Make it Winter All Summer Long with a Whynter Portable Air Conditioner

As more and more people have started working from home due to the global pandemic, the demand for air conditioner units is growing rapidly. You could install swamp coolers and window air conditioners for summers. If you are looking out for one of the most convenient and best solutions on the market, then a Whynter portable air conditioner should be on your short list.

As the name suggests, portable air conditioners are great options to move into  rooms with improper ventilation. Portable units can move room to room, although that type of situation could become burdensome, but it is possible.   

You could get into the flow of using it in your home-office during the day and gliding it into your bedroom at night. These types of air conditioners can be placed pretty much anywhere, as long as there’s a window for venting.

Unlike traditional window air conditioners, Whynter portable ac units have the potential to cool any room in a matter of minutes. The company has also decided to opt for an eco-friendly ac solution. The lead-free and environmentally-friendly design of a Whynter portable air conditioner make Whynter one of the better suppliers in the market. 

Whynter focuses on air conditioners that are eco-friendly and consume minimal amounts of energy, while also offering some of the best cooling solutions. 

Depending on your rooms size, and the unit you purchase the Whynter air conditioner may take a little time to cool your room. To assist with determining what size portable ac would work in your space, check out our factors to consider when buying a portable air conditioner guide

Recognized as one of the most energy-efficient brands on the market, Whynter air conditioners are suitable for most rooms with windows.

So, if the hot weather makes it difficult for you to stay in the kitchen or sit in your living room, then install a portable air conditioner unit. Portable ACs are versatile, convenient, and energy-efficient unit. 

They are reasonably priced, and unlike conventional window ac’s, portable units are easy to install. Additionally, the Whynter portable air conditioners are extremely lightweight and compact. You can roll the AC to different rooms, set it up and get chillin.

Whynter portable air conditioners come in different types and sizes. Each model features unique add-ons and advanced technology.

In this brand guide, we will walk you through the six Whynter portable air conditioner model that would be good choices for you to consider.  

Both the Whynter ARC-12SD and the Whynter ARC-12SDH are meant for rooms that are 400-sq/ft. They are both environment-friendly and have convenient option that keeps your space cool and comfortable throughout the day. The only difference is that the Whynter ARC-12SDH can also provide you with heat in the colder months. 

You can use both units as the only cooling unit for a space or as a supplementary solution to save some bucks from running your central air conditioning. 

These units feature dual hoses that are designed to enhance the cooling effect. The first hose takes the fresh air from the outside and cools the AC’s components, while the other hose is used to take warm and stale air from your room and expel it outside. That’s how the unit keeps your room cool all the time. 

The Whynter ARC-12SD comes equipped with three modes: air conditioning, fan and a dehumidifier system that eliminates unnecessary moisture from your room during hot and humid days. The Whynter ARC-12SDH also has a heating mode. 

The carbon filter controls odor and the portable air conditioning units both feature an auto-restart function, which turns the AC on in the case of power failure. 

Design-wise, these units are compact, however, they are on the heavy side, weighing in at 71 lbs. It features easy mobility. You can roll the Whynter air conditioner to another room effortlessly. Like most portable air conditioners with wheels, they are very mobile, just glide them along the floor.




The Whynter ARC-101CW is an ideal option for small rooms or apartments with up to 300-sq/ft of space. The model comes with convenient roller casters and a 5-foot long exhaust that helps facilitate an easy installation.

This remote control Whynter portable air conditioner allows users to set their preferred mode and adjust the room temperature according to their preference. It is a single hose unit with a self-evaporative design and a dehumidifier mode that keeps your room free of moisture on hot summer days. 

It keeps your room’s environment fresh and cool in all seasons. The model comes equipped with a carbon filter, which is used to keep your room odor-free. 

Despite being a small and compact air conditioning unit, the Whynter ARC-101CW is able to deliver fresh, cool air 24-hours a day. The remote control operations enable users to adjust temperatures, switch the AC mode, and change the fan speed from any place. 

The frost white design is clean so it won’t stand out like a sore-thumb hanging near your window. The unit is relatively light, weighing in at 53 lbs, with a size that won’t take up too much space in smaller rooms at 17″ x 28″ x 14″.

A few issues owners have with this Whynter are the air isn’t able to be adjusted so it won’t be able to go up or down; the unit doesn’t go into sleep mode when on, it just turns the condensers on or off; and the unit is noisy.

Overall if you pay attention to characteristics your room should have when purchasing a unit this small, you will be happy with your purchase. 




#3 Whynter ARC-126MD

The Whynter ARC-126MD is designed to handle cooling a room that’s up to 450-sq/ft. The AC operates on the digital control system with a remote that will allow you to switch the AC mode or change the speed of the fan from across the room. 

This Whynter portable air conditioner is 12,000 BTUs which makes it a nice solution to combat hot and humid in a small to medium space. The air conditioner has four modes that help you adjust the temperature according to your preference and the current climate in the room.

The model has a sleep function, which allows users to enjoy a noise-free and comfortable sleep, just turn on for bedtime. You can set its temperature to cool mode to eliminate moisture.

This Whynter portable ac comes with a window kit, and there is no need to use advanced tools for installation. This easy-to-install air conditioner can fit almost all the standard windows seamlessly.

Casters make it easier to roll this Whynter portable ac to any room that needs a cooling off. You can set the timer to  turn off if you know you won’t need to be in a room after hours. This feature will save you energy by ensuring that the unit does not run unnecessarily. 




#4 Whynter ARC-122DS + ARC-122DHP

If you are on the lookout for a compact (17″ x 29.5″ x 16″) and moderately lightweight (60 lbs) Whynter portable air conditioner for a room up to 400 square feet, then the Whynter ARC-122DS (or ARC-122DHP that also provides heat) should be an option to consider. 

Like other Whynter units it cools your room and eliminates moisture quickly. This portable air conditioner features a sleek and modern design, and provides a touch panel and remote control for digital operations.

You can adjust its output temperature and  speed according to your preference and climate of your space. 

The dual hose operation makes it possible to get cool air around the clock. The programmable timer system enables users to set the on/off timer according to their preference.

The programmable function which you can set to make the unit turn on prior to needing to occupy the space the unit sits in, and its portability make this Whynter portable air conditioner a nice option for you to consider.

The ARC-122DS model comes equipped with three modes cooling, fan and dehumidifier), and the ARC-122DHP comes with a heat mode.  




The self-evaporation function absorbs a significant amount of moisture in the room and supplies cool and fresh air. Similar to other  Whynter portable air conditioners, the Whynter ARC-148MS restarts automatically after a power failure. It also gives you full timer-mode functionality, allowing you to program it for a 24-hour period. 

This Whynter portable air conditioner can be used as a dehumidifier to prevent the moisture build-up in your room, and it gives you the option for continuous or manual drainage.

Although, this Whynter only has one hose, you can be rest assured that the ARC-148MS generates fresh and odor-free air, thanks to its washable filter system.

Thankfully this unit is on reliable casters, because at 73 lbs it’s not light, which allows you to move the system to different rooms conveniently.

Even though it doesn’t feature the heat mode, this Whynter portable air conditioner has four modes (auto, cooling, fan and humidifier) that allows users to adjust its temperature according to their preference and climate in their space.   

This is one of Whynter’s best owner rated models, so if you’re looking for an option that can take care of a space up to 450-sq/ft, you may have found the solution you’ve been looking for.




This dual hose Whynter portable air conditioning unit can keep any room cool for hours. The model is extremely powerful (14,000 BTUs), which allows it to service a nice sized room, up to 500-sq/ft. 

Whynter’s patented auto drain technology helps the ARC-14S maintain the temperature in your room by absorbing and processing excess moisture. 

It features three modes (air conditioning, fan and dehumidify) and three fan speeds to adapt to most personal preferences. The ARC-14SH model gives you the ability to heat a room, too.

As with all air conditioners, users need to be aware that ambient temperatures and humidity will have a major impact on whether the unit you select will work for you as you intend it to. 

Performance-wise, the 24-hour programmable timer definitely helps save power if you use it. This Whynter portable air conditioner offers full thermostatic control, which means you can operate the air conditioning unit conveniently.

The days of getting off the couch to adjust your ac are over with this Whynter portable ac as it comes with a  remote which adds to this unit being super easy to operate.

Like other Whynter air conditioners, this air conditioning unit restarts at its previous settings automatically after a power failure. 





Is it Possible to Control the Whynter Portable AC from Your Mobile?

Yes, many new portable air conditioners are compatible with mobile apps. You could use a smartphone to control the fan speed, adjust the temperature, and manage other settings conveniently. 

Most Whynter air conditioners have a smartphone control capability. You can turn the AC on before you arrive at your home and office. This allows you to enjoy a cool and fresh environment. Similarly, you can preset the AC to turn off when you leave your home. 

This feature not only makes AC operations convenient, but it helps save energy. It is important to note that only a few portable air conditioners support mobile apps.

How to Clean Whynter Portable Air Conditioners?

Portable air conditioners need cleaning and maintenance. The cleaner you keep the unit, the longer it will last. Before you get started with the cleaning process, make sure you drain water from the tank. 

Switch your Whynter portable ac to the fan mode, so that all the internal components of the unit are dried. Start the process with air filters. Remove dust and dirt accumulated on its surface. Clean the filter thoroughly with warm water and a mild detergent solution. 

Allow it some time to dry. Spray a cleaning detergent to the cooling coil and wipe the dust off the external housing unit. Make sure you do not use abrasive and strong chemicals for cleaning Whynter portable AC. That’s it!

What is the Average Weight of a Portable Air Conditioner?

The weight of an AC can vary by the model you choose. Some units are as bulky as 80 lbs, while other models weigh only 60 lbs. The lesser the weight of the AC, the easier it is to move the unit around. 

Assuming that you will need to move the Whynter portable AC from one room to another, it is best to pick a lightweight and compact unit. For easier installation and mobility, Whynter has incorporated rolling castors in most of its AC units. This allows you to roll the AC to any room you want. 

How Do I Install this Air Condition?

The best part about the Whynter portable air conditioner is that it comes packed with the installation kit. The company supplies all the essential tools you will need to install the AC. 

No need to hire a professional for the job. The installation kit involves a window seal. The only drawback is that the kit may not work with casement windows. If you have casement windows, then you will probably have to purchase a separate window seal.

Other than that, the installation manual comes handy for DIY installation. Besides, most Whynter portable air conditioning units do not need tools for installation.

Do all Whynter Portable air conditioners feature a remote control?

Most units operate on remote control systems. Some even feature a touch panel that allows you to set temperature and control the fan speed in one touch. But, not all portable air conditioners are remote-control units. 

You will have to adjust the temperature manually if you opt for traditional models. Remote control AC is quite convenient. You can control the unit from anywhere you want. This feature comes handy at night.

How Often Should You Clean Whynter portable AC?

A portable air conditioner that comes with a dehumidifier, air filters, and other external housing components need regular cleaning. To keep the system safe and free from dirt and pollutants, you may need to clean the system every few weeks. 

Each component needs to be cleaned separately. You can start the cleaning process with air filters, cooling coil, and external components. You also need to clean the unit with a damp cloth. 

Make sure you have turned the AC off. Additionally, do not use strong chemicals and detergents on the internal components.

How Does Automatic Mode Work on a Portable Air Conditioner?

You can set the AC to a specific temperature in a portable air conditioner that supports automatic mode. The AC will keep cooling the space until it reaches the set temperature. 

Once the room gets cool and the AC reaches the preset temperature, it will automatically turn to the fan-only mode. AC that comes with the automatic mode saves a considerable amount of energy. You do not need to switch the mode to fan-only or cool mode manually. 

Similarly, you can set the AC to turn on and off at a specific time. This will reduce manual operations and save your bucks on utility bills.

What refers to the Dehumidifier Mode in the Portable AC? Is it Important to Buy a Unit that supports Dehumidifier Mode?

The job of a portable air conditioning unit is not limited to cooling the given space. It also keeps the humidity at bay by absorbing moisture and delivering fresh and cool air. 

That being said, you will have to use a hose to drain water from the air conditioner manually. We suggest you choose a fully evaporating unit. Now, the Whynter portable air conditioners feature a dehumidifier mode that is especially useful for those who live in areas that receive a humid climate throughout the year. 

You can compare the humidity removal per hour rate of portable air conditioners to make the best choice.

Do all portable air conditioners deliver fresh air?

The portable air conditioning units not only have carbon filters for odor control, but they also come equipped with air filters. These filters remove the impurities such as pollutants, contaminants, dust, and allergens from air before circulating it in the room. 

We highly recommend the AC units that come with washable air filters. Some air conditioners feature HEPA filters that are designed to re-circulate purified and fresh air into the room. 

Final Thoughts of Whynter Portable Air Conditioners

The Whynter brand makes quality products that are worth your attention. Their units are very consistent across the board, and most units have the same features, they are just meant for different sized spaces, which you should pay attention to prior to making your final purchase.

Most units come with a 1-year warranty, and a 3-year warranty for the compressor which is an adequate warranty, but keep this in mind. 

Overall you may have to make some adjustments with the exhaust portion of these units, as each window situation is going to be its own adventure. You may need to hit up a local hardware store, so just keep that in mind when you get frustrated. 

Whynter portable air conditioners will do their job which at the end of the day is all you’re really asking it to do.