Finding the Best and Smallest Window Air Conditioner Unit

When on the prowl for one of the smallest window air conditioner unit there are many factors that consumers must keep in mind. Knowing the size of space you’re looking to cool is the first place you should start. With the square-footage in mind you will ensure that the unit you purchase is not too large to waste energy, but also large enough that you will reap the rewards of a cool room.

If you select a unit that is both practical in upfront cost, along with energy-efficient, you will have entered the matrix of purchasing one of the smallest window air conditioner units that not only meets your needs, but fits your budget!

Small window air conditioning units, though smaller in build, offer adequate power to cool  small spaces and have the ability to consistently keep the areas temperatures stable when in use.

Best of all, if you can select the most appropriately sized window air conditioner to match your space perfectly, you can further improve on the cooling conditions in that room and save money doing so.

Below we offer six quick-pick choices if you don’t feel like reading the longer reviews, along with six longer reviews on the very best smallest window air conditioners on the market. Considering them for their specifications, we also reference the many benefits and additional features these smaller units boast.

In concluding, we present our expert advice as to how to select the very best smallest window air conditioner for your needs. 

Quick Picks: Smallest Window Air Conditioners Compared

hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner
  • EER: 12
  • BTU: 8,000
  • Noise Level (dBa): 55-59
  • Cooling Area: Up to 300 sq. ft.
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GE AHV05LZ Window Air Conditioner
  • EER: 11
  • BTU: 5,050
  • Cooling Area: Up to 150 sq. ft.
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MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner
  • EER: 12
  • BTU: 8,000
  • Noise Level (dBa): 53-57
  • Cooling Area: Up to 350 sq. ft.
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Frigidaire Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner
  • EER: 11
  • BTU: 5,000
  • Noise Level (dBa): 51.3
  • Cooling Area: Up to 150 sq. ft.
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LG LW6017R
  • EER: 11.3
  • BTU: 6,000
  • Noise Level (dBa): 52
  • Cooling Area: Up to 260 sq. ft.
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Koldfront WAC18001W Heat/Cool Window Air Conditioner
  • EER: 10.7
  • BTU: 18,500
  • Noise Level (dBa): 52-56
  • Cooling Area: Up to 1,000 sq. ft.
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Why Choosing the Smallest Window Air Conditioner Makes Sense for You

Many people assume larger air conditioning units with high BTUs are the best choice for their needs no matter the size of their room. If this is you, and to be honest most people believe this is the way to go, but problems potentially will occur when larger AC unit’s are placed in a room that isn’t appropriately designed for them.

By placing a larger AC unit in a smaller room, the dehumidification process isn’t completed correctly, as the larger AC unit will cool the space prior to removing the humidity at a proper transition time. 

How smaller window air conditioning units are more effective for smaller spaces:

  • Smaller window AC units are more effective at dehumidifying smaller room
  • Smaller window AC units can save you money because they need less power to work than larger units
  • Those smaller window AC units do not take up unnecessary room/space in the home or the window where they will be operating from

Our Best Smallest Window Air Conditioner List

These models not only fit into smaller windows, but they’re also lighter in weight, and the majority of them have lower BTUs which means less energy will be used to power them. Because these are small units you will also find it easier to install, which for anyone that has had to deal with lugging a large air conditioner from the basement or attic will tell you is not a fun form of exercise.

We’ve made sure to consider the structure and design of each model reviewed. As with any good review, utilizing owner reviews and rating systems are considered when we review. While we may have access to a unit for testing purposes, owners that year-in-year-out are able to give practical tidbits they’ve discovered while running some of the smaller window air conditioners. 

Six of the Best Small Window AC Models on the Market

This is an AC unit has what most consumers are looking for with smaller ac units. A simple  design and perhaps one of the easiest units to operate. This air conditioner works fantastically in all smaller spaced areas. This unit has a low 5,000 BTU while also offering a smaller price tag than many units.

Providing cooling relief to areas of up to 150 square feet, this lightweight model is 41 Ibs and has an EER of 11.

Recommended by most experts, this unit is slightly noisy for the size of unit with a noise level of 51.3. Besides this, the efficiency is highly rated here as the Frigidaire saves you money by conserving energy with a low power start-up process.

Complete with two cooling speeds, and two fan speeds, the mesh filter is also removable for washing. Though the FFRA0511R1 is without the many features you find with other AC units, we believe the sheer power of this model more than makes up for this.

Another clean and simply designed small air conditioner, this unit produces a noise level which is a bit high at 67, however, owners don’t seem to mind the sound this unit makes, comparing it to white noise..

Although, this is a very utilitarian looking ac (which is one of the things we love!), this hOmeLabs makes up for it in it’s performance.

Providing cooling relief to rooms up to 150 square feet, boasting an EER of 11.1, and weighing just 36 Ibs, this is one of the best-selling small window AC units that can be used all throughout the year.

Ideal for use in small apartments, bedrooms, and RV’s, this model comes with all the items necessary for a quick and straightforward installation process.

With seven speeds to select from, alongside two cooling and fan settings, this unit also boasts a washable feature – ensuring continuous use. Whether you require an ongoing cooling solution or instant relief, this unit has a quick cool option. Therefore you can demand instant results in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

#3 Frigidaire FFRH0822R1

One of our higher BTU recommendations coming in at 8,000 BTUs. This unit will cool larger rooms up to roughly 350 sq/ft, and can dehumidify up to 1.5 pints per hour and in doing so cools the room quicker for you.

With the slightly larger body (23.31 x 22.63 x 15.38) you’re also going to pay with the weight of this unit coming in at 80 lbs which may stop you in your tracks from reading on. 


If you’ve decided to continue reading on you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that this unit can not only cool rooms, but can also provide you with heat in the winter months. 

With the ability to push air via the eight-way directional control, regardless of where the unit is placed in the room you will feel the air. 

With the slide-out chasis this unit is able to be installed in a window or wall. This unit has a remote control so no need to get up, and if the power happens to go out this unit is equipped with an effortless restart that will resume operating at its previous setting when power is restored. If you’re looking for a more powerful machine, that also can assist with heating then definitely give this unit a try.

With the ability to utilize one of the three functions of this Midea air conditioner your 250-sq/ft room will feel comfortable. This unit combines air conditioning, dehumidification, and fan-only which will allow you to create an idea space.

This unit is easy to install, has a 24-hour timer, a sleep mode which increases the temperature by 2-degrees thirty minutes after the mode has been selected and then again raises the temperature another 2-degrees thirty minutes after that to which it holds that temperature for six hours.  

This unit is easy to install, has a 24-hour timer, a sleep mode which increases the temperature by 2-degrees thirty minutes after the mode has been selected and then again raises the temperature another 2-degrees thirty minutes after that to which it holds that temperature for six hours.  

The energy saver mode will assist with your bank account, the EER is 12, the noise level is between 51.9-55.5, and it comes with a remote control. The unit weights a little under 50 lbs so it won’t be too difficult to install by yourself, or to lug out of storage. The filter is washable and has a LED light that tells you when it needs cleaning. 

Some owners take issue with the box not including any instructions and having to dig onto the internet to get some answers so be aware of that. Also the unit seems to be designed to fit a wooden window frame and when needing to be installed in an aluminum framed window some modifications were needed to be done. The majority of owners are very happy with how quickly this unit is able to cool their space, and the positives definitely out-weigh the negatives!

hOmeLabs has made quite a name for themselves in the energy-efficient air window air conditioner space. With the ability to cool a 350-sq/ft space in a very quick amount of time, this 8,000 BTU unit gets the job done efficiently.

The slide-out washable air filter will come in very handy as well if you rely on this machine to keep you cool all throughout the summer months. Equipped with a full-functioning remote you will rarely need to get out of bed or off the couch to adjust this unit to find the perfect indoor temperature. 

This hOmeLabs unit also comes with a full installation kit so you will be good to go right out of the box. The temperature is adjustable between 61 to 88 degrees. Similar to the 5,000 BTU unit reviewed, owners are very satisfied with this purchase.


Our final AC unit for review on this list is the wonderfully budget-friendly Keystone Window-Mounted model. This is a great option for those looking to cool rooms up to 350 square feet.

Weighing at just under 49 Ibs and with an EER of 11.3, this is a workhorse of an air conditioner. It features similar features that the other units we’ve reviewed have, including energy-saver mode, dehumidifying capabilities, a sleep mode that gradually increases the temperature as you fall asleep, along with a washable filter that saves you money if you pay attention to it.

Owners have mentioned that the unit produces a sort of “white noise” when in use so if you live a city it will cancel out some of the fun sounds we get to hear in the summer months. A few owners have mentioned a drainage issue where the unit was collecting water at the bottom of the unit. They mentioned the need to drill a couple 1/4″ holes in the bottom to allow the water to drain properly. I’d stay away from this unit unless you’re the handy type and can handle any potential issues that may arise. Other than those two issues the unit is solidly built and good buy for the price.

Getting the Best Smallest Window Air Conditioner Unit for Your Needs

To ensure that you select the one of the best and smallest window air conditioner, there are a few issues to consider before making that final purchasing decision. These include:

  • Getting the right fit – All these window AC units are the smaller options on the market and designed for those smaller windows. Therefore, to benefit from their properties, you’ll need to measure up your designated window and use these measurements when comparing them to the unit you’re interested in.
  • Thinking of those small but ultimately important other factors – As well as the obvious questions, you’ll need to consider other factors here that may impact the type of window AC unit you choose. These include the number of people occupying the room, where the unit is to be installed, and whether the room is exposed to sunlight or not.
  • Considering potential running costs – Though many people believe AC units to be the penultimate in draining their finances, smaller window AC units are relatively inexpensive to run. You can, though, further ensure this by looking out for such things as EER ratings, sleep modes, and timers.
  • Understanding the maintenance required – Smaller AC units will continue to run extremely well, provided you keep them regularly maintained. This doesn’t have to be extensive but can include keeping an eye on their filter, cleaning out the vents, checking for blockages, ensuring the unit is draining water properly, and inspecting the unit if it’s only used seasonally. The more you can do to take care of your air conditioner unit, the longer it will continue to provide top-notch cooling relief for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any alternatives to those smallest window AC units?

If you’re not yet able to install a smaller window AC unit, there are two possible alternatives you could consider. These include wall mounted units and those portable AC units. These can both be used in the living environment and offer the optimal cooling options if a window AC unit isn’t a viable choice.

Do I need to bother with the maintenance on a smaller window AC unit?

Some people think that a smaller AC unit requires little or no maintenance due to its reduced size, however, though we’ve selected models that need minimal maintenance, any AC unit, regardless of size, will still need regular upkeep. The more you can pay attention to your unit to ensure a clear and good operation, the better your machine will perform for the long-haul. Maintaining a smaller window AC unit is simple and should take a few minutes each time you decide to inspect it.

Our Final Thoughts on the Smallest Window Air Conditioners

In our expert opinion, we feel that every one of these smaller window AC units reviewed can provide effective cooling performance for all consumers. Each one is also a better option when considering an easier DIY window installation choice.

So, if you’re keen on finding an AC unit that can be installed in the window, all six of these review models here can offer you fantastic cooling respite – all the while doing so at some of the most competitive prices on the market. Stay cool my friends!

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