Moving heat to other side of the house?

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    Hi, I’m looking for some help and advice please. I want to know what the best way to move hot air flow from the large sitting room to the other side of the house (open planned layout). I have a box fan installed to try and circulate some of the heat around, but it’s not that effective. I can get my main sitting room up to around 70 degrees, but the other side barely reaches 60.

    Any suggestions?


    Dave Miller

    You need to get yourself some stove fans to blow that air around, depending on the layout of your property, depends where you would install them. All you can do is experiment with different positions and record the thermostat results each time.



    i’ve question in the older home we bought there Was a room added on…The room is very cold in the winter, it is on a cement slab. We put up new insulation, very good and better drywall …there is a vent for air and heat but no cold air return.. There is only one cold air return in the whole is a very small home..would putting a cold air return in this room help it stay warm in winter?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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