-of-use is our recommendation.

All in all, this SioGreen water heater has the potential to prove to be a long-term investment with great value; you can use hot water with peace of mind without worrying about the maintenance and energy consumption.





How to Install SioGreen Tankless Water Heater?

SioGreen water heaters are easy to install, however, the company recommends that you install their units through a certified professional; this can help with the warranty the company provides as they don’t encourage unprofessional installation. 

SioGreen has made a guide video to make the installation easier for your plumber/contractor/electrician. So, it’s highly recommended that your contractor watch that before starting the installation. 

Let’s discuss the steps involved in the installation process of a SioGreen tankless water heater.

Installation Procedure

  1. First, turn off the breaker before you start the installation of the unit. Locate an area where you would like your water heater to be mounted on the wall.
  2. Screw in the brackets. Now mount the unit either horizontally or vertically, depending on the unit’s guide.
  3. Apply some Teflon on the cold water inlet and hot water outlet; this will ensure a secure connection. 
  4. Install a shut-off valve at the cold inlet; this will disconnect the unit from your home’s water line. Install a gate valve at the hot water outlet. 
  5. Now turn on the water tap (hot) to purge the air inside. Ensure there are no leaks. In case there is, check all your connections. 
  6. Partially open up the cover slowly and unfasten the wires connecting the cover to the circuit board. Connect the wires in their right place and fasten the cover again.
  7. Install the required breaker to the service panel and connect two wires to the breaker. Finally, attach the ground wire to the ground bar.  
  8. Switch on the power from the breaker and turn the power on from the heater’s panel. Open a hot water tap; you can see and control the temperature from the panel. You can use the gate valve to allow a steady flow of water. 

Can Anyone Install SioGreen or Only a Certified Professional Can Install It?

SioGreen IR series can be installed by the home owner, however, the company will only accept the warranty if it is installed by a licensed contractor according to local codes. This will add to your upfront costs, but may save you if something goes wrong with your SioGreen while under warranty.

To register your SioGreen’s warranty you can go to the company’s website.

Does SioGreen Tankless Water Heaters Work in Cold Climates?

SioGreen tankless water heaters work in all climates, however, for optimal performance of flow rate, temperature rise the temperature of incoming water should be warmer. Meaning these units will work better, and give you less of a headache if you live in warmer climates.  

For better performance in cooler climates you can install a hybrid system where the SioGreen water heater is used to heat the incoming hot water from the tank, but in our opinion you should reside in a warmer climate to fully be satisfied with your SioGreen tankless water heater.

SioGreen Infrared Tankless Water Heater

The SioGreen water heaters don’t use a metallic element to heat the water unlike most brands out there, which is probably the only prominent feature that makes it stand out. Infrared water heating technology doesn’t transfer virtually any energy to the air and gives all of it to the moving water. 

This makes these tankless water heaters highly-efficient and economical. With water not coming into contact with the heating element, the probability of corrosion, rust, scale, fungus, algae, and other contaminants attaching to the line decreases significantly. 

Therefore, the infrared technology not only makes the heat transfer efficient, but it also lets the unit go maintenance-free for years. This can really give you peace of mind while you enjoy unlimited hot water at your home. 

Final Thoughts on SioGreen Tankless Water Heaters

If we were to analyze on the basis of overall reviews of this brand, saying that it offers premium products at cheaper rates wouldn’t be an overstatement. 

SioGreen doesn’t seem to compromise on the quality and value of its tankless heaters despite selling them at significantly lower prices. 

Plus, infrared heating technology has got a good amount of attention from the energy-conscious users. Infrared heating does the job more efficiently than other heating methods due to the lower heat loss to the air and is the technology of the future. 

And it renders the products maintenance-free as the chances for corrosion are minimal with the contactless water heating. 

In conclusion, if you are looking for an effective hot water solution that is able to mainly provide hot water for one application for your home or vehicle, and don’t want to break the bank, the SioGreen tankless water heaters would be a great option for you.