How Does a Wood Stove Fan Work?

how does a wood stove fan work

If there is one item that can make a dramatic difference to the heat output you’re getting out of your wood burning stove, a stove fan is definitely it. How does a wood stove fan work you ask? Similar to a fan you set up in the summer, a wood stove fan blows the warm … Read more

Wood Burning Stove Tips and Tricks

wood burning stove tips

Every year, thousands of us across America cozy up to a wood burning stove to warm our living rooms, garages and other rooms in our house. They’re a cost-effective and dependable means to be self-reliant with fuel while offering a certain rustic charm to your home. Pellet stoves are similar, and we use our stoves … Read more

How to Install a Wood Stove Pipe through a Wall

how to install a wood stove pipe through a wall

Have you just bought a wood burning stove and it just occurred to you that the stove pipe won’t be able to go through the roof? Well, it may be time to learn how to install a wood stove pipe through a wall.   In this post, we will explore some of the most common ways … Read more

How to Choose the Right Wood Stove for Your Home

how to choose the right wood stove

With the ever-increasing cost of energy, more and more people are choosing to heat their homes with alternatives such as wood burning stoves and pellet stoves. There’s a good reason for this too, stoves are reasonably priced, easy to operate and install, and heating with wood can help reduce bills drastically.  Furthermore, no one can … Read more

10 Great Reasons Heating with Wood Makes Sense For Your Home

heating with wood

Weighing the pros and cons of heating with wood in your home? Well, we’re big proponents of heating our homes with wood so we will leave the cons off of this list and just provide you with 10 reasons that you should be using wood as the source of heat in your house. 1. It’s … Read more

Go Green by Using Wood Energy to Heat Your House

wood energy

Ponder the Benefits of Planet Earth’s most Ancient Fuel Environmentalism and the concept of Going Green have been in the mainstream for sometime now. You see local governments banning plastic bags in the groceries stores, to more and more companies offering alternative meat as a product line to accompany their meat brands. The many reasons … Read more

First Wood Stove Certified to the EPA’s Cordwood Standard

epa's cordwood standard

A new wood stove has been unveiled that meets the standards of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) 2020 New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) emissions tested and verified using cordwood. A New Zealand manufacturer broke the mould with the Eco-Vision, which had an emission rate of 1.3 gph, smashing the EPA’s 2020 limit of 2.5 gph. … Read more

Where Can You Buy Wood Pellets?

wood pellets

If you’ve bought a stove that is fueled by wood, or if you’ve bought a MultiFuel stove, then you will need wooden pellets to feed the fire. The pellets are the fuel that you are putting into your stove to keep it burning efficiently. The good news is that wood is one of the cheapest … Read more

Best Firewood – Choosing the Right Wood to Burn

best firewood

Finding the best firewood that generates a good amount of heat and has a long burn time is the aim of any wood stove owner or fire pit enthusiast. A night around the fire on a cold winters evening can easily turn sour due to inefficient firewood that burns too quickly or doesn’t give off … Read more

A Guide to the Biomass Federal Tax Credit for Stoves

biomass federal tax credit

Did you know you can claim a $300 Biomass Federal Tax Credit amount if you purchase a qualifying wood burning stove or pellet stove on your 2015 and 2016 tax return? This program has been extended to December 31, 2020! This is a great incentive for those shopping around for a wood stove, all you … Read more

Free Firewood – Where to Find it for Your Wood Burning Stove

free firewood

Wood burning stoves are becoming an increasingly popular way to heat homes. Not just due to their aesthetic appeal, but for many practical reasons too. Unlike other forms of fuel, wood heat allows you to take control of your energy bills, improve your energy security and become self-reliant. One of the major reasons for this … Read more

What is the Best Wood for Wood Burning in a Fireplace?

wood for wood burning

In the United States there are over 12 million wood burning stoves in use and in recent years their popularity has increased dramatically. There are many reasons for their popularity, but perhaps the major reason they are in demand is due to wood being one of the cheapest fuels to burn. Wood is far cheaper … Read more

How Does a Pellet Stove Work?

how does a pellet stove work

A wood pellet stove is a specific type of stove designed to use wood pellets as a fuel to heat and warm your home. Pellet stoves have revolutionized the way people heat their homes and remain one of the cheapest and most environmentally friendly forms of heating. Wood pellet stoves appear very similar to other … Read more